Looks can be deceiving…

If you see a crowd, it may not mean that there is anything nice like how this place was so very packed when we stopped by there in the morning two Sundays ago before we went on our way to send my girl back to her school in the jungle.

Yes, the chicken rice is consistently good but the kueh chap

Chopsticks kueh chap
*Archive photo*

…that I had that morning was way too salty and my girl had the Sarawak laksa which looked rather pale even though she said it was all right and the Foochow fried noodles had the clear gravy, not dark and not the way I would like it.

We ended up here because this place was packed too that morning and this one as well. My missus and I dropped by the latter a few days later and she had the Foochow noodles, soup (RM4.00)…

Mei Le Foochow noodles, soup

…from the chu-char people at the back. It sure looked good, lots of added ingredients but she said it could do with a little less msg.

I had the mee sua in the traditional Foochow red wine chicken soup (RM6.00, or was it RM6.50?)…

Mei Le mee sua in Foochow red wine chicken soup

…and it sure looked extremely red.

Sometimes they use ang chao (the lees or residue from the fermented red yeast rice used in making of the wine) and some may use the cheap red wine that has not been filtered well till completely clear so there is still a bit of the residue in it and that would give it the colour. Unfortunately, in both the aforementioned cases, the soup will lack the fragrance of the wine but thankfully, what I had that morning was all right, not great but at least, there was a very light hint of the wine used in the cooking, anytime better than the one I had here.

On another day, we dropped by here…

Yum Yum Cafe

…directly opposite this supermarket in the Sibu Bus Terminal area…

Everwin, Sibu Bus Terminal

…and my missus had their egg soup hung ngang

Yum Yum Cafe egg soup hung ngang 1

Actually, one could have a choice of either that or mee sua or bihun. She would cook her own at home sometimes, with lots of red wine and ginger but this one did not look like it had a lot of the former…

Yum Yum Cafe egg soup mee sua 2

…However, she said that it was very good – there was the nice red wine taste so my guess was the lady used the good quality unadulterated wine so it was not all that red.

I had the nasi lemak (RM4.00)…

Yum Yum Cafe nasi lemak

…from another stall there. No, the rice was not lemak and the sambal did not taste all that nice but it was all right.

The oil in the wok must be extremely hot when the lady fried the egg…

Yum Yum Cafe nasi lemak, fried egg

…but thankfully, the yolk, though not runny…

Fried egg, yolk

…was not overcooked.

I also ordered the murtabak daging (RM5.50)…

Yum Yum Cafe murtabak daging

…from the roti canai stall there and though it was quite nice, lots of meat and potatoes inside…

Yum Yum Cafe muratbak daging, inside

…I was already very full from the nasi lemak so I just tapao-ed most of it and took it home.

I guess the bottom line is not everything at all those crowded places is necessarily nice and what looks good may turn out quite disappointing while on the other hand, something that does not look that appealling may turn out quite nice in the end.

P.S.: Incidentally, this place round the corner that I quite liked is no longer there – the shop has been taken over by one huge KTV joint that occupies at least 3 shoplots in that block.

YUM YUM CAFE (2.305757, 111.849137) is located among the shops in the vicinity of the Sibu Bus Terminal, directly opposite the Everwin Supermarket there.


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “Looks can be deceiving…”

  1. From all the food in this post, I would like to try the egg soup hung ngang because the egg bits look so tasty in the wine soup.

    I prefer it poached – just drop the egg(s) into the red wine ginger soup. That is why some call it egg drop soup mee sua. Can pre-fry the egg first and add it to the soup. I guess it is up to one’s own preferences. My girl loves it too. As for me, I am more a meat person. 😀

  2. I agree that at times looks can be deceiving & sometimes what you see is not what you get….and the very small print reads….pictures are for illustrations purposes.

    Some dishes may not be that photogenic, not so attractive to look at – kacang ma, for one…but it tastes like heaven!

    Presentation also plays a part – you go for an expensive plate of nasi lemak at a classy joint or hotel – the presentation will make it look so good…but there may be some cheap ones at the stalls and shops that taste a whole lot nicer.

  3. I really don’t like it when food is either too salty or too hot and spicy. And I agree with you, looks can be deceiving. Just because many people are eating at a place doesn’t necessarily mean it is a great place.

    Yes, sometimes the reputation precedes them and they are places to be seen and to see, not that the food is really anything to shout about.

  4. Glad your murtabak was good. I love murtabaks.

    Not bad, the one here but there are good ones elsewhere as well – it does not stand out as THE one, the must-eat around here.

  5. Try the bien si. RM3 for 10 large pieces.

    Hi, Jacklyn!

    My girl’s favourite in town, the ones here, until she found out that she is gluten-intolerant so she cannot eat those anymore – the skin is made from wheat. Oopsss!!! No, not the ones here – the ones in tomorrow’s post. Do drop by, eh? Love having you around for company. But I would say, 10 for RM3.00 is very reasonable, just 30 sen each.

  6. I still like the mee sua you cook…

    I don’t cook anymore, no mee sua in the house as it is made from wheat, not gluten free. So when I feel like eating that, I would go some place outside, one of the better ones – like everything else, one will need to know where to go.

  7. I’ve always thought “crowded” is a good sign for a restaurant – but it more often than not means “cheap” not necessarily good.

    “Cheap” is one reason for the crowd, “following the crowd” is another – everyone says one place is good, all will flock there, never mind that they may have to stand in line in the hot sun for a table and wait for ages to be served. Some are very mean and grumpy too – will scold customers for whatever reason as it pleases them. I most certainly would not tolerate that kind of disrespect for customers.

  8. Yes, not necessary the food is good when the crowd is there.. especially during festive seasons, most stalls are crowded because the best ones are fully occupied and we settle for the second best… anyway, these few days here in Ipoh, it is best to avoid eating outside… everywhere seems to be crowded..

    Same here, all the popular places are always packed. Maybe they are not as fussy about what they eat or their tastes are not the same as mine – to each his own.

    But truly, some places may be over-rated, people are drawn to them because of their reputation when actually, there may be others just as nice or better ones elsewhere. – I know some would even stand in a queue to wait for a table and then wait even longer to be served so they can eat. Absolutely ridiculous! Rather silly, if you ask me, this kind of ill treatment of the customers.

  9. The nasi lemak, eventhough not great but the egg yolk looks good eh? I like runny egg yolk but if it is not runny, I like it that way (as shown in your pic). I dislike overcooked egg yolks.

    I just wont queue for food. If I see a long queue, I’ll head on else where.

    I’m just like you but they are people who like their eggs very well done till the yolk is like hard-boiled…and I would not queue for anything either. That Sunday, the first place was full and at the second place, I did see people standing around so we just went off to the third place and managed to get a table there. Even if something is really very good, I can jolly well live without it, no need to subject myself to this kind of abuse.

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