Not too late…

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all Muslim members of my family, friends and readers…

Hari Raya greeting

Of course, by now, all the Ramadan bazaars everywhere would have come to a close and one would have to wait till next year, perhaps, to enjoy all the culinary delights that one would not be able to get normally unless one cooks one’s own, like this delightful charcoal-grilled lamb…

Charcoal-grilled lamb 1


Grill lamb leg slice

…for instance.

When my girl was home the previous weekend, my missus bought some for her to take to her school in the jungle to eat. She had it on Monday night and enjoyed it so very much, especially with its very nice mushroom and black pepper gravy…and could not wait to tell us about it.

Knowing that it would be too late by the time she would be home again (Thursday) as most of the stalls would have called it a day, I went the very next day, Tuesday, to buy some and keep for her to enjoy at a later date.

When I got there, the guy…

Adi Lamb
*That friend of his had just knocked off work and happened to drop by – I remembered him as the guy at his cousin’s or somebody’s burger stall, no longer in business for a long long time now.*

…had just started for the afternoon and was still getting his fire going though I did see some of the meat, raw, on the grill already…

Meat on the grill

…He told me I would have to wait for at least an hour and I found out that it was his last day at the bazaar, no more the following day. So, I told him I would like three of those slabs of lamb…


…and I would come back later to collect them.

When I got back around an hour later, they were done…

Meat on the grill, done

…so I was able to go home happily with my loot!

I did cut a bit…

Charcoal-grilled lamb 2

…to try myself and yes, it was indeed, really very nice.

I sure would not mind going back for more sometimes but unfortunately, the guy, Adi Lamb, he told me his name was, said he is not in this business, full time but if anyone is interested, they can contact him and place an order for say, a kilo or two or more, and he would even do home deliveries. I do not foresee hosting any home parties/dinners in the near future and I would probably not be ordering till say, Christmas or New Year or Chinese New Year next year. However, if anyone is interested, he or she can post a comment with a genuine e-mail address and I can forward to him or her Adi‘s handphone contact…or if we’re Facebook friends, you can always PM me and get the number from me there.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “Not too late…”

  1. I really love lamb, Arthur, and this lamb looks succulent, tender and scrumptious!!!

    Yes, my girl loves it! She’s home for the week-long Hari Raya holidays and she had some yesterday, her second time and she truly enjoyed it.

  2. I have never tasted lamb meat before. I can feel that the meat is tender & juicy from the photo above. Is that the dipping fot the lamb?

    Yes, my girl loves the sauce especially.

  3. Nice barbecued lamb.

    Yes, very nice. I sure would love to order from the guy sometime but 1 kg is a bit too much for my small family for our regular meals. Will have to wait for some special occasion.

  4. wah, this is a sight to cause a blood rush for all carnivores! 😀

    But lamb being imported, it sure did not come cheap. RM12.00 for 100 gm…but that did not stop people from buying, selling like hot cakes.

  5. Wow that looks delicious, I bet it smelled wonderful as well. Reminds me of the Brazilian churrascaria, meaty barbecue goodness

    It most certainly was. I sure enjoyed the smell from the barbecue pit while I was standing there waiting for it to be done.

  6. The lamb was a bit dried. The chicken was juicy.

    Mine was ok, a bit red inside, medium rare so I had to grill it in a pan for a bit. I like my meat well-done.

    I guess it was because I waited right there on the spot and grabbed my loot and went off as soon as it was cooked enough. Something like that happens when they just leave it on the barbecue pit waiting for somebody to buy – like the barbecued chicken at one very popular place here, hard and dry and often burnt some more.

    Did not buy the chicken from this stall. Will have to wait till next year, I guess.

    Your first time here, Vincent? I’ve checked your profile (and photos…:D ) on Facebook, legit all right. Welcome and thanks for your comment! Stick around, glad to have you for company.

  7. How long is the Hari Raya Holiday in Malaysia?

    Tomorrow is the 2nd day, Tuesday will be a replacement for today since it falls on a Sunday. Back to work on Wednesday, I guess…but the schools get the whole week off.

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