Anybody coming back to Sibu via KLIA2 would cart home lots of the loaves of bread, butterscotch especially, the one that is claimed to be so nice you can eat it on its own. I used to like it a lot but eventually, I grew tired and did not quite like the smell…or maybe, some people would say that is the fragrance.

A bakery here came out with their own and I did buy theirs once to try but no, it was a long shot – nowhere near “the real thing”. Then there was another bakery where they made butterscotch muffins and yes, I did enjoy them and I went back for more a couple of times – I have not gone back for a while now though.

Now, there is this bakery here that is affiliated to our Sarawak-own fast food franchise and I rather like their buns and my favourite is their butterscotch…

UniqBUN butterscotch 1

…but they do have other flavours as well. The blueberry and cream is nice too but I never tried their taro nor their durian.

The bun is very cushion-y soft, very nice…

UniqBUN bun

…and inside, there is the butterscotch plus a bit of cream…

UniqBUN butterscotch 2

I do feel that their buns are pretty good and I would buy once in a while for breakfast or afternoon tea, something different sometimes for a change.

Their cakes are also nice, I must say. I’ve bought their red velvet, and maybe some of the others as well, before and I do like the fact that now, they have this assortment of little cup cakes of different flavours…

UniqBUN assorted cakes

…for sale in packs of 6. There is the red velvet, top left, and the green velvet is in the middle with the chocolate on the right while in the bottom row, from left to right are their banana, vanilla and orange. This way, one can buy a pack and try to see which one one likes best …

UniqBUN green velvet 1

…before going to buy the whole loaf…

UniqBUN green velvet 2

…without having to throw the whole thing away if it is not to one’s liking.

Looking at how these are available at most supermarkets and elsewhere, even at the Sibu Airport, it sure shows that they are doing well…which is good.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

5 thoughts on “Butterscotch…”

  1. Yes, I like butterscotch loaves & will cart them back too. I think it is a good idea to have 6 different flavours in a pack. The bun looks great, very soft.

    These are pretty good and I would buy quite regularly…maybe till I get tired of them. We used to bring home lots of the loaves too till we got sick of eating it. With them very strict about the 7 kg limit, probably not many will do that anymore.

  2. ooo, i’ve been deprived … i’ve not tried those butterscotch buns before! πŸ™‚

    You never fly via KLIA2 nor on the budget/cheap airline, I guess…all overseas flights via KLIA?

  3. I bet I would love that butterscotch bread, one of my favourite flavours

    It was good…so far. I may just get tired of it if I buy it too often but then again, there are other flavours, no problem.

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