Better than that…

I had been wanting to go back ever since I saw an ex-student of mine running the kampua mee stall…

Happiness Cafe kampua stall

here but when we dropped by for breakfast that morning, there was no sign of him and I did not know if the ones there that day were in any way related.

On our previous visit, we were quite put off by what we had from one of the stalls there but for some reason or other, my missus went and ordered their sambal fried kway teow (RM5.00)…

Happiness Cafe sambal kway teow

…which was extremely salty the first time around and she could barely finish half of it. Maybe she had forgotten all about it and thankfully, it was very nice that morning, a whole lot better than what she had before – very spicy upon special request and very fragrant and tasty with the sambal, lots of tiny prawns in it and yes, she enjoyed it a lot.

I tried the kampua noodles…

Happiness Cafe kampua mee

…and they asked me whether I wanted an egg and I said ok…

With egg

…and I also asked for their gu tor (beef tripe) soup…

...and gu tor soup

…to go with my order.

The whole thing cost RM7.00 altogether but in my humble and honest opinion, it was pretty much the same as many around town and they would have to do better than that before I would want to go back again for more and the gu tor soup was just the beef tripe served in the usual bone stock soup. At some other places where I had this, they had their own special soup that was a whole lot nicer with a hint of ginger but I sure was glad that they gave the special chili dip that one would get when ordering this – I wouldn’t like it at all if they had given the usual chili sauce that one would get when eating kampua mee at most places here.

While I was there, I spotted Eric, the guy behind The Kitchen instant kampua thing, so I went over to say hello. No, of course, he was not having any of the kampua noodles – I am sure he would have had more than his fair share of that. He was having the popiah (spring roll)…

Happiness Cafe popiah

…there and he said it was quite good so I bought some home to try. Yes, it was nice, I think it was RM2.50 each…

Happiness Cafe popiah inside

…but I was wishing they had added crushed peanut in their filling to bring the taste to a whole new level, and I also bought some of the ang koo kuih (RM1.20 each)…

Happiness Cafe ang koo kuih

…which were all right too.

HAPPINESS CAFE, (2.306608, 111.827179) formerly KONG MA MA, is located along Lorong Delta 4, off Jalan Delta. The left turn into Lorong Delta 9 will lead you straight to the Delta Public Swimming Pool.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “Better than that…”

  1. I am like you, like my popiah to have lots of crushed peanuts but not extra hot.

    My missus and I, the hotter the better – freshly pounded chili, lovely fragrance and taste and gives it the kick that we want.

  2. I love the popiah, I bought at my place there, but never went back to buy it, I love the one sold at Beach Road, but out of the way, if not, will go back to buy it.

    Beach Road? I stayed at the HDB flats, 1973, opposite Golden Mile but I never had popiah anywhere there. I guess they did not have it at the time, so very long ago.

  3. Interesting selection here, Arthur!

    I guess that’s why they call it a food paradise here, so many things to pick and choose.

  4. You should have reminded Mrs. Wee on the saltiness!

    I did not know what she was ordering, just wandered off on her own and I only realised she had ordered the same thing when it was served and then I told her. Thank goodness it was all right this time around, very very nice. Would not mind going back for more.

  5. The ang koo kuih look very sticky.

    Just nice. The skin is supposed to be on the sticky side, glutinous rice flour with pumpkin, in the right size with the right amount of filling but this one’s here was not all that great that day, the mung bean filling had a slightly burnt taste. Can get better ones elsewhere.

  6. Hi STP! Long time no come here, been busy hehe~

    The popiah looks good! Here one roll also around RM2, but if nice then worth also la!

    This one was RM2.50 but it was big and long. The other one that I like very much, also RM2.50. I hear in Kuching and Miri, they’re RM3-3.50! There are cheaper ones at the Chinese kueh stalls here, RM1…or RM1 something but no, I would not want to waste any calories on those.

  7. What a lovely meal… I would opt for the kampua anytime! Nowadays I cannot take spicy food, sure cough one whenever it is too spicy and my nose will start to water… but at least I have experienced the “kick” in ckt before.. really very oomph and appetizing!

    We are not all that fond of stuff that is not spicy – that is why we are not into western all that much. My girl enjoys that and we do not mind going for it once in a while for a change. Not cheap, of course, here, not at all!

  8. A noodle shop selling kampua noodles just opened near my area! I don’t know how authentic they are but I can’t wait to try 🙂

    Wonder where your area is. A friend living in KL went and ate some pian sip at a place at Ampang and it was sweet!!! She did not like it at all. Said even the celebrated Fatty Kampua has been localised to suit the taste folks over there prefer…so not authentic anymore. Good luck with the one you’re going to try!

  9. Consistency is important in food industry. I would not dare to trt the fried kwat teow again if it was salty on my 1st order. But glad it turned out better for your missus this round.

    Kampua with fried egg on top. Pretty unusual. Like fried egg on kolo mee, which I dont think I seen any here. Lol.

    By special request, it seemed. But I did see the guy at the next table, his egg was served in a separate plate, not dumped on top like that. Anyway, the kampua was just so-so, not great. I wouldn’t be having it again.

    As for the kway teow, I would never want to order from that stall ever again – dunno why my missus went and did that. Maybe she forgot she had eaten it before and did not like it – she is very forgetful these days, old age. Thankfully, it was very nice – I think I saw a young boy doing the frying now, not the old lady. Maybe that was why it was nicer.

  10. i actually don’t recall adding sambal to my fried ckt before … sounds like it could be quite tasty in moderation! 🙂

    We have a few places here frying kway teow with sambal, two others that I know of, at least but one has closed down as the lady has problems with her legs from standing too long every day. Hers was very nice, sold out every day before 10, and of course, my missus likes it extra hot and spicy there…or anywhere.

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