Closed for the season…

My girl wanted the sizzling beef…

Nice House sizzling beef

here but they were not open after the night of the Dragon Boat Festival and stayed closed for the rest of the season, all throughout the Gawai Holidays.

Thankfully, they were back in business…


…the following week so of course, we had to drop by for that, one of their signature dishes.

For one thing, the place is air-conditioned and we were there a little before lunch break so there were not that many people, maybe two or three other tables only, apart from us. We have not been there for dinner for quite a while now and in the past, if you did not make a prior booking, they would just ask you to leave and try some place else. Business was that good!

We also ordered another one of their signature dishes, their honey prawn balls…

Nice House honey prawn balls

…and for our vegetable dish, we asked for their bitter gourd with salted eggs but they did not have the latter so we just had it with egg…

Nice House bitter gourd with egg

…and yes, though it appeared kind of plain and simple, it was really very nice with the much-coveted wok hei fragrance and I loved how they sliced it so very thinly.

We also had yet another signature dish of theirs, their own-made tofu

Nice House own-made tofu

…which was nice but I think my vote would go for the one we had at that other place that we went to a few days earlier. I liked their tofu better.

The total for the food came up to RM48.50 (around USD11.50) for four dishes for three, not all that cheap but we had prawns and also beef so I guess it was only to be expected that I had to fork out a bit more for our lunch. Of course, what mattered most was the fact that we enjoyed ourselves and yes, we certainly would be back.

NICE HOUSE RESTAURANT (2.29201,111.82739) is located in the vicinity of the Tunku Osman shops, opposite Rejang Bookstore.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “Closed for the season…”

  1. Everything was nice and fit my tastebuds. I also preferred air-con place especially during lunch time as the temperature could be so warm and unbearable (especially for kids).

    Yes, it’s air-conditioned. We’ve been getting some rain but on the dry days, it is still as hot. Would rather pay a bit more to go to these more comfortable places, no need to suffer.

  2. That sizzling beef does look good. Sorry it was closed.

    Nice. Worse in Kuching as the coffee shops employ all those people to work so they would all be closed – like KL during Chinese New Year or Hari Raya, I guess.

  3. My type of comfort dishes. I would love this place. With that price for all the dishes, I still find it reasonable & cheap.

    I would say it was reasonable and a whole lot cheaper than eating at those classy cafes & restaurants. Had a pork chop that day for over RM40, though it was supposed to be shared by two – almost the same price as these four dishes we had here.

  4. So sorry it was closed. That sizzling beef does look tempting, Arthur.

    One of their specialties, this place. They had to close as their waiting staff comprises all those of ethnic descent and they would want to go home for their Gawai Festival celebration, once a year.

  5. All dishes look good, but the prawn balls look exceptional. Pity I’m allergic to prawns.

    Oh dear!!! I love seafood, prawns, crabs, clams, cockles but look on the bright side – they’re high cholesterol, people say and these days, they are so very expensive that one can only eat them once in a long while, if at all.

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