Blame it on the weather…

The weather has been so very hot lately and I remember it was the same last year. That was why I did not drop by the Ramadan Bazaars that much then.

Fortunately, there was a storm one night last week and the following day, it was kind of cloudy and we took advantage of the milder weather to drop by the main one at the Sibu Town Square. I think the last time I was there was way back in 2008 but I never went back again as it would be so very crowded and parking would be so very difficult. They have improved the whole area now – lots of parking spaces available.

However, it appeared to me that there were not that many stalls this time around unlike that time which, I guess, was a good thing. Only the strong would survive so there would not be any of those half-past-six ones trying to cash in on the occasion to make a few bucks. I remember I was quite disappointed with what I bought then and ended up throwing everything away. That was one reason why I was not keen on checking out the stalls there all these years.

Well, as they say, you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Everyone would be selling more or less the same things and the thing is you will need to know which one would be better than the rest. That is also another reason why we would prefer to go to the Bandong stalls where the people are a lot more familiar than here and we would know who’s good and who’s not.

There were a few satay stalls…


…and some selling ikan bakar (grilled fish)…

Ikan bakar

…and sambal sotong

Sambal sotong

…some with kangkong, some without and there were those selling pulut panggang

Pulut panggang 1

…as well. This one seemed to be doing very well…

Pulut panggang 2

…The guy sure looked happy and you can see the wife at the back happily counting the money. LOL!!!

There were quite a few stalls selling all the lovely Malay and local delights…


…so many that I really would not know which one to choose if I were to buy that.

There were stalls selling cakes such as this one that had the different types of kek lapis (layer cake)…

Kek lapis

…but at RM3.00 a slice, I think I would rather go for something more substantial.

This stall selling sugarcane juice…

Sugarcane juice 1

…would be enjoying brisk business…

Sugarcane juice 2

…considering the hot weather here on most days, as it is believed to be cooling.

Sibu is predominantly a Chinese town, Foochow specifically, and I noticed their influence on the Malay/Muslim population at the stall selling halal stuffed kompia


…and there was this lady…

Kampua mee stall

…selling halal kampua mee and pian sip (wanton/meat dumplings)…

Pian sip


This ayam penyet

Ayam penyet

…looked good but no, we did not buy that.

My missus went to this stall…

Nasi kukus stall

…and bought the nasi kukus (steamed rice) and their ayam berempah

Ayam berempah

…but I wanted the ayam masak merah instead…

ayam masak merah

…and yes, it was very nice. It did not quite taste like the usual masak merah that I have had before – I would say that this one had an edge over the rest and I really enjoyed it. On the other hand, the ayam berempah, though very fragrant, was somewhat disappointing as it was all breast meat.

There were a lot more stalls and I did not take photographs of everything. Well, there are still two weeks or so left, more or less, and maybe we were a little early that day – we went at around 3.00 p.m. and there were a number of stalls that were not open. However, I would not know if I would go back to this particular Ramadan Bazaar again or not or for that matter, whether I would go to any at all – I guess it will all depend on my mood and most of all, the weather.

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9 thoughts on “Blame it on the weather…”

  1. Yes weather has been very hot recently, we have Ramadan Bazaar at Geylang Serai as well but I have not visit it yet

    My mum’s favourite place to visit when in Singapore during Ramadan, those days when she and my dad were younger, healthier and stronger. Some issues regarding the place this year, read in the news, never before.

  2. Spoilt for choice. Have not visited this Ramadhan Bazaar for donkey years as I don’t like crowded places plus the weather these days are scroching hot. RM3 for that small piece of cake??….I can go without it. Better get something value for your money.

    Those kek lapis do not come cheap, that’s for sure…and I will not buy any when they are sold like that, not kept in the fridge, lots of preservatives. Not all are nice, most will taste pretty much the same and lots of colouring – when buying, will need to know which the good ones are and who made them.

  3. What a bunch of goodies there! I tend not to go out in hot weather too, but at least our high temperatures in summer do not come with humidity. I find dry heat to be a bit more bearable.

    Yes, I can’t stand the humidity heat either. Some days, it is not even sunny but one would feel stuffy, hot and uncomfortable. But the heat we’ve been getting these days seems different, not humid, just very very hot. Like the heatwave I experienced in Melbourne, 1980, could not even open the door – the heat came blazing in. Thank goodness we have had quite a bit of rain these few days so it has been a bit better.

  4. Wanted to go to one on Friday but did not make it. Big storm came that evening.

    Everything looked good. Ooo. Halal kompia and kampua on sale in the bazaar.

    Weather was ok here on Friday but we went to the one at Bandong on Saturday. It rained that morning so it was not hot. I think the bazaar there is much nicer…or maybe I am more familiar with some of the people there and the food they were selling.

  5. I still have not go Geylang Serai, hopefully can make it before it ends…

    Isn’t it there all the time, like some kind of pasar malam? I guess it would be extra special during Ramadan?

  6. That is great that the ayam masak merah is nice. I’ve stopped frequenting bazaars too I found the quality of food lacking. Furthermore, it is hard to walk through the crowd with two boys by my side.

    I’m impressed with the halal kompiang, kampua and pian sip. Wonder if they are any good.

    Yes, that was my experience at this particular bazaar some years ago. Had to throw everything away as they all did not taste nice and it got me wondering whether those people really knew how to cook or not or they just grabbed the chance to make a few bucks out of unsuspecting customers.

    Thankfully, what we bought that day was good, the ayam masak merah especially…but I did buy one rojak thamby, RM4.00, but it was horrible – I did not bother to feature it in the post, and it was not cheap some more. So pissed off! There are some nice halal kampua in town but this was the first time I’ve seen pian sip. Never tried their kompia.

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