Something better than nothing…

My girl had not been eating bread since she started going on a gluten-free diet around the end of last year. If it were me, I would just avoid all the things I could not eat and stick to the rest but of course, she isn’t me. All this time, she would moan and groan that she missed eating this and that and would crave for all those in the black list, including bread.

She did try making her own using other types of flour and stuff but no, all her attempts were not all that successful until she came across this gluten-free bread mix and this was what came out of it…

Gluten-free bread

It does look like bread, doesn’t it?

The texture was soft, just like bread…

Gluten-free bread, sliced

…but no, it did not quite taste like bread. Ah well! As they say, something is better than nothing. She wasted no time at all in making some kaya toast to enjoy – after all these months, there sure was cause to celebrate now that she could have this bread substitute.

The next morning, she made some mini pizzas using sausages, pasta sauce and lots of cheese and she did give me a bit to try. I thought it was pretty good and I ended up trying to make some myself.

First, I toasted two slices of the bread…

Gluten-free bread, toasted

…and applied some butter on one side of each of them and then I spread some mashed salmon, pasta sauce, a bit of lemon and herb salad cream and cream cheese…

Salmon mix

…before sprinkling some pizza cheese on top…

Cheese on top

…and putting them in the oven to bake.

Yes, it was nice…

Gluten-free salmon pizza

…but at over RM20.00 a box, I guess she would have to wait a while before she gets to appease her craving for bread…and pizzas again.

I did not take a photograph of the box but if you’re wondering what brand that was, this is the cake mix…

Orgran, gluten free - made in Australia

…that we have yet to try, also over RM20 a box, made in Australia. We’ve tried the pancake earlier and yes, it was good and the bread turned out well so I guess the cake shouldn’t be too bad either.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

14 thoughts on “Something better than nothing…”

  1. Yummy pizza u made, if I make, will be no eye see…

    That, I would love to see. Hehehehehe!!!

  2. Lovely bake. It does look like bread. Like you said, better than nothing. ^^

    Oooo. I love the mini pizza. Used to make that to finish up the bread.

    We used to use the frozen roti canai or roti pratha or naan – that’s like thin crust pizza. Can’t eat those anymore…unfortunately.

  3. Rm 20… you can buy a lot of bread with that money

    What to do? People gluten-intolerant. Not the artisan sour dough bread though – those would cost MORE than that, the real thing. No preservatives, no additives and all those you will find in regular bread. I hear gluten-intolerant people can eat those but unfortunately, none available here. 😦

  4. I am wondering what the substitute for normal flour that the gluten free bread used.

    Tapioca, corn flour, rice flour, glutinous rice flour – my girl did try following some recipes she found but was not very successful. For one thing, she never did too well making bread in the past.

    1. A bread machine may help. I’ve been using one for well over twenty years, but of course, I make the usual wheat flour bread.

      Yes, a bread maker. It was the craze at one time, everybody went and bought one. Never hear of anybody making any now. Hehehehe!!!

  5. The gluten free bread looks great as a substitute and the toast bread you did look good. At least Mel gets to eat what she craves for. Indeed better than nothing.

    Yes, and she sure was happy with how it turned out.

  6. I am quite curious about these gluten-free products. I have seen a few at Jaya Grocer – muffin, cake and cookie mixes – and maybe one day I will buy just to satisfy my curiosity as to how they taste.

    Can buy there, eh? I wonder how much they’re selling them for over there. I’ve seen the chocolate muffin and the mousse here – they did not have any for cookies.

  7. It looks exactly like regular bread! But what did it taste like? 🙂

    Quite tasteless so you jolly well can’t “eat it on its own”. It will depend on what you put on it or what you use it for. The French toasts my missus made with what was left of it were very good.

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