All good…

If you’re wondering how my rambutan tree is at this point in time, it’s doing really well, growing bigger…

Rambutan tree

…and sprouting new branches everywhere…

New branches

I’m taking better care of it now, watering it every day instead of just leaving it to survive on love and fresh air and of course, there is the regular weeding to be done and  I will trim the branches on the right so they will not touch the (roof of the) house lest there will be ants crawling over, those unwelcome guests.

I am also trying to make that little corner…

The little corner

…in my front yard a little bit more presentable. My friend gave me a whole lot of this spider plant…

Spider plant

…and I planted some there as well…

Periwinkle and the rest

That periwinkle on the right appeared out of nowhere in one of my flower pots so I moved it there and this plant…

Purple flowers
*Photo taken using my cheap antique handphone camera*

…keeps growing out of the cracks in my driveway but it is very hard to transplant because when I pull it, the roots will not come out together with the rest of the plant. I did manage to get some and transplanted them at a much nicer place in my garden and yes, they are doing well too. I planted this one in a cute little flower pot in the house but it did not seem to do too well – it flowered once, just one flower and it was very small and that was it. Since I transplanted it here, it does seem to be doing well and finally, it started flowering the other day.

I’ve also sawn away all the trunks of my curry leaf plant except one so it would look neater and that one would be more than enough for our regular supply of curry leaves as and when needed. I saw it at a supermarket the other day, withered already and selling for RM1.90 a kg and at another supermarket, I saw around 8-9 springs in  a long plastic pack going for RM1.00! Good grief! My friend said she would want to plant her own as well so I transplanted some seedlings in a pot…

Curry leaves transplanted

…though I do not know right now if they will survive or not. I had three serai (lemon grass) cluster and they went out of control so I got rid of two and even with the one left, I would have to trim it regularly to make sure it behaves…and I moved one of my pots of aloe vera there to fill up the vacant space in front.

My missus went and planted these yellow flowers…

Yellow flowers

…at the plot where the lily is and they are absorbing all the fertility in the soil – the poor lily is getting thinner and thinner and it has flowered once only so far, and the blooms were somewhat small. I keep pulling out the seedlings of these yellow flowers and throwing them away, and yes, I’ve planted some at the corner lot as well.

My missus, for reasons unknown, got rid of my old Thai basil plant and replanted some cuttings that she was soaking in water for sometime…

Missus' Thai basil

…but they do not seem to be growing at all. Perhaps in time, they will flourish; I’ll just have to wait and see. I took two cuttings from the discarded plant and poked them into the soil in between some bricks and just look at them now, here…

My Thai basil 1

…and here…

My Thai basil 2

…but no, I think I will let them grow a bit bigger before I start plucking and adding them in my cooking.

I wonder if the location makes a difference or not – the kunyit (turmeric) my missus planted a long time ago somewhere in the middle never grew and we did try digging it up a few times but no, there was nothing that we could use. I transplanted it to the side to make way for my ulam raja plants and just look at it now…


I am pretty sure there would be a lot underneath the soil but we have yet to find out.

Talking about my ulam raja

Ulam raja flower

…I still have some left after getting rid of quite a lot to make way for my chili but unfortunately, not long after the seedlings appeared, quite beautifully, the pests got to the leaves and ate them all up. I was collecting the seeds and the seedlings of the ulam raja to give to friends so right now, they are pretty much under control. At one time, they were sprouting out anywhere and everywhere.

I must say I am enjoying myself and at least, I do get to exercise a bit and sweat a lot every day.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

14 thoughts on “All good…”

  1. Looks like your big tree is going to be wonderful shade tree. You must be in a warmer area. I don’t think curry plant would grow here, but I like it.
    Quite a few people have a spider plant as indoor plant.
    The yellowish color plant around here it called “Golden Rod”
    Coffee is on

    Yes, it does provide a bit of shade from the morning sun especially…and yes, I was told that they plant that spider thing in little pots – they’re all interconnected and they hang them up on the wall. Oh? So that’s the name, Golden Rod. They do flower a lot, nice.

  2. So this is Arthur’s garden… At least you have the interest, not me though.. cannot even see a speck of soil in my garden…or porch, to be specific…..

    I did notice that when I went snooping around on Google maps – you’ve cemented up the whole place. Looked like you had a hand in the farming at your sister’s place in the US, eh? At least the weather is not so hot there. 😀

  3. I like that beautiful corner of yours. Most of your plants are doing well. You too have green fingers. I love the periwinkle but they are so fragile that they will drop off very fast.

    Same with the cheng kak hua, just water it and lots of the petals of the flowers will drop.

  4. So envious of your garden!

    I guess you stay in a high-rise apartment, no garden to take care of? It takes a lot of time though…and work and now that I’ve retired, I’ve got a lot of that on my hands to do all of it.

  5. Teach me gardening when I meet u…

    The blind leading the blind! Hehehehehe!!!!

  6. palace-like garden!

    Hmmmm….I would describe the one at the corner as being one, the gigantic YB’s house with a massive garden but then he has lots of workers coming to do everything for him. I guess he gets the pleasure of looking…but not doing.

  7. What a beautiful garden you have, Arthur!

    I wouldn’t say it’s beautiful but like how my neighbour describes it, it’s very nice and neat…now. 😀

  8. Gardening is a good, healthy activity. I wish I liked doing it!!

    It would be nice doing it where you are – the weather is a lot kinder than here.

  9. Nice to do some gardening. Pleasing to the eye and can eat also

    Yes, I’m more into plants and herbs that can be used for cooking, not really into flowers.

  10. Your plants are doing rather well! So you do have a green fingers after all 🙂 My basil is not doing too well. Perhaps some fertilizer might do the trick.

    The ones my missus planted also. I added new soil and fertilisers, no change but they did not wither and die, just stayed the same. Now, I seem to notice a little bit of growth. Maybe there is hope after all, will have to wait and see.

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