Parking lot…

It was a bit quiet around here on the 2nd day of the Gawai Dayak Festival, a public holiday here in Sarawak, and we were driving around trying to think of what to eat for lunch and we saw a parking lot available in this part of town where parking can be such a pain.

So it was, therefore, that we ended up here


…for one of the set lunches available at only RM7.90 each. Out of curiosity (and I think somebody did ask me once what it meant), I asked the girl the meaning of their Korean name. She told me something in Mandarin but unfortunately, I could not get what she said. I did use google translate to find out and the Mandarin characters mean three chickens (probably referring to the three of them running the place) and with the Korean ones, I got “chicken chowder” though I do not see any relevance.

On our previous visit, we noticed that they are serving set lunches now and one can also order from their à la carte list and it seems that they have different sets on different days, two per day. They have this on Fridays…

Daksemari Friday set lunch option 1

…and my missus ordered that…

Daksemari Friday option 1, served

…and it came with this bowl of complimentary corn and egg soup…

Daksemari corn & egg soup

She said it was very nice but I wouldn’t want that as I saw they had chicken nuggets by the side and it was my no-meat Friday.

That, of course, ruled out the other option, the teriyaki chicken…

Daksemari Friday set lunch option 2

My girl ordered their kim chi fried rice (RM9.90)…

Daksemari kim chi fried rice

…and she said it was all right, just that the serving was so huge that she could not finish all of it. Of course, I did not help her lick the  plate clean – I am no fan of kim chi and no, I don’t think I would ever want to order that. There was another bowl of the complimentary soup and it probably was for what I had but I just let her have it – she likes soup to go with what she eats.

So what did I have myself that day? I ordered their golden salted egg fish (RM9.90) and plain rice (RM1.00)…

Daksemari golden salted egg fish & rice

…to go with it. I don’t know what fish they used…

Daksemari golden salted egg fish, inside

…but the coating was so crusty and so delicious that it did not really matter. I loved it!

Yes, lunch was good and yes, we would want to drop by again for more…if we can find a parking lot, that is.

DAKSEMARI KOREAN BBQ (2.287332, 111.826574) is located at No. 8, Jalan Chew Geok Lin (formerly Old Street) that leads straight to the Tua Pek Kong 7-storey Pagoda Temple.


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

13 thoughts on “Parking lot…”

  1. I think I will make some fried rice for supper tomorrow evening! 🙂

    I have that for breakfast in the morning when there is any leftover rice.

  2. Having fish is a treat for me and I would rather have fish everyday rather than meat. So without a doubt your meal is the best of the 3.

    Yes, we enjoy fish too. I do have a few regular stalls at the wet market here where I can get really fresh seafood but I would have to go out early – parking is a pain and everywhere would be so crowded if I were to go later.

  3. Gosh! I am eyeing your food. Salted egg fish. Looked crispy and flavourful. I know I would love that.

    That was nice. I sure would not mind going for that again.

  4. Your choice is definitely my choice too. The rest I guess is not for me.

    You’re like me, I know – not into Korean. Even the set lunch had kim chi by the side. Eyewwwwww!!!!

  5. Err… more like localized korean food

    Good for “the odd ones out” like me who is so not into Korean. Honestly, I’ve yet to come across something Korean that’s really to my liking.

  6. I’d be lost with a menu like that. I’d need pictures for sure.

    Me too. Thankfully there are pictures on their menu and the a la carte side, they have English translations for all the items – the problem is the photos are all over the place with only the Mandarin names and it is quite a task matching which goes with what.

  7. All the foods are so tempting…

    Pretty good, options available for both folks who like or do not like Korean. I’m in the latter category.

  8. We’re getting quite a few Korean restaurants here. I’ve tried a few but never found them good enough to want to go back for more.

    Same here. I’m so not into Korean, nothing that I’ve had that made me go wowwww…I would want to have that again. That is why I quite like the fact that here, there are options – I don’t think what I had was Korean and yes, I loved it!

  9. My sisters like Korean food too.. they love their rice with lots of vege on top but I prefer their curry noodles with seafood.. I just took teriyaki chicken this afternoon at a buffet… I like them sweet.. 🙂

    Curry? Yet to see Korean curry. I’ve had Japanese curry, so so…nice but very tame, too mild. I’m ok with teriyaki as well, not something that would get me all excited.

  10. ooo, i knew the gawai dayak festival was recent, but i didn’t know exactly when. this shows i don’t have enough friends from borneo 🙂

    You’ve been to countries all over the world, have you been to this side of your own country? I guess you’ve been to Kuching – perhaps you can make a short trip to Sibu sometime – quite different from towns over at your side, I must say. My Sg Petani friend came that day…and after a few days, he asked how come he had not seen a mosque, just churches and temples. 😀

  11. It’s understandable that they have not enough space for parking because their food is good.
    Thanks for sharing about them. I might find myself in that area one day.

    No, it’s just a busy part of the town centre with a bank and a temple and a busy wharf around there. Most of the time, we would have to park quite a distance away and walk to eat at one of the places in that block of shops.

  12. so not everything is RM7.90 then??

    Just the set lunches, two options per day. Turn the menu over for the a la carte items, they will have their own prices, mostly RM9.90, if I remember correctly.

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