Something better…

Last Saturday, we stopped by here…

Cafe Ria

…for lunch as my girl who’s so into nasi Arab from her days in Sg Petani, Kedah and also in Wellington, New Zealand, had yet to try the one at the stall run by a Pakistani guy here. She had the beef (RM10.00)…

Cafe Ria nasi Arab, beef

…and yes, it was served with the nice curry gravy…

Cafe Ria nasi Arab, curry gravy

…again, just like the last time.

I would have wanted to try the chicken though that’s actually bryani (RM8.00) as I heard some people saying that it is nicer but they had run out of that by the time we got there. In the end, my missus and I decided to try something from the people running the coffee shop proper instead.

The ABC (air batu campur) looked really good in the photograph displayed on the wall but when it was served, it (RM4.00)…

Cafe Ria ABC 1

…did not look anything like it. There were quite a lot of things inside…

Cafe Ria ABC 2

…including two lychees and I thought it would be good for the scorchingly hot days we’re experiencing here right now but it wasn’t all that great, not anything that would get me running back for more.

Of course, still on my search for one really good out-of-this world nasi lemak, I had their special (RM6.00)…

Cafe Ria nasi lemak special

…and yes, the rice was quite lemak, maybe a little less lemak than the one I had the other day and the sambal was like most nasi lemak sambals here, there and everywhere.

They gave one fried egg…

Cafe Ria nasi lemak special, egg

…instead of a hard-boiled one and no, I did not like it flipped like that

For the special, you would get one piece of fried chicken, breast…

Cafe Ria nasi lemak special, chicken

…and the one I got was too salty and not really to my  liking. Of course, I would much sooner go for the one with the rendang chicken here.

Frankly, I do think that those people would need to pull up their socks and do something much more than what the rest are doing. One can get nasi lemak at so many places here – some are not worth the calories, some are quite mediocre, something one might consider ordering simply because one is not in the mood for anything else. They should go all the way to make their rice extra lemak and their special really special with something like the rendang chicken, not just some piece of fried chicken…but then again, I guess some people are quite complacent – as long as there are people ordering and eating, that’s fine by them, no point going that extra mile to be a cut above everybody else.

My missus had their char kway teow (RM4.00)…

Cafe Ria char kway teow

…which was nice if you like your kway teow sweet. I guess they used those kicap manis (sweet soy sauce) so of course, it tasted different from what we are more used to.

Yes, my girl enjoyed the nasi Arab and no, she would not commit herself to say which one she thought was better – this or the African guy’s grilled chicken rice. Always the gracious and diplomatic girl that she is, she just remarked that they were two different things…

D’CAFÉ RIA (2.307583, 111.820878) is located along Jalan Bunga Normah 4, the first shop on your right if you are coming via Lorong Ria 6 from Jalan Delta/Delta Estate, heading towards Simpang Tiga, now a roundabout where Jalan Awang Ramli Amit, Jalan Kpg Hilir and Jalan Kpg Nangka converge.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

14 thoughts on “Something better…”

  1. Nasi Arab looks better than the nasi lemak. I don’t like chicken breast. I’ll always request for thigh (if possible). Sweet koey teow reminds me of Penang’s CKT.

    Penang’s healthy? Didn’t notice that. Breast is healthy wor, more expensive if you buy chicken overseas…should go for that instead of the thigh or the wings.

  2. If there is a choice, I prefer rendang to fried chicken for my special nasi lemak. ABC looks good though.

    I’m not really a fan of ABC, more into ang tao peng. Maybe that was why it did not get me all excited.

  3. Lovely first photo, Arthur! And the fried chicken looks great!

    You like the decor too? 😛 The fried chicken was a tad too salty, couldn’t eat it on its own.

  4. Nasi Arab. I would like to try that. Wonder how it tasted like?? Lots of spices like briyani??

    My hubby wouldnt be keen on that fried egg too. He is very particular when it comes to egg. Haha. He would usually tell them pre-hand to break and stir the egg then fry it well.

    Love the 1st photo. Pretty decor.

    Not like bryani, spices yes…and the meat is cooked in the rice. Stir the egg? Then that will become an omelette? I like the colours of the decor but not the decor itself. No need for such things – just make the food taste nicer, put more effort there.

  5. So the treasures are hidden beneath the ice kacang… now really yearning for one.. the weather here is so super hot these days! Sweet kicap on koayteow? Reminds me of what I ate in my office canteen last time.. they used sweet kicap too..

    Maybe that is the Malay thing, they like kicap manis so all their fried noodles tend to be on the sweet side. Hot there? Lucky you! Down south, so cold, snowing in New Zealand – looks like it’s going to be a cold cold winter. Very hot here too!

  6. Ooh, look at those lovely long grains of rice.

    I wonder what they look like, uncooked. Do not get to see it anywhere else, cooked…but then again, I never really bothered to look at the different kinds of rice on sale.

  7. Wow, that first photo looks so good. Would love to try that rice.

    Not bad, something different for a change but RM10 is a bit on the high side…for a coffee shop.

  8. I like long grain rice, bought once, but my mum not into it, so after finishing that packet, didn’t buy liao…

    Not commonly found here, so far this is the only place. Some use Basmati – these are healthier, I hear. Less starchy…so of course, some say not nice. Expensive!

  9. You’re right about nasi lemak being so ubiquitous and how it’s difficult to stand out if you’re serving nasi lemak. What’s your favourite nasi lemak place in town? 😉

    So far I’ve two but no, they are not really up to the mark as far as I am concerned. It certainly would take much more to satisfy me true and true. In the meantime, the search continues…

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