In this corner…

This place…

Sarah Islamic Corner 1

…has been around for a long long time now. I vaguely remember it going by another name before and that one did not last too long before these people took over and they must be doing well or at least, well enough to be able to stand the test of time.

You may not be able to see the shop sign if you are driving past but you will not miss the name and logo…

Sarah Islamic Corner 2

…on the canopy/shade by the side of the shop.

For no apparent reason, I decided to check the place out so my missus and I dropped by the other morning for brunch. They have nasi campur

Sarah Islamic Corner nasi campur counter

…and serving everything in those stainless buffet food warmers sure put them a cut above the rest where they would usually have a cabinet with mosquito-netting sliding doors or some plastic containers with covers. However, these would have a disadvantage as you would have to open the lids one by one to see what is inside. Nonetheless, I noticed that when they had a customer, one of the ladies would come and take off the lids…

Sarah Islamic Corner nasi campur 1

…and once done, she would cover everything up again. Everything looked pretty good…

Sarah Islamic Corner nasi campur 2

…but I was not in the mood for nasi campur that morning so I ordered their nasi lemak special (RM6.00)…

Sarah Islamic Corner nasi lemak special

…instead. The regular is RM4.00 like the one I had the other day but I guess in the case of the one here, you will only get half an egg but the rice was very lemak (rich with santan/coconut milk), not quite up to the level that I’ve been looking for but it was definitely more lemak than all that I have had at other places all over town. The sambal was very nice, spicy…and for the special, you get to choose between fried chicken or chicken rendang, deboned…

Sarah Islamic Corner chicken rendang

…and of course, I chose the latter. It was really good – the gravy reminded me of the sambal that my friend’s wife prepared for her ayam percik when we were in the UK, 1994. I really enjoyed it! I sure wouldn’t mind coming back again for this…but they do have an elaborate menu, lots to choose from and I would love to try something else to see if there is anything else that is good.

My missus had one of the new items on their menu,  their ayam penyet (RM9.00)…

Sarah Islamic Corner ayam penyet

…which would have been great but the sambal

Sarah Islamic Corner ayam penyet & sambal

…which reminded me of my sambal udang kering/hay bee (dried prawns) was way too salty even when mixed with the meat and the rice. I hope it was because we caught them on a wrong day for if it is going to be so so salty all the time, I do think it would be best to give this a miss.

SARAH ISLAMIC CORNER, the first shop in the block opposite A-PLUS FOOD CENTRE/RESTAURANT (2.293355, 111.823653), is located among the shops along Jalan Kampung Datu, behind the block of shops (where Fair Price Supermarket is) near the traffic lights at its junction with Jalan Tun Abang Haji Openg and Jalan Kampung Nyabor.

Author: suituapui

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10 thoughts on “In this corner…”

  1. Nice choices of good looking food!

    Mine was great, not what my missus had – way too salty. The food they had in their buffet spread looked good but we did not have that so I can’t comment on that.

  2. The sambal on ayam penyet looked like fried spices topping. Does look like the dry hay bee sambal.
    Usually the sambal for ayam penyet the same as nasi lemak; that the case here if serve 2 dishes.

    Now I am craving for ayam penyet. Lol.
    This one of my favourite. Love the fried spices on top of the chicken. And sambal is nice.

    Yes, that is the sambal supposed to go on top of the chicken – many places, you just get the chicken, no topping and they give you their sambal chili separately or by the side, some very nice but others so so only. I think for the topping, they use grated coconut or kerisik, too expensive to use all udang kering, costs a bomb these days…plus all the other ingredients, very nice!

    Here, so far, only one place gave the nasi lemak sambal – the guy I call Janggut…and of course, I never go back again. If I want that sambal, I would order nasi lemak, not ayam penyet.

    They probably use a lot more hay bee and belacan here so it tasted like my sambal hay bee – too bad it was way too salty or it would have been really very nice.

  3. this feels like an interesting mix of malay and indonesian influences … it’d be nice to have a restaurant that serves cuisines from both countries from one kitchen, since both cuisines can complement each other quite well 😉

    I guess the Malay shops here are all a fusion of sorts, influenced by our Indonesian neighbours so you may get things like bakso, soto ayam and so on…and of course, the now-very-common ayam penyet, available all over town.

  4. Quite a variety of dishes to choose from. I prefer nasi lemak with chicken rendang than fried chicken.

    Yes, at least it is a little bit more special, as the name implies. Fried chicken is so…common. 😦

  5. The sambal udang kering looks so so good to me, though you said it was too salty. Why not you feedback to the chef for the taste?

    No, some people may not take too kindly to criticisms…so I will not say anything unless they ask. It’s not the same if I were invited to taste and to give my comments. Here, I was a paying customer and if I were to give my comments, they might just say – not happy, just go elsewhere, no need to talk too much. It sure showed a lot of promise when it was served, looked so good but unfortunately, it turned out to be disappointing.

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