Dear daughter…

This is a new song, I think, and I really like it…

…especially the lyrics that go:
These are words that every girl should have a chance to hear
There will be love, there will be pain
There will be hope, there will be fear
And through it all, year after year
Stand or fall, I will be right here…for you

Well, last Saturday, our dear daughter insisted on taking us out to treat us to a really special lunch or the mum especially as the following day would be Mother’s Day, just that we could not go out to eat on the actual day, Sunday, as we would be on our way, sending her back to her school in the jungle.

This place…

solo on 16

…has been around for quite a while now. The guy was at this place before but it did not last very long and the place closed down. Soon after that, he opened this one and my guess is that accounts for the name – he is now flying solo and No. 16 is the shop address, No. 16, Jalan Chew Geok Lin.

Gosh!!! It sure looks like some people have been drinking…

Empty bottles

…quite a bit and this caught my eye…


…while I was looking around the place – they probably have some wood-fired items on their menu.

I sure like this – the fact that there is no msg…

No msg/food addictive

…used in their cooking but oh dear! The food is addictive so one would want to go back again and again to eat there? LOL!!!

We ordered the pulled duck comfit, tomato and quail egg salad (RM12.90)…

solo on 16 pulled duck comfit, tomato and quail egg salad

…and the moment it was served, I noticed that there were no quail eggs. My girl loves those little things and if not for the mere mention of those in the name, I would not have ordered it. I asked the people at the helm and they went to the kitchen to ask. Eventually, we were informed that we would get the quail egg soon or at least, that was what they said. When it came…

Chicken egg

…we were quite put off, to say the least. It would take a giant quail to lay an egg this big! That was a chicken egg and if we wanted a chicken egg, we could have gone some place else (a lot cheaper) for a plate of nasi lemak or something. Tsk! Tsk! Of course, I just kept quiet about it and let it pass as the ladies do not like me making a scene in public. Well, to give credit where credit is due, the salad was quite good, with or without the egg.

Another reason why I would not have ordered that salad if not for the quail egg was that I ordered their duck comfit for myself as my main course. Then they came and said it was not available, salmon was not available as well, my missus wanted the squid and it was not available either. Good grief!!! What on earth was going on? You want to open a classy upscale café, one that is more inclined towards fine dining and most everything on your menu is not available. Probably we caught them on a bad day or else how on earth would they be able to last this long?

In the end, my missus simply settled for this pork belly with rice (RM25.90)…

solo on 16 pork belly with rice

…dish instead. I did try a bit of the meat and thought it was very good except that the skin was hard and rubbery and not chewable, not crackling crusty at all, so we had to cut it out and leave it by the side of the plate.

I had the pork ribs (RM19.90)…

solo on 16 pork ribs

…which was very good too…

solo on 16 pork ribs, cross-section

…but no, it was not as good as the lovely ones we used to enjoy so much a few doors away but unfortunately, those people there had called it a day sometime ago.

My girl had their chicken chop (RM19.90)…

solo on 16 chicken chop 1

…and yes, we thought it was nice…

solo on 16 chicken chop 2

…and did enjoy it.

All in all, I would say it was a good lunch but as we were leaving, my girl said that she would not want to go to these places serving western food anymore as she would not be able to eat the stuff that she would like such as the pastas or anything with bread or wheat flour and would rather go some place serving ASEAN or Asian cuisines instead. Sometimes, it does get her down, missing all the things she loves and having to stick to her gluten-free diet. Well, it sure looks like we would not be coming back here again then or at least, not for a while, a very long while…and yes, we do miss the very nice Japanese place that we loved a lot – it used to be here at this exact same shop.

solo on 16 is located at No. 16, Jalan Chew Geok Lin, next door to the bank at the end of the block and right across the road from the bank would be the Tua Pek Kong Temple and its 7-storey pagoda.


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “Dear daughter…”

  1. Melissa is so sweet to treat you both to a meal for mother’s day. Nevermind about the little hiccups encountered. Nowadays some places call it parents’ day so that the father will not feel left out. They do the same too on father’s day so that the mother will not feel left out. Perhaps you can make gluten free pizza for her to surprise her one day.

    I only know shortcrust pastry and there’s wheat in it – she likes thin crust. Yes, it was nice of her to insist we went some place nice to celebrate even though we could have picked a better place – we wanted to check this one out, never tried before.

  2. Pet peeve of mine – menus that don’t deliver. Stay compact and do a few things well – don’t try to do it all and then not have it all available. I like the lyrics in the song too. 🙂

    Indeed. Just a few really very very nice items would be enough and have a today’s special, something that’s good for a change. Yes, the lyrics got me too.

  3. Loves the pork rib n the chicken chop

    All good, just not sensational – not anything that would get us rushing back for more.

  4. I would choose the pork ribs or chicken chop. Pork belly looks too fatty for me. Glad that it was a good lunch for all of you. Happy Belated Mother’s Day to your missus.

    Thanks. Yes, that dish did not look like it was value for money even – the presentation was so ordinary, unimpressive. The meat tasted all right though but the skin was not chewable at all, not anything I would suggest to anybody should they happen to drop by here.

  5. No MSG! That is good considering mostly add this in their food.

    I would be put off on the very 1st dish! OMG! How inappropriate to lose interest at starter. Gee. I would expect quail egg, not chicken egg for my salad too as stated in menu. They should tell you in first place when you ordered that theu did not have quail eggs.

    But on good note, it was so nice for Melissa to treat you both. Sweet girl. Wish I did meet her when I were in Sibu.

    Oh? You never got to meet her? She was in the jungle all the time you were here except on weekends. Yes, she’s a sweet girl, loving and caring.

    Exactly! They should have said they did not have quail eggs – in fact, the just served like nothing was amiss until I asked and pointed it out in the menu and demanded that they gave me my quail egg…and in the end, I got a chicken egg. Tsk! Tsk! I quite like egg in salad like in Ceasar’s at some places…but the menu said quail. That sort of spoilt my mood already, so pissed off.

    Yes, no msg in the food at Payung too and Anak Borneo or Flavours Thai Kitchen, dunno about the rest but bet you get that a lot at the Chinese places.

  6. Yes, unavailable items are such an aggravation. I was at a Vietnamese place last week and what I wanted was not available. I had to take more time selecting something else, and in the process, held up my lunch companions’ orders!

    Real frustrating indeed! My missus wanted something else and then the girl said it was not available. In the end, she simply ordered and got what she had – didn’t want to browse through the menu anymore only to be told they did not have this and they did not have that. I would have told them off but the ladies do not like me making a scene in public so I just kept quiet. One thing’s for sure, we would not be going back there again if I can help it.

  7. sounds like this place has potential but they’ll frustrate their customers with the shortcomings … maybe it’s a place to check out again after six months, once everything is more stable (hopefully!)

    Once bitten, twice shy. I do wish though that when they venture into something like this, they should put their heart and soul into it. The chef was nowhere to be seen – the lack of commitment and dedication is pretty obvious even when he was at the former place – and I had no idea who was cooking in the kitchen. The waitress said he would come in at around 3.00 p.m. and there was a lady, probably the mum, who could only speak Mandarin, running the whole show. I sure was not surprised that it did not live up to our expectations, not at all.

  8. Beautiful lyrics to that song.

    I can’t help but chuckle a little when I read about the giant quail laying that egg 😀

    Poor Melissa. I can feel her frustration not being able to eat whatever she wants. When I was breast feeding Ayden when he was very little, he always had rashes and the paed told me to omit eggs from my diet temporarily. Only eggs and it was enough to drive me crazy. I can’t imagine going on a gluten-free diet like what Melissa has to now 😦

    Luckily there are lots of things one can still eat here since rice is our staple – just go without those one cannot eat but she insists on coming out with some gluten free versions instead of just refraining from eating them. Not quite successful – it just isn’t the same.

    Yes, I love the meaningful lyrics.

  9. Totally unacceptable that there was no quail eggs when it was clearly stated that they were in the salad. I would have been fuming too!

    And I would not have ordered it if not for the mention of quail eggs in the menu – my girl loves quail eggs. So pissed off…so even though what we had was all right, we left the place with a really very poor impression – don’t feel like going back ever again.

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