Not convinced…

A friend of mine shared a photograph on Facebook of the bowl of Sarawak laksa he had here…


…and declared it to be the best around. Oh? Is that so? We were here before and though we thought it tasted all right, it was not anything like the real thing, the authentic original Sarawak/Kuching laksa…and the prices were quite shocking, to say the least!

It seems that they have changed the menu somewhat so these days, unlike before, one can get some other things other than laksa and I did hear that they have nasi lemak

MyLAKSA new menu

…now and I was keen on dropping by to give theirs a try.

Of course I asked for the nasi lemak special (RM10.90)…

MyLAKSA nasi lemak special

…no less and that was one huge drumstick that they had there…

MyLAKSA nasi lemak special, drumstick

I was pleased by the fact that yes, they did remove the heads and the black insides of the ikan bilis

MyLAKSA nasi lemak special, ikan bilis

…(though I think I would do a much better job cleaning it inside out, me and my OCD tendencies).

At the price they were charging, they could have been more generous with the sambal

MyLAKSA nasi lemak special, sambal

…but anyway, though it was quite all right, it was not spicy and I have had very much nicer ones elsewhere, here and here, for instance.

As for the rice, no, it just had a very light hint of the santan (coconut milk) in it, definitely not lemak enough to get me to give my thumbs up and for that kind of price, I think I would much sooner go elsewhere for something that is about the same or perhaps a bit better and pay a lot less.

My missus stuck to what she had the last time we were here, their prawn laksa (RM9.90)…

MyLAKSA prawn laksa 1

…and though they have maintained that same price, there were seven prawns before and that day, there were only five.

She tried a bit of the soup/broth and said it seemed nicer than previously but no, it still was not like Sarawak laksa as we know it – it was sweet! She added the sambal belacan (no, it did not look like they were using the very nice Bintulu nor the Mukah ones)…

MyLAKSA belacan & lime

…and squeezed the calamansi lime and after mixing it altogether, she thought it…

MyLAKSA prawn laksa 2

…tasted a little better.

I have to admit that the moment one steps into the place, one would be overwhelmed by the very very nice laksa fragrance wafting through the air. Unfortunately, it did not manage to convince us that it is “the best around”. I guess there are people who are not all that concerned as to whether it tastes authentic or not and would be quite happy with the ones here even though they do not come cheap, not at all – the seafood special is still RM21.90 and I would not know what you would be getting less of now.

MyLAKSA (2.309647, 111.846528) is located to the extreme right of the Lot 9 shops located along Jalan Pedada somewhere opposite/across the road from the Delta Mall, right before the SHELL petrol station there.


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “Not convinced…”

  1. I don’t like savoury dishes that taste sweet though I have a sweet tooth. Each to their own as you always say.

    Long ago, the Malays here did not use msg and I heard they would add sugar as and when necessary and it worked pretty well. I guess not everything is compatible.

  2. The fish and rice look great! 🙂

    Fish? That was chicken. Over-priced, over RM10. We can get the same for less and some are a lot nicer too.

  3. Nothing beat the authentic Sarawak laksa.

    Look very oily to me.

    The nasi lemak attracted me with that huge drumstick. Lol.

    Yes, the drumstick was huge. If only the rice could be more lemak and the sambal as nice as some of the other places here, I sure would not mind paying that price to go for it again.

    Lakss was all right, not oily but it tasted weird to us because it was sweet.

  4. Nasi lemak looks good though the cleaning job is not properly done. Something missing in the laksa. Oh yeah, shredded chicken meat & taugeh.

    Yes, most places would not bother so you will get the heads, the black insides and all. This is the prawn laksa, dunno if the regular would have the chicken and the taugeh – we never had that.

  5. I know people’s opinions and taste varies greatly, so one day I’d like to have meal with a bunch of reviewers and compare notes.

    Like I always say – to each his own. One man’s meat is another man’s poison…and I will be careful to say that something is my favourite or I like it best. I would never say it is THE best in town. Been to try stuff that they claim is THE best and more often than not, I was disappointed.

  6. prawns are expensive lor, 7 to 5 seems.. ok gua?

    I would say it is good that they have made some effort to maintain the prices, especially when everything else is getting more and more expensive these days.

    We’re fine with the fewer prawns, just two but it is the taste that does not tickle our fancy. I wouldn’t be surprised if some Sarawak laksa over at your side taste like that, not original/authentic…or maybe they’re worse, just that many would not know any better.

  7. Though the rice wasn’t lemak enough, the dish was very nicely presented. Looks beautiful.

    Yes, it’s not your regular coffee shop kind of place, more like a cafe but not air-conditioned, open on all sides…or there are air conditioners but they do not switch them on.

  8. Oh dear.. now I am missing nasi lemak…must make request to my sister tomorrow.. hahaha..

    Gee!!! You’ve been there a long time. Setting up permanent residence there or what?

  9. Now I see the drumstick, I am craving for it, since now I no cough liao, gonna have it, hehe…

    You too? Rose was recovering from a cough too. Must be the weather these days, somewhat extreme…very very hot and then pouring rain.

  10. good that you gave them a second chance/try. will there be a third? 😀

    Not unless I see somebody sharing something of interest on Facebook. I did have a glimpse at the other new items that they have other than the laksa and nasi lemak and nothing is of interest to me.

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