Hot day…

It was so terribly hot last Sunday afternoon that even the cuttlefish took out their sexy and attractive colourful shades and put them on…

Asian Food Fest cuttlefish in sunglasses

LOL!!! Don’t they look cute? This was at the Asian Food Fest that was held here last weekend and despite the scorching heat, we decided to go and have a look around. It probably would have been a better idea to go at night but it would be too crowded, the traffic would be real heavy (that road is often jammed even when there is nothing on) and parking could be a pain and since this was held in the car park of the mall, that certainly would not help ease the situation one bit.

Some stalls seemed to draw a lot more people than others like this one, for instance…

Asian Food Fest Thai mango ice cream stall 1

…that was selling that Thai mango ice cream drink…

Thai mango ice cream drink stall 2

…something perfect for such a very hot day so my girl went to queue up and she bought me one…

Thai mango ice cream drink

…too. It was all right – I wished they would use only the ripe fruit as the not-very-ripe ones were rather sour and I did not quite enjoy that.

This stall attracted quite a crowd too…

Asian Food Fest stinky tofu stall

You would be able to tell what they were selling from the horrendous smell wafting through the air – the celebrated Taiwanese stinky tofu…

Asian Food Fest stinky tofu

My missus bought that, RM10 for a cup like that. It tasted all right, not smelly but not something that I would be dying to eat again. I really cannot see what all the excitement is all about.

I don’t know which country this was supposed to represent – fried crabs…

Asian Food Fest fried crabs

…but this is definitely Korean – the glutinous rice-stuffed squid…

Asian Food Fest glutinous rice-stuffed squid

My girl said she had this in Korea, the sausage in bread crumb-coated batter, deep fried…

Asian Food Fest deep-fried sausage in bread crumb-coated batter

…and she said it was not really nice. Personally, I did not think it looked like it would be something really spectacular.

I always thought this is Japanese…

Asian Food Fest fish with ice cream

…or maybe the Koreans have it too – the poor fish choked to death by the ice cream…and I’ve seen these spiral potatoes…

Asian Food Fest spiral potatoes

…at food fairs and at the stalls all over town and I did not know they are of Korean origin.

Hmmmm…so these bingsu shaved ice desserts…

Asian Food Fest Korean bingsu shaved ice dessert

…are Korean as well, eh?

Then, there was this boy making this pancake…

Asian Food Fest pancake

…so is that Korean too or some Taiwanese street food, anybody?

I thought this was interesting, the boy at this stall…

Asian Food Fest Thai fruit ice rolls stall 1

…hard at work making the Thai fruit ice rolls…

Asian Food Fest Thai fruit ice rolls stall 2

…but no, I did not buy any.

My missus went and bought the salt-baked chicken from this stall…

Asian Food Fest salt-baked chicken stall

…to take home, RM35.00 for one somewhat small bird and no, it did not sweep me off my feet, that’s for sure! The smoked organic chicken at the eatery round the corner, just a stone’s throw away from here, is only a bit over RM20.00, a lot bigger and very very much nicer…and no, my missus would definitely not want to buy one of these…

Asian Food Fest roast duck

– she does not eat duck! On my part, I was wishing they had put them in some glass cabinet or something instead of hanging them in the open like that. I saw the ladies at the stall wrapping the meat and I asked them what they were using and one replied that it was just the frozen popiah skin so no, I was not keen on buying – that is made from wheat. If they had used the ultra-thin egg skin like the ones at some restaurants, I might consider.

I heard people grumbling that everything was so expensive, nothing less than RM10.00 but I did see many buying the things at these stalls and all the rest – there were quite a number more but I did not take photographs of all of them. I do think it is good to have an event like this though as people can get to try the culinary delights of countries far and wide especially those like me who cannot afford to fly over to sample what they have to offer and besides, with the ever dwindling value of our miserable ringgit, it can be just as expensive or even worse in some of those countries – the ladies went to Korea and no, they said nothing was cheap there.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “Hot day…”

  1. I also got a chuckle with the squid with sunglasses. 🙂

    To think that they actually went and bought those plastic sunglasses and put them on those squids. It sure stole the show. 😀

  2. what an idea! to put the sunglasses on the squids. guess the squids can’t be eaten after that. stinky tofu does not taste bad. it is popular due to its crispiness.

    I did not think the stinky tofu was anything spectacular, not something that I would want to eat again…and no, if they display the food in the open like that, either I would insist on a freshly cooked one or I would go without it, like the roast duck, for instance. We can get these squids at a mall here, fried on the spot. Nothing great idea, msg overload.

  3. Spiral potato, quite common over here. Sotong with glasses & fish choked wih ice cream, looks cute though.

    Eeeee….I never like the look of the poor fish choked with ice cream like that. So kesian!

  4. It is indeed very hot today! I do not want to go out of the house because of the heat but sometimes I have no choice.

    It is a good idea that they conducted a food expo at your place. A nice way of introducing the people to different flavors. Based on your post, I see too many Korean food. Does your place also experience Korean invasion?

    Everyone is so into anything and everything Korean these days, except me. The ladies in the house are so into Korean shows and dramas on tv and Korean food which I would eat but I’m not really crazy about it.

  5. Saw you post on facebook the cuttlefish and find it cute, hehe…

    Yes, it sure attracts a lot of attention.

  6. Definitely you would end up spending more in such food fest. I usually do. Haha.

    Super love the fried squid. Sexy and cute.

    I hear they were in Kuching before they came to Sibu, at 101 or somewhere.

  7. I love street food! luckily we have it here in parking lots of shopping malls. That first picture of the squid looks funny

    I love your weekend markets, so very interesting and the weather there sure is kinder – much nicer to walk around and look-see.

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