I went to my regular Malay kueh stall to get some laksam for my girl, like I said I would, and the very nice lady boss who has been most sympathetic regarding my girl’s gluten-intolerance told me about something called cloud bread and asked me to go and google for the recipe.

When my girl came home for the long weekend, I told her about it and she wasted no time in getting down to making her own. It seemed rather simple and if anyone is interested, here is one of the recipes available. No flour is used in the making, so there is definitely no wheat, and I did see some recipes where they use stevia or one of those artificial sweeteners. We do not have a problem with sugar so we did not have to do that.

We were out all morning on Saturday – my dad wanted us to take him out for brunch and yes, we ended up at the same place, his favourite and I tried the fried kway teow, dry…

Y2K fried kway teow

…but no, I think we do have nicer ones elsewhere.

When we got home in the afternoon, I went to have a nap while my girl got down to work in the kitchen. When I woke up, the cloud bread…

Melissa's cloud bread

…was ready. It sure looked like bread, don’t you think?

Even the texture…

Melissa's cloud bread, texture

…appeared really similar.

It was very nice – we had it with peanut butter or honey and the next morning, my girl toasted some to go with bacon and cheese. She did give me one to try and I would say it was very good. No, it did not quite taste like regular bread but this would be great as a substitute, for instance, as the muffin base in one’s own Egg Ben, for instance. You can click this link here to see all the different ways to eat cloud bread.

Of course my girl was delighted and needless to say, I was very happy for her too. She has been trying all kinds of recipes for bread and cakes with all kinds of flour – buckwheat, coconut, rice, glutinous rice, potato, tapioca…and so on but her attempts have been quite disastrous. So far, there was a cake like the Japanese baked cotton ones that turned out quite well and another one was some kind of crepe – very nice and I told her that now that she cannot eat the regular ones, like the Mission wraps, nor popiah skin, she can make these and use them instead.

Anybody keen on giving this a try?

Author: suituapui

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14 thoughts on “Cloud…”

  1. I love freshly baked bread…and the dish in your first photo is lovely.

    It looked good but it did not taste as great. There are nicer ones elsewhere.

  2. I am gluten intolerant as well and I will definitely have to give it a try! We are lucky here as we are able to get gluten free bread at the grocery store with ease, but nothing beats making your own. Thanks for sharing and I will let you know how it turns out!

    You are too? You get the effects when you eat kolo mee? Oh dear!!! But laksa bihun is all right, char kway teow too – actually there are lots of things one can still eat here but my girl would like to make her own substitutes. No place here to just go out and buy, unfortunately.

  3. No harm in trying if it is hassle free. Glad that Mel has found a substitute.

    No flour, carb-free…not just gluten free. Should be quite healthy, I reckon.

  4. Success with the bread! What was the base?

    Eggs, no flour. Unbelievably simple, the recipe – I did give the link in the post, eggs and cream cheese mostly. Even those who can eat regular bread may want to have this sometimes for a change, light and nice!

  5. Im too lazy haha but good to know there’s this kinda of bread, i wonder if i can find this in penang

    I’m lazy too, sure would love it if one can just go to the shop and buy, like regular bread.

  6. That’s a good news for her. Now she can enjoy having her own sandwiches/burgers whenever she’s craving for it. hehe

    The only thing is she will have to make the bread herself. I told her to make more next time, store in fridge/freezer – no need to go through the trouble of making all the time.

  7. Thumb up to Melissa for the cloud bread she made…

    Yes, she said she’ll make some more this coming weekend.

  8. Look like cloud, fluffy and soft. Well done.

    Very nice. My girl did try making bread using all kinds of flour – some turned out all right, good when hot from the oven usually but nothing quite like bread and not really nice. I like this one.

  9. Something new for me to try – have never heard of cloud bread before! Interesting.

    Neither had I…until that nice lady at the Malay kueh stall told me.

  10. I read about cloud bread a while back but somehow never got round to baking it. From your photo, it does look like real bread.

    It does but no, it does not taste like regular bread, none of the flour and yeast so do not expect it to be exactly the same. I do think it’s nice though.

  11. wah – this cloud bread looks tempting for those of us who aren’t gluten-intolerant too! i also must find the recipe and ask someone to bake, hehehe

    Shouldn’t be too difficult, only 4 ingredients. Maybe I can also give it a try myself.

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