The one you want…

I went back to this place

Colourful Cafe

…last Friday to try another one of the sets that they now have on their menu.

My missus asked for the Sarawak laksa (RM5.00)…

Colourful Cafe Sarawak laksa

…with a special request that the thin strips of shredded chicken be excluded. Lent is over and it is Easter but we still carry on without meat on Fridays…as and when possible.

I had their sweet and sour fish set (RM9.90)…

Colurful Cafe sweet & sour fish set
*Archive photo*

not too long ago and when I went to pick my girl from her school in the jungle on Thursday, I bought the honey chicken wings set for her to eat first before we set off for home. Normally, when she comes back on Fridays with her colleague, she will not have lunch before they leave and she would be so hungry by the time they get to Sibu at around 3-4.00 p.m. and after eating something at that time, she would be too full to eat much for dinner.

Well, I did not take a photograph of what I bought that day as I brought along a 3-tier tiffin carrier and had everything separated – the chicken rice, the salad and the wings…

Colourful Cafe honey chicken wings
*Archive photo*

If you go for the wings, you will get three for RM9.00 but for the set, you will get two only. Needless to say, my girl enjoyed what I got for her and finished off the wings but the serving was a bit too big for her so she did leave behind a bit of the rice, just a bit and quite a lot of the lettuce. Perhaps they could reduce that and give a few more than just the two slices of cucumber and the solitary slice of tomato.

So what did I have this time around? Yes, of course, I had the fish, the salad fish set (RM9.90)…

Colourful Cafe salad fish set

…and yes, it was good.

They were so very generous with the fried fish fillet…

Colourful Cafe fish fillet

…that by the time I had finished the rice and the salad, I still had some of it left in that huge (and heavy) 14-inch plate.

Other than the aforementioned three, there is also the salad chicken set and if you’re not a very big eater, perhaps it would be a good idea to order a set and share with somebody.  So which one do you want?

COLOURFUL CAFE (2.316673, 111.837539) is located in the Renew4U building at the junction of Brooke Drive and Lorong Kwong Ann 8, across the road from the Church of Jesus  Christ of the Latter Day Saints.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “The one you want…”

  1. RM5 for the big bowl of laksa! I wouldn’t be able to get a coffee for that price at home.

    It is still very affordable, may cost a bit more at some places, around RM5.50-RM6.00 or more than that if you ask for more prawns especially the giant freshwater ones.

  2. All looks pretty nice. I would go for the sweet & sour fish set.

    I would say I liked that more than the salad fish.

  3. The fried fish fillet is very tempting…

    They sure do it pretty well here, nice and crusty on the outside.

  4. The sweet and sour fish would be my choice. The fish fillet looks good, too, but I’d have to ask for it without so much mayo.

    Same here and I do think they would be more than happy to hold back on the mayo. Will eat, but not a fan of that either, straight from the bottle…our Malaysian brand, Lady’s Choice.

  5. All looks nice but without the mayo.

    Looks like everybody does not like mayo – I wonder why. They could have added a bit of tomato or chili sauce and sugar – will bring the taste to a whole new level, instead of straight from the bottle.

  6. I want the fish set … though I’d also ask for less dressing, heheh 😉

    Another one! I am sure there ARE people who like or do not mind mayo judging from the number of salad chicken rice stalls at the coffee shops all over town. Here, if it is anything with mayo, they call it salad. I never bother trying anything from those stalls – it’s just fried chicken with squiggles of mayo all over it.

  7. I want the salad fish rice. So many fillets and so much green.

    I enjoyed it. Wouldn’t mind more mayo on the greens though, a bit too much – in the end, it was like eating leaves…no dressing. 😀

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