Cheap thrills…

Well, if you think this is going to be a post on something (s)exciting, you are in for a disappointment. LOL!!!

I heard that this instant mi goreng

Tip Top mi goreng

…is very nice so I dropped by a supermarket and grabbed myself a pack, currently on promotion – 5+1, 6 packets inside.

It’s a product of our neighbouring country…

Made in Indonesia

…and though our languages are similar, there may be quite a bit of difference as well. I’m pretty sure we will not say barang rosak to mean “…the package is broken” and I do think “torn” or “open” would be more appropriate words to use in this context. “Broken” is usually used in cases where there is a special seal.

Anyway, what’s more important would be what’s inside…


There are those usual things you’ll get in a packet of mi goreng – the seasoning, the soy sauce, chili powder and onion oil…and the noodles, of course.

I took out one packet to try, cooked…

Tip Top mi goreng, served

…and served with my boiled egg, hard on the outside, runny on the inside and I did sprinkle some chopped spring onions from my garden on top prior to serving.

So what did I think of it? Yes, it was nice – pretty much the same as all the other mi goreng, more or less but this one is so very cheap! It is tagged at RM2.90 a pack but currently, it is being sold at a promotional price of RM2.70…and with 6 packets inside, that works out to only 45 sen each. Gee!!! You cannot go out and get a piece of (Chinese) kueh for that kind of money these days, nothing less than 50 sen a piece. I sure would not mind keeping some for mornings when there is nothing in the house to eat for breakfast…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “Cheap thrills…”

  1. When supermarkets are having sales, I think we can get the usual brand of instant noodles at this price. Kuih is about RM1.10 per piece here. You have cooked the perfect egg with a runny yolk for yourself.

    Yes, ang koo is RM1.00 each here, some kuehs may be bought for 50 sen, kompia plain is 3 for RM1.00, 33 sen.

    Lucky, you all there. Never seen any instant noodles on sale here though I’ve seen some brands piled up at more noticeable places, not really going cheap. Cheapest before this, below RM3.00, was Mee Sedaap – also Indonesian, dunno the prices now.

  2. A cheap & satisfying breakie. That is my kind of egg. There goes the saying…yu pi yu ho chiak.

    Yes, at the current prices of things, I would go for things that are cheaper even if they are not as nice.

  3. So many unknown brands of instant noodles in the market, not sure good or not. I dont remember I seen this brand you bought though.

    I know. I would not have bought this one if I was not told that it was good, never mind how cheap it may be. So many brands these days. That day I saw kolo mee made in Brunei, dunno any good or not. Not so cheap but maybe, one fine day, I would buy and try. Maggi’s one is the pits – nothing like kolo mee at all, don’t buy.

  4. Your post title made me smile. And the egg looks delicious, just the way I love them. πŸ™‚

    LOL!!! Sure draws a bit of attention, that post title, eh? I have no problem cooking eggs in all kinds of ways, still working on getting the perfect poached egg.

  5. cheap leh. cannot get this price anymore

    Can! I just heard, RM2.40 at another supermarket, even cheaper, but must have member card. I do not have one. 😦

  6. I’ve had the mi goreng before, but the brand was “Indo”. Very nice. Your egg is just the way I like it.

    Should be the one and the same – Indomie, the oldest, most established brand when it comes to instant mi goreng. They are not called Indomie in Brunei either but the name of the company producing it is the one and the same – and they will tell you the ones in Brunei…or in Indonesia are nicer. πŸ˜€

  7. Such a small portion? Chiak eh pah meh?

    Ehhhhh!!! Old people don’t eat so much but I do need a bit of protein, meat or in this case, egg or I would feel hungry very fast.

  8. i always go for my favourite packet of indo mie.. have been having it more than I would have, usually late at night when hunger pangs strike. The other day, tried this “ibumie”.. not so nice ><"

    Tip top, i wonder if they sell these here.

    Ibumie – that was when Malaysia took over Indomie and rebranded it. Not bad but yes, ada kurabg sikit. I do think Indomies is the nicest but this one is so so so cheap. I hear they are selling for RM2.40 at another supermarket, member price!!!

  9. I will drools whenever I see people post their instant noodle. Hahaha!
    The person who invented instant noodles really succeeded in tempting people.

    Oh my!!! Can’t say I’m crazy about them but will keep some in the house for mornings when there is nothing to eat. πŸ˜€

  10. Yes, I have been eating these instant type of noodles here… They are called Sapporo from Japan, cost 50 cents per packet and that means 2.20rm each! πŸ™‚

    Dunno the going prices for those from Japan and Korea here, probably a lot more expensive! Still, they are so very popular – all over the shops and supermarkets!

  11. This is my kind of boiled egg, but don’t think I can boiled it that way…

    I’m sure you can. So easy, you just have to keep time. I did blog about it once…

  12. It’s handy to have some instant noodles in the house. I do that, too.
    Food prices have gone sky high esp the food stuff from China.

    I love your egg. Noodle with runny york is the biz.

    On a change of subject if I may. I am a member of a food group. The members are international. Some members have mentioned that they had seen maggots in food (in public) even in the school’s canteen. You have mentioned flies around food in some of your posts. Now maggots seen eg on condiments bottle in a mobile food cart and school canteen!!!! Is that likely??

    Eeeeekkkkk!!!! You buy food from China? We do not do that anybody, not if we can help it. Would settle for something not as nice, say, from Malaysia, instead.

    Flies are not a problem here in Sibu as at most, if not all the places, the food is covered – kept in containers with lids or cabinets with mosquito-netting sliding doors…but I’ve seen places elsewhere (just not here) where the food is not covered. Some have boiling water underneath the food trays to keep the food warm and the heat will keep the flies away…but I did see in Sg Petani, Kedah, at a roadside stall, flies lining up on the edge of the food trays but no, I did not see any maggots. You may get to see eggs…but if you see maggots, that would be quite sometime already, past the incubation period…not right away.

    1. I can only get what is available here be it from China, Vietnam etc. Getting the goods from a number of shops is common. Being able to get what one needs from a shop is becoming quite tricky, sometimes it has become a challenge.

      Oh? I thought things are easily available at the Asian shops in the UK. I did not have a problem in Plymouth, 1994 but of course, though most everything was available, nothing came cheap there.

  13. Haha I do love a plate of mi goreng once in a while πŸ˜‰

    Life savers, great to keep in the pantry for days when there’s nothing in the house.

  14. Ahhh, this is exactly my kind of cheap thrill – give me some good, well-cooked, tastily seasoned instant noodles, and a runny yolk or two to pair them with, and I’ll be thrilled too πŸ˜‰

    Not too often, once in a while is fine.

  15. Tip Top brand here is ice cream, is your noodle even related to our brand here

    I don’t think so. This is Indonesian. NZ ice cream, I only know Kapiti – costs a bomb here, I would not even dare think of buying.

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