I’m on my way…

I heard that they were selling yong tofu laksa in a coffee shop located opposite this restaurant…

Golden Happiness Restaurant

…behind that hotel on the left in the photograph at the junction of this lane with the main road. Well, as soon as I heard that, I was on my way to go and give it a try and it turned out that it was not the one immediately behind the hotel but a little further in…

Rong Rong Cafe Seafood & Cafe 1

…next to this place…

Prawn fishing

…formerly a bakery, where, for RM10.00, you can go fishing for prawns and this…

Rong Rong Seafood & Cafe 2

…is the name of the coffee shop but you would not be able to see it from the road.

There is a vegetarian stall…

Rong Rong Seafood & Cafe vegetarian stall

…inside and I spotted an old friend of mine with his wife, eating something from there. According to him, there are quite a few of such places around town now but in his opinion, this one is the best.

All along the way, I was thinking of yong tofu and Sarawak laksa and I was expecting the latter topped with all those yong tofu delights…

Rong Rong Seafood & Cafe yong tofu laksa 1

…instead of the usual thinly-sliced omelette, strips of pulled chicken, breast and a few tiny prawns…but no, it was something like the Singapore nyonya curry laksa like the celebrated one available at the 328 Katong Laksa place here (Incidentally, it seemed that the outlet here has closed down – I noticed that it was closed all the time everytime I drove by but I guess the one at The Sarawak House here is still in business.)

The gravy was very lemak (rich with santan/coconut milk). something that true blue Sarawak laksa lovers in Kuching would frown upon – it would be like curry, they would say, not like Sarawak laksa…but I did hear people saying that Sibu folks like their laksa very lemak and not spicy and those would be two of the qualities of the yong tofu laksa (RM7.00)…

Rong Rong Seafood & Cafe yong tofu laksa

…that my missus had that morning.

According to a friend, now residing in Australia, it was supposed to be like that, like curry laksa, and not like Sarawak laksa. She used to live in KL a long time ago and she would go and eat this there and she loved it a lot. Oh? I didn’t know that. I only know of yong tofu in clear soup which they also sell at this stall…

Rong Rong Seafood & Cafe yong tofu laksa stall

…in this coffee shop along with a whole lot of other things. It turned out that the old guy was my brother’s classmate in school, one year my senior, but no, I could not, for the life of me, remember him.

Well, since my missus was having the laksa, I decided to try something else from the second stall…

Rong Rong Seafood & Cafe fried chao chai hung ngang stall

…at that coffee shop.

I ordered the chao chai

Rong Rong Seafood & Cafe fried chao chai hung ngang 1

hung ngang (preserved vegetable with big bihun), fried. As far as I know, they serve this in soup at all the other places around town, one of the local Foochow delights but this one was fried and thus, served try.

It did take a little bit of getting used to (RM5.00)…

Rong Rong Seafood & Cafe fried chao chai hung ngang

– the fried hung ngang with the taste of the chao chai but after a mouthful or two, I thought it actually tasted great, something that I would not mind having again should I happen to drop by here another time.

RONG RONG SEAFOOD & CAFE (2.284978, 111.834573) is located along Jalan Chengal, off Lanang Road. You turn into that road at the junction where Kawan Hotel is located and go straight in, the first shop in the second block of shops on your right, a short distance after the Golden Happiness Restaurant which you would go past, on your left.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “I’m on my way…”

  1. The yong tau foo inside the curry gravy looks so Good!! From the looks of it, they must have put a lot of santan inside… Yummsss!

    Yes, very lemak but not spicy, not even a bit. 😦

  2. The curry laksa yong tofu looks good & so lemak but still I prefer it in clear soup. First time seeing chai chao hung ngang in dry version.

    Yes, and I did like it. Never a fan of the gingery and extra sour soup version – my missus loves it, the more sour, the better.

    I would prefer yong tofu in clear soup too – this lemak version is to me just a novelty, something different for a change…and one can have just so much of anything so lemak.

  3. Very lemak the curry laksa.

    Personally, I would go for the regular Sarawak laksa, a bit lemak and not overly so. That is why I am not crazy about Katong laksa, too lemak.

  4. If it’s curry laksa, it should not be spicy no? Chili paste should be added to provide the extra heat

    Well, Katong laksa is not spicy but like what the guy said, here in Sibu, even if it is a little spicy, people will complain already. I would want it to be very spicy though – picked that up from my friend from Penang when we were in Singapore, 1973 and now, anything that is not spicy, for me, no kick! 😦

  5. it can get very confusing nowadays, nyonya laksa, curry laksa, spicy laksa, curry mee, etc..

    I know nyonya curry laksa, Penang asam laksa, Sarawak/Kuching laksa. What’s spicy laksa?

  6. I like my yong tau foo in clear soup, too.

    Me too. In fact, I love anything in clear soup, light and refreshing. This lemak stuff, just can have so much and good only for a change once in a while.

  7. Oooh can see it is very lemak. YTF with curry is the bomb, just like Chee Cheong Fun with curry. I love it that way. I love everything with curry, actually 😀

    Chee cheong fun with curry too? Hmmm…I don’t think we have that here. I would love to give it a try.

  8. I am searching for vegetarian food in Sibu. Beside Rong rong, is there any more vegetarian coffee shops/restaurants here?

    There is a vegetarian restaurant in the block of shops to the left of Good Happiness Restaurant (opposite SMK Deshon), very well-established – I think it moved from the shops where MAS office was (Big Thumb/Aloha area).

    There is a popular stall at T-time/Klang Bak Kut Teh – stall next to the bkt stall, opposite Wisma Sanyan to the left…in the same block of shops as Ling Corner, right behind the petrol station (facing HSBC).

    I hear there is one in the same block of shops as Opps, opposite Sibu Public Library, in the middle of that block of shops.

    I think “Healthy Living” is vegetarian as well – opposite Delta Mall, Lot 9 area where there is a Singapore Chicken Rice outlet.

    1. wow, thank you so much!! I will check them out. Your post is very useful.

      Most welcome. Glad to be of help in any way.

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