Too big…

Come lunchtime every Saturday when my girl is home from her school in the jungle, I would be cracking my head as to where I would be able to take her to enjoy some really nice stuff before she goes back the following day.

Well, last Saturday, we ended up here

Cafe Cafe Giant Hypermart

…located at one of the mega-malls in town, not far from my place. I prefer this outlet to the main one in town as parking is a breeze, ample spaces available, plus it is shaded so you would not need to go through that very unpleasant discomfort of getting into your extremely hot car after you have had a delightful lunch.

However, I do not really like the fact that this place is always kind of dim/dark even in the daytime so the photographs taken with my cheap digicam may not do justice to the food served.

We loved the creamy fish bihun

The Kitchen creamy fish bihun
*Archive photo*

here before they closed shop to venture into the instant kampua business full-time and they did let somebody else sell it, like some kind of a franchise kind of thing, but it did not last very long and pretty soon, the stall closed down.

My girl enjoys that a lot and misses the ones she used to go for when she was in Sg Petani, Kedah so when we saw it on the menu, we wasted no time at all in placing an order for that (RM21.90)…

Cafe Cafe creamy fish bihun 1

Now, that was so so big, too big for the three of us. It may not look so in the photograph but that bowl is about the size of those that they use to serve the soup at a full-course Chinese dinner to a table of 10.

Yes, it was very very nice…

Cafe Cafe creamy fish bihun 2

…but after having had two bowls of it…

Cafe Cafe creamiy fish bihun 3

…each, we really could not handle much more so we had to leave a little less than half of what was in bowl behind. For one thing, one can just have so much of such so very creamy and rich stuff and may cease to enjoy it as much when one gets to eat a little bit too much at one go. I think the serving would be just nice for maybe 5 or 6 people.

Another reason why we could not finish the aforementioned was that we did order something else – their grilled Norwegian salmon with lemon butter sauce (RM30.90)…

Cafe Cafe grilled Norwegian salmon with lemon butter sauce

Now, I thought that was cheap because a couple of weeks ago, I bought a piece that was more or less the same size, also Norwegian and not the farmed Chile ones, from the supermarket near my house for my girl to enjoy and I had to pay that much as well…and I was so pissed off when I got home and discovered that they had removed the skin!!! That would be where the collagen is and some places actually sell fried salmon skin on its own.

My girl loves salmon and yes, she liked the one we had that day, perfectly grilled right down to the crispy skin underneath and she thought the lemon butter sauce was really good and went absolutely well with the fish and the potato tuna salad by the side was really very good too…so of course, seeing how she was enjoying the food to the max, that made me very very happy.

Well, my girl will be home today as tomorrow, Good Friday, is a public holiday in Sarawak (but it is a day of fasting and abstinence for us) and the school is taking Easter Monday off so we have an extra long weekend to jalan jalan cari makan (go around and eat).

CAFE CAFE, Giant Hypermart outlet (2.325540, 111.853538), is located on the ground floor of the mega mall located to the left of SMK Bandar Sibu along Jalan Ling Kai Cheng.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

13 thoughts on “Too big…”

  1. I like natural daylight for my photos too. I try to avoid visiting restaurants in the evenings for this one reason (and, also because I’m not a night owl – more of an early riser).

    Oh? You sound exactly like me and they say that’s old age! Duhhhh!!!! I guess I am but you’re definitely not. 😀 Natural daylight sure makes the photos look a whole lot nicer – I never use flash, very unnatural, not nice at all.

  2. I love salmon especially its crispy skin when it is grilled.

    Hmm. I still prefer the fish mihun in clear broth than the creamy milky broth. I just had it last week with my mum.

    The creamy one is popular in places in the peninsula, it seems, like around KL. We can’t get that here so it was good for a change. The clear soup ones, we can get at a lot of places.

    The salmon was good and it was Norwegian, not Chile. It did not have that strong smell that I find sometimes in salmon, too fat perhaps. Never like the smell though my girl seems ok with it, as long as it’s salmon.

  3. Good that the school is taking Easter Monday off, here only tomorrow, Sat and Sun…

    Singapore people very hardworking, very few holidays. 😀 Here, only in East Malaysia, Sarawak and Sabah only, other states no holiday, not even on Good Friday. My school days, colonial time, Easter Monday was a holiday.

  4. The grilled salmon is something I would love!

    It was nicely done, just right. Some spoil it by overcooking till there is a somewhat hard outer layer, not so nice.

  5. Anything too creamy, rich or cheesy can make one geli after taking too much. So far, the creamy fish bihun which I had in Shah Alam is very nice, not overly creamy.

    Not overly…but it was creamy, like Katong laksa – didn’t hear of any outlet in Kuching. I would prefer our own Sarawak laksa anytime. This one, one can just have that much, not too much. It seems they like this creamy version around KL and central peninsula while those up north prefer it with clear soup. I would to but I do not mind this for a change. As they say, every day eat vegetables also will get tired…

    1. Hearsay there is a new outlet at Best Corner, Stutong area (formerly 98 kopitiam) selling this fish bihun but I have yet to try. Hope to drop by soon.

      My friend’s favourite place. I see his photos of things he eats there every morning for breakfast. Can’t remember if he ever had the fish bihun, goes for the kampua all the time, sometimes Foochow mee sua – says it’s as good as any in Sibu…but I’ve gone to try things he said were so very nice, not nice. 😀

  6. It does look like they proportioned it well enough that there’s pickles and veggies to help balance out the creaminess 😉

    A little bit more of the salted vegetables would be good – could hardly taste it though there was a bit in the soup.

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