Not that big…

I was out early last Saturday morning and I dropped by here for the tua pao (big steamed buns)…

Hong Kong Puff tua pao

…selling at RM3.00 each. I heard that they were nice so I went there around Ching Ming that day but the guy said that the thow chiew (head) had gone off for the festival so there would not be any for the next two days.  Three days later, I went again at around 10 something in the morning and was duly informed that they were all sold out. What? That early in the morning? Gee!!! They must be really nice, I thought to myself.

Well, finally, I was able to lay my hands on a couple of those but I did not think they were all that big. The ones I knew and had before were very much bigger and inside, there was this minced meat filling…

Hong Kong Puff tua pao, filling

…that I felt was just so-so, nice but nothing to get excited about as it was pretty much the same as some others around here though they might be a bit smaller, just a bit, in comparison but they would be much cheaper too, of course.

There was egg inside…

Hong Kong Puff tua pao, egg

…about one-eighth of it and I do like egg in my steamed paos.

Personally, I would prefer their steamed char siew pao though they are a lot smaller and incidentally, I hear they have increased the price already. They used to be RM2.00 each, that little thing but I think it is RM2.10 or more now. I did not check that day and I have not bought any for a while now so I do not know the exact price at this point in time.

Well, since I was out and about that morning, I decided to stop by here to tapao some of their very delightful pad Thai

Flavours Thai Kitchen pad Thai
*Toppings of ground peanut, bean sprouts and spring onion packed separately, not added yet*

…for my girl for breakfast when she woke up and of course, she enjoyed it to the max. Usually she does not eat that much when she wakes up in the morning (not like the father – he can eat any amount any time of day) so she could not finish all of it but she wanted the rest of it to be packed in a container and kept in the fridge for her to bring back to her school in the jungle and enjoy in the week ahead.

HONG KONG PUFF is located along Ramin Way (2.291180, 111.826634), beside Sin Kiaw Coffee Shop, right behind what was formerly a petrol station (some construction works going on there at the moment) across the road from the HSBC Building, Sibu branch and FLAVOURS THAI KITCHEN is located on the ground floor of the ORCHID HOTEL, along Brooke Drive at its junction with Jalan Tunku Osman. You can use its main entrance at the back of the hotel building (facing Brooke Drive) or go through the lobby past the reception desk if you are using its hotel entrance.

Author: suituapui

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12 thoughts on “Not that big…”

  1. Hong Kong Puff. Should not be the same as the Hong Kong Puff Co in Kuching where they make nice sio pau (the one I gave you).

    Used to like the meat pau as a kid because of the egg added in the pau. But it has been many years since I had one. Char siew pau anytime for me. ^^

    The one and the same, I think. Seems they have some kind of franchise now, all the ingredients from Kuching. Can see them making the sio pao and the egg tarts but my guess is the steamed paos and sio bee are made in Kuching, sent over frozen and heated up here.

    The char siew pao and sio pao are nice and the yam puffs not bad – not so keen on the rest but when it comes to sio pao, I still prefer Kai Joo’s, still the best for me.

  2. if the paos i was selling was sold out by 10am, i’d try to make more to cater to the 10am customers! hehehe 😀

    Probably they do not have the ingredients? It’s some kind of franchise, gets everything from Kuching so if that is it for the day, all sold out then one will have to wait till the next day…or they just happened to run out and were waiting for fresh supplies, I wouldn’t know.

  3. Probably due to cheng beng and people are buying for the praying

    No, that was two days after the actual date and most would have gone earlier, the weekend before or during the school holidays.

  4. I used to like paos, being it char siu or minced meat but after I saw a video clip of what type of meat they are use, pissed me off.

    Same as the minced meat at the butchers, all the fat and dunno what part of the animal they throw in. Best to pick your own choice cut and get them to mince on the spot or do it yourself at home. As for the paos, yes, most will use all the not nice minced meat – mushy, geli-geli to eat – one bite and you can tell already. Not all are like that though. My missus will not eat either, especially the Fook Hai ones and their sio bee.

  5. Hi STP,
    Sorry for barging in. I am a silence follower of your blog for years. While enjoying your foods rave, I have also watch your girl grow up over the years. How nice!

    Hello, and welcome. Thanks so much for commenting. Do stick around, I do intend to keep it going, that’s for sure. Cheers!!!

  6. Same as you, I also like egg in my steamed pao, hehe…

    Any nice ones in Singapore? We would usually eat those Hong Kong dim sum ones there. Last time, none here so those were extra special, would buy a lot to bring back home.

  7. Oh oh… you put up big pau, now I am yearning for some… must tell my sister to go for dim sum tomorrow or the day after…, 🙂

    LOL!!! Bet it costs a bomb over there!!! 😀

  8. Like you, I love the big paus with egg in them!

    I love it when there is gravy/fat and it drips down your fingers as you eat, yum yummmm!!!! The ones I’ve had lately are all kind of dry.

  9. Do you know what type of flour the steamed buns are made from? Wheat?

    Yes, wheat, not gluten free and thankfully, my girl is not a fan. I’m the only one eating it in the house.

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