She’s gone…

I enjoyed the nasi lemak that I had here in February and I was going to go back again for the nasi campur – the lady said she was going to have that beginning in the month of March but when I dropped by the other day, I found out that she was gone! I don’t know if she has called it a day or moved some place else but in her place, there were these two Indonesian ladies…

Chopsticks Indonesian ladies' stall

Ah well! Since I was already there, I thought I might as well give it a go and see if they had anything good to offer. The chicken for the ayam penyet looked good and since they were Indonesians, it couldn’t possibly be any more authentic that that, I’m sure. However, my missus said no…no…no!!! We have resolved not to eat chicken for a long long time, never mind which part, not after the scandalous episode revolving around some indiscriminate dumping of chicken wings here just the other day.

My missus would not want anything from the stall so she went and ordered the kueh chap (RM5.50)…

Chopsticks kueh chap

…from another stall at that same coffee shop.

I asked for the nasi lemak (RM3.50)…

Chopsticks nasi lemak

– I guess they call it nasi uduk there but wait a minute! I was positive that I saw some kacang (peanuts) and ikan bilis (fried dried anchovies) in the photograph stuck to the fridge but there were none in what I was served. Later I saw some freshly fried ones so I asked one of them and she said that they had run out and that was why I did not get any. @#$%^&^*!!!! That should not be the way to run a business. They should have told me that they had run out of the condiments and asked if I would mind going without them or perhaps I would like to order something else instead.

The rice was not lemak at all (they used a funnel to get it into that shape – I saw them doing that) but it had a very light fragrance that was quite nice, so very light that one could hardly notice it. The sambal was very good though – no, it was not anything like the regular nasi lemak sambal that most would be more familiar with but it tasted great and was very spicy. If not for it, I would feel like I was eating plain rice with those thin strips of omelette and the two slices of cucumber.

I also ordered their kway teow goreng dengan kerang, fried flat rice noodles with cockles (RM5.00)…

Chopsticks kway teow goreng dengan kerang

…and yes, there were two big ones and a few small ones. Other than those, there were some very tiny shrimps and of course, those fish balls cut into slices. Well, with all the ingredients that went into it, I thought it tasted all right but when you fry stuff using a regular gas cooker, you will never get that much coveted wok hei fragrance, that’s for sure.

I don’t know how long they will be around, seeing how nobody seems to be staying there very long – probably the feng shui at that stall is not very good.

This stall is located at CHOPSTICKS CHICKEN & RICE in the Delta Mall, Jalan Pedada area of shops, facing Lorong Taman Seduan 8, off Jalan Gambir.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

13 thoughts on “She’s gone…”

  1. Nasi lemak is pricey. Kueh chap & fried kway teow looks nice though. Today You forget to include the location at the bottom of the post.

    Yes, thanks for the tip off. I’ve added the location though I doubt anyone would want to go and eat these after my review. 😦

  2. From look of thing, I bet they wouldn’t be too long there. Some people. Their mindset of doing business. Tahi ayam, alang-alang. Not really into it.

    For one thing, people coming here will have their minds made up already – Chopsticks…chicken rice or kueh chap…or laksa…and so on, all that this place is well-known for. These inconspicuous stalls may get some of the crumbs that fall off the table – I don’t think they enjoy brisk business and hence, all will close down eventually.

  3. Why is the rice yellow?

    Kunyit (turmeric), I guess and hence, the very light fragrance that I quite like though it wasn’t anything like nasi lemak, not at all. I don’t think they added a lot and most likely, they just used the powder, available at all supermarkets, not the fresh thing.

  4. I must concur… they should have informed you on the shortage of ingredients; you must have felt shortchanged

    So pissed off and when I asked her, she said, “Tadi habis. Esok you datang lagi, saya akan kasi you kacang and ikan bilis.” What made her think I would be back the next day? Dream on!!! The first and the last!

  5. Alamak, they should have inform you shortage of ikan bilis…

    They did not say a thing! Just served what I got like nothing was happening. 😦

  6. It is kind of disappointing to know that our favourite food stall has “hilang” , right? And when someone finds it and let us know, then we feel happier again… hahaha.. that was exactly what happened when one of my favourite stalls disappeared one day and only to be found by my friend one fine day out of the blue….

    I wonder if the lady is still running her business. I wouldn’t mind dropping by for more if I know where she is.

  7. Wow – after reading the article you referenced, I wouldn’t be eating chicken wings either if I lived there. The nasi lemak/uduk is yellow – quite unusual, I think.

    Yes, that is why we are staying off chicken for a while…and yes, first time seeing yellow nasi lemak.

  8. Oh yes, I read about that chicken wing business. Feel so geli….

    Yes. Some hanky panky going on…and some say it has been going on for years, all the smuggling activities and the under table coffee money. Good thing we never go for the frozen chicken, wings or whichever part…but I do know they use that a lot at the Malay stalls. They are the people who will be most adversely affected by this episode when everyone stops buying and eating. You have nasi lemak special…or nasi or mee goreng special…or whatever special, chances are you will get one fried chicken wing, the frozen ones and all those stalls by the roadside selling barbecued chicken wings, they’re all Malay-run.

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