Not impressed…

This coffee shop used to be here but I hear that they are the people running this place now. No wonder what we had that day was quite nice – I did stop by the shop a couple of times during Ramadhan, the Muslim fasting month, and they did have quite a lot of nice dishes…

Ramadhan bazaar delights
*Archive photo*

…for one to pick and choose and I remember I bought these chee loi/siput sudut (balitongs)…

Chee loi
*Archive photo*

…from them and enjoyed them to the max.

Well, the guy who seemed very popular for his drinks…

Mail Olen
*Archive photo*

…has taken over but when we dropped by the other morning, he only had this…

Mail Olen Corner air kelapa

…to offer. Perhaps there will be more later in the day, I wouldn’t know but if you are wondering as to how fresh the air kelapa (coconut water) is, you can see the newly-cut husks…

Coconut husks, freshly cut

…by the side.

Well, this…

Mail Olen Corner rojak Bintangor banner

…was what attracted me there actually – the banners (there are more than one) declaring that Rojak Bintangor is available here and I was keen on trying to see if theirs would be anything like the celebrated original in that little town less than an hour’s drive away. Unfortunately, when I wanted to order that, the girl said that it would only be available sometime in the afternoon.

There was a couple there when we arrived and the guy told us that the nasi lemak was very nice. Of course, we wanted that but the girl said it would only be available at night. No, the ayam penyet rice was not available either…and in the end, I settled for the nasi goreng ikan masin (RM4.50)…

Mail Olen Corner nasi goreng ikan masin

…but I had to fork out an extra RM2.50 as I asked for the fried chicken wing…

Mail Olen Corner fried chicken wing

The fact that they used the long kiam hu did not manage to save the day – usually I would soak the salted fish in water first to rinse away the salt so it would not be so salty. Obviously they did not do that so the fried rice was extremely salty, definitely not anything that I would want to have again.

 My missus said that her nasi goreng sotong (RM6.00)…

Mail Olen Corner nasi goreng sotong

…was all right but she was of the opinion that RM6.00 for just those few bits of squid and nothing much else was a bit too expensive.

Of course I was not in the least impressed when we asked for this and that and they were not available and what we had in the end did not really sweep us off our feet…and since we do not usually venture out in the afternoon and evening, I doubt we would be dropping by here to try what we wanted to try anytime soon.

MAIL OLEN CORNER (2.313918, 111.825898) is located among the shops in the vicinity of Bandong Walk, Jalan Bandong, right beside the 1Malaysia Clinic there.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “Not impressed…”

  1. I wonder who is that Mail Olen. Somebody from Kampung Bandong himself? There used to have queen of Cendol in that kampung. Cendol Hawa, located just near the school. Her cendol was marvelous!

    A stall? Never noticed any. There was Maharaja cendol along Jalan Kpg Nangka, closed down already – heard it was no good. Dunno who Mail is but his drinks stall had been around for a long long time and now he has moved to this coffee shop.

  2. RM7 for your nasi goreng??…. Can eat 2 plates of kampua. Frankly speaking, your kampung style nasi goreng looks way better than this. Is their wok hei in these two plates of nasi goreng?

    That will be the day! These Malay stalls and shops use the regular gas cookers, not hot enough so no wok hei…same as when I fry rice or anything else at home. What will make the stuff they dish out nice would be the ingredients used – unfortunately, there wasn’t much in the ones here to save the day.

  3. Err… no thanks. Not convinced by the presentation

    What do you expect from a former roadside stall selling drinks? But to me, presentation is secondary. In Hokkien, they say, ho khua bo ho ciak so what’s the point? If it had tasted really great, I wouldn’t mind going for it again, never mind that it did not look good but unfortunately, that was not the case.

  4. Chicken wing, i like, hehe…

    RM2.50, almost the same price as a plate of kampua mee. Can fry one’s own at home, cheaper and nicer.

  5. Balitongs – I assume some sort of snail? When I was in Spain last year I learned of a seasonal delicacy – tiny snails – not escargot, but different types depending on the season. They cook them in a broth and pick them from the shell with toothpicks.

    We do have another type of snails here – they stick to floating logs, just wash clean, boil and we pick them out with toothpicks to get to the inside and eat. Very nice!

  6. Coconut water and coconut oil are in fashion nowadays. Supposed to be super foods.

    Yes, great for health, unadulterated, not diluted, of course.

  7. Everything looked good here. I like the sotong fried rice. Balitongs, long time did not have it.

    I would need a glass of cool coconut juice now. So hot over here.

    Been raining a lot today but when it wasn’t, at least it was nice and cool, and I could go out and do the weeding and gardening.

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