One more to go…

Well, the schools’ week-long mid-term break was drawing to a close and in the little time that we had, we did manage to go around town so my girl could enjoy some of the things that she enjoys and can eat. No, we did not go anywhere – we just stayed home, spending quality family time together and visiting the grandparents every day but nevertheless, we had a great week…or at least, I did have a good time.

That, of course, meant that on Sunday, we were on the road again sending my girl back to her school in the jungle and for our lunch on Saturday, she got to pick one more of her favourites before leaving town – and she chose the Sarawak laksa (RM5.50)…

Sibu Thomson Corner Sarawak laksa

here and of course, they got the very nice belacan (dried prawn paste) dip…

Sibu Thomson Corner belacan dip

…to go with it.

Others may have their own preferences but in our opinion, this one is the best in town – closest to the authentic original Sarawak laksa in its place of origin, Kuching. This is the regular size, the large is RM7.00 a bowl but it was so big that it was a struggle even for me to finish.

She also wanted the sotong kangkong (RM9.00, large)…

Sibu Thomson Corner sotong kangkong

…or what we call in Hokkien, jiew hu eng chai. The regular is RM6.00 a plate and is about half the size. This is how they serve it in Kuching, for instance, at the Open Air Market. Here, in my younger days, they would cut everything nicely and place all of it in a plate and  they would give the sauce in a bowl for you to dip yourself and eat. I know of a place where they still do it like that and for a long time now, I have wanted to go and check it out but I never got down to doing so. For one thing, it is in a rather congested part of town and parking around there can be such a pain. They also serve it like that at one of the stalls at the hawker centre on the 1st Floor of the Sibu Central Market but I have never gone to try the one there either.

I did not feel like having the laksa so I opted for the nasi lemak instead…and I must say the complimentary preserved Szechuan mustard green soup…

Sibu Thomson Corner complimentary soup

…that came with it was really good, as good as the one I had here. or maybe, even a little nicer.

As for the nasi lemak, I asked for the special (RM6.00)…

Sibu Thomson Corner nasi lemak special

…and I would say it was pretty good.

All in all, inclusive of our drinks, the total came up to RM32.55, RM34.50 altogether inclusive of RM1.95 GST, not too bad really for a simple, yet very delightful lunch.

SIBU THOMSON CORNER (2.296517, 111.840710) is located at Pusat Tanahwang, right across the road from Sacred Heart Secondary School, Oya Road.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “One more to go…”

  1. Sarawak laksa with the killer balachan and kangkong sotong are some of my fav. All these in Sibu. Awesome!!!

    Comfort foods before leaving home..again.

  2. Our regular place when we stayed in Sibu. I like the nasi lemak and rojak.

    Jiu hu eng chai. Now I kind of miss it after seeing yours. Lol.

    The one at Open Air is good but I think there are other places all over Kuching, not hard to find. I tried their nasi lemak at their other outlet inside the mall up the road, not nice. Glad that this one was all right, not bad.

  3. It really has been some time since I had Sarawak Laksa. I do need to ask for mine “less spicy” though as the ones I’ve had previously have really had a kick!

    You’ll be fine here, Foochow territory, not really into very spicy stuff. In my growing up years, I would rinse my curry chicken in water before eating, could not stand even if it was a little bit spicy. Now, the spicier the better.

  4. All looks great. The broth of the Sarawak laksa looks really good, very thick. Yummsss!!!!…

    We would give most of the places here in town a miss, not the same, not really great. This one is a head above the rest, in our opinion.

  5. Sambal! I’m sold!

    I’m glad they use our local Mukah or Bintulu belacan here, so much nicer than those from over at your side. They use those at some Malay stalls and shops here, cheaper…nice also but not as nice.

  6. Very hungry now just by looking at these images… it is 6.39pm now… waiting for dinner! 🙂

    So what’s for dinner? Personally I feel I can just have this much of western – after a while, they all smell the same.

  7. I loves Sarawak Laksa, miss it, since the stall not far from my place close down..

    Oh? No other stalls there? If you can get hold of the paste, you can cook your own, very easy. Maybe quite a bit of work, but very easy.

  8. Love the creamy look of the laksa! 😉 time to look forward to the next set of school holidays! Hopefully it’s not too far away …

    We have a public holiday on Good Friday, mid April and schools will take Easter Monday off so that would be an extra long weekend. Looking forward to that!

  9. You’ve reminded me that I haven’t had jiew hu eng chai for many years. Doubt I can find it here.

    Even in Sibu! I do not know of many places selling that.

  10. I love sotong kangkung! But I can’t seem to find any near my place.

    You’ll have a better chance of finding one there than here – very very few places selling this.

  11. I’ve not eaten sotong kangkong for ages! Boy do I miss it so much now.

    Is it a norm to be served soup with your nasi lemak? We don’t get that here. Only with chicken rice though.

    I did get the soup here…and I do remember getting the sup tulang at the Malay stalls – some are very nice, some rather diluted and strong on the spices.

    I’ve seen stalls over at your side where they hang the sotong, huge pieces all over the stall. We do not see that here.

    1. Oh yes, huge sotong pieces hung all over the stalls are a common sight here. Soup for a nasi lemak is rare though 😀

      Like there is always soup for kampua mee, though very diluted, not nice…but you will never get soup if you go for kolo mee in Kuching.

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