Waiting for the moment…

This place…

Daksemari Korean BBQ

…opened its doors not too long ago, occupying the shoplot where this used to be before and this one before it. I did see some favourable reviews from my friends on Facebook and seeing that my girl (and the mum) are so into anything and everything Korean, I was waiting for the moment to take them here.

Well, it’s the school holidays right now so with a lot more time on our hands, we dropped by the place for dinner on Tuesday evening. Business hours are from 6.30 p.m. onwards, closed on Mondays, but we got there a little after 6.00 and to our delight, they were already open…

Daksemari Korean BBQ 6.00 p.m.

…and of course, we were the first and the only people around. However, it did not take very long before the place was turned into a hive of activity as people started flocking in…

Daksemari Korean BBQ 7.00 p.m.

…a number of them in big groups, there to celebrate a birthday and that was very good considering it was a weekday night. If it is going to be like this every night or on most nights, at least, I am pretty sure it will not share the same fate as the two that were here before.

I do not know why the regular price per head for their eat-all-you-can buffet has been reduced to RM37.90…

Daksemari Korean BBQ price list

…and for senior citizens like my missus and I, there is a special concession of only RM6.00 so I only had to pay RM31.90 for each of the two of us. Ah well!!! I guess something is better than nothing, right?

I don’t know who owns the place…

Daksemari Korean BBQ decor

…or whether the very nice and friendly young boy and two girls running the show are, in fact, the owners or not. One of the girls is proficient in English and spoke it very fluently while the other two seemed more comfortable with Mandarin instead.

As soon as we were seated, we were served one big tumbler of ice-cold brown rice tea and that was quite enough for us throughout the whole dinner but there is free flow of water and cordials that one can help oneself to.

I would not say that they had a lot for their buffet spread – the cooked selections…

Haksemari Korean BBQ cooked selections

…but anyway, I did not want to take a lot from there…

Haksemari Korean BBQ what I had

…since it’s a BBQ place so I would much rather go for the meat and stuff to barbecue and enjoy.

The fried rice was very nice and I must say that I was rather pleased it wasn’t kimchi fried rice as I am not into that. I loved the japchae (the Korean fried glass noodles) and the pajun (Korean pancake) was nice too. You can blame it on my poor eyesight but I thought that was sotong (squid) in kimchi but actually, they were tteok, Korean rice cakes which were all right but a little chewy or rubbery.

On the other side…

Daksemari Korean BBQ more of their buffet spread

…they had these eggs…

Daksemari Korean BBQ eggs

…that were nothing very special actually. They looked like hardboiled eggs with a bit of mayo and tomato sauce on top but the egg lover that I am, I just couldn’t resist it and yes, I thought they were good as well. I did try the kimbap/gimbap (Korean sushi) but they did not get me all that excited. Of course I did not take anything from those plates in front – look at all that kimchi! – but my girl loved the buchu kimchi (garlic chives kimchi), the one at the very end.

I had quite a lot of the pork and beef…

Daksemari Korean BBQ pork & beef slices

…that I wrapped in the lettuce provided, once cooked, adding the garlic slices and the dip of my choice…

Daksemari Korean BBQ dips

…and personally, I preferred that to the seasoned meat…

Daksemari Korean BBQ seasoned meat

…that the ladies said was nicer. Incidentally, you can request for a change of the hot metal plate if it gets too dirty from all that grilling – the lady did ask us but we said we were fine with it.

I did like the dak bulgogi

Daksemari Korean BBQ dak bulgogi

…and the (beef) bulgogi

Daksemari Korean BBQ bulgogi

…though and those were the only words I could read on their labels all over – the rest were all in Mandarin and though I could converse communicatively in the language, I cannot read it…except for one character, 三 , and I could tell from it that that would be the three-layer pork or pork belly.

There were prawns…

Daksemari Kprean BBQ prawns

…too but we only had one round of those as we did not really fancy the chore of removing the shell and there was fish as well, what looked like kembong or one of those, but we did not have any.

For dessert, there was a choice of at least six flavours of ice cream, fruits. agar-agar (jelly) and this cake…

Daksemari Korean BBQ cake

…that I thought was matcha cheese but when I tried, there was no taste of green tea which I am not a fan of and I thought it was very nice with the fragrance of butter and cheese.

I was amazed by the sight of all those people stacking all the food on their plates – I guess they would be able to finish all of it or they would have to pay a surcharge on leftovers. On our part, being old, my missus and I did not eat all that much actually and my girl has always been a small eater and I do wish the whole time that they had those exhaust pumps that would suck out all the fumes so we would not leave the place smelling of all that meat that we had on the grill.

Nevertheless, we had a delightful dinner and enjoyed it a lot so the next opportunity we get, we certainly would have no second thoughts about going back there again.

DAKSEMARI KOREAN BBQ (2.287332, 111.826574) is located at No. 8, Jalan Chew Geok Lin (formerly Old Street) that leads straight to the Tua Pek Kong 7-storey Pagoda Temple.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

13 thoughts on “Waiting for the moment…”

  1. Love most of the food in your pictures. I like their glass noodles and pancake, too.

    I had a number of Korean spicy noodle soup from a selection of eateries in the past. They were so spicy and burnt my lips. All I could taste were the chillies only. I’ll give it a miss.

    We have those Korean noodles flooding our supermarkets here, super spicy. Of course, I never bought any to try – they are also super expensive.

  2. Among all, I like the japchae, seasoned meat & dessert only.

    Then you should avoid places such as this, paying so much for so little is definitely not worth it.

  3. I am not a fan of kim chi fried rice either. I would also rather enjoy the bbq meats. Haha.

    Rice fills you up, should not go for too much of that at eat-all-you-can buffets. Will be so full you can’t eat much, not really worth what you have to pay.

  4. At buffets, I normally attack the dishes instead of rice or noodles… and then salad, desserts and then back to the other dishes again…

    Wowwww!!! You do eat a lot, eh? Less than USD10 per head, not really all that cheap, eh?

  5. I cannot eat a lot at these buffets anymore. Twenty or thirty years ago, I can get my money’s worth, not now!

    My missus does not eat much. Usually at buffets, she will go one round, pick a bit of what she likes and then she will go for the fruits already. My girl has never been a big eater…so it is not worth going for these things. I could go at least 4 or 5 rounds before but not anymore – at the most, 2 and that would be it. This one, the enjoyment is more in the barbecuing of the things.

  6. If i go for it, i will not go for rice, if not, i will not be able to eat much of other stuffs…

    …and you do not eat meat so there will not be much left for you. Might as well don’t go, not worth it.

  7. I love Korean barbecues but then to avoid them as I over eat when we go there 🙂

    I can’t overeat even if I want to, old folks do not eat so much so it really isn’t worth going for such buffets.

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