In my garden…

No, not my garden. It is still in need of a lot more work, all the trimming, weeding and everything after being neglected for over a month when my mum was warded at a medical centre here.

Actually, I am talking about this garden…

Food Garden, Sibu

…a coffee shop that has been around for a while now. It did not seem to get a lot of business initially and with a shop sign like that, I was not enticed to drop by to check it out. I don’t know if that has some artistic value that I fail to appreciate or what but to me, it looked like somebody just took a pot of paint and a paint brush and hastily painted the name on the signboard. Well, for one thing, there can be no denying that it is indeed very unique, special in its own way.

It so happened that a friend of mine shared some photographs on Facebook of the lunch sets that he had here and they did look good so I decided to drop by the very next day to check it out.

I had the kung pao chicken (宫保鸡丁) set (RM5.00)…

Food Garden, kung pao chicken lunch set

…from this stall…

Food Garden, food stall

…at the back of the shop.

They certainly were very generous with the chicken and it came with the rice and one fried egg…

Food Garden lunch set, rice & egg

I was not too happy when I saw the egg as it looked like the guy did not clean the wok before frying it but all was forgiven when I poked it and the yolk came flowing out like molten lava…

Food Garden fried egg

– just the way I like it!

They have a lot of choices but the menu was in Mandarin and I could read only two words – lemon & salad and I guess those would be lemon chicken and salad chicken (fried chicken with mayonnaise).  The lady helping out at the stall did rattle through all the options available and eventually I settled upon the aforementioned and I would say I did enjoy what I chose.

There were a lot of orders before mine so I did have to wait for a while. The kopi-o-peng (RM1.50)…

Food Garden kopi-o-peng

…was blended like the ones that I like a lot here but unfortunately, I was not too impressed by it. It was rather mild and lacked the nice and strong coffee fragrance that I would prefer in my cuppa.

My missus went for the chap fan (mixed rice) so she did not have to wait at all. These were her picks (RM3.50)…

Food Garden chap fan

…that day – the fried midin (wild jungle fern), the cangkuk manis with egg and the sweet and sour fish fillet, one meat and two vegetables.

The fish…

Food Garden sweet & sour fish fillet

…was really good. While most of the others would use those frozen fish fillet, Dory, sold at the shops and supermarkets which, at times, would be jelly-like in texture and have an unpleasant smell and taste, whatever fish they used here was very much to our liking, so much so that I even tapao-ed some home for dinner that evening.

Since we thought the food here was pretty good, we certainly wouldn’t mind coming back here again sometime for more.

FOOD GARDEN (2.310898, 111.831410) is located in the vicinity of the shops to the left of the Sibu Civic Centre, the last one in the block of shops on your right (where the Maju Tyre & Motor Service shop and Aroma Bakery are) if you are coming in from Jalan Melor.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

18 thoughts on “In my garden…”

  1. The kungpao chicken is definitely reasonably priced. And what your missus had for RM3.50 is also a steal to me. We can never get that kind of delicious food at that price here anymore.

    Yes, but no veg, if you go for the lunch sets. I think I would prefer the chap fan, and they did seem very generous with the veg – not that much elsewhere. I wonder what the prices there are like now – been years since I was last in KL.

  2. What you & your missus had was good & cheap. Kungpao chicken looks really tempting & midin is not cheap either.

    No, not cheap and I couldn’t believe they gave so so much. A lady at the next table had that too and hers, even more! Maybe they pluck their own from the belukar in their backyard. Hehehehehe!!!!

  3. Certainly the food there looked appealing to me. Kung pao chicken.
    I love it. Used to eat that a lot during my college days. Or you could say, I had Cantonese fried almost every evening there. Haha.

    The chap fan is good and good value for RM3.50. Don’t think it would worth that price in Kuching. Maybe RM4 or RM4.50 the most in most places.

    I saw a sign at one place in town the other day, in Mandarin so all I could read was 3…and RM4.00. Probably more expensive because of the location, I wouldn’t know but I guess that would be RM4 for any 3 picks.

    Not crazy about kung pao chicken but don’t mind it sometimes. I used to go for Cantonese fried noodles at one place in PJ Old Town, near the old cinema – like in Kuching, they deep-fried the noodles till crispy and then pour the egg sauce/gravy over it. In Kuching, they would pour the tomato gravy. I like!!!

  4. Mrs. Wee’s chap fan looks good! Very well-balanced with greens too!

    Yes, cheaper too and no need to wait. I would much sooner go for that instead of the lunch sets next time.

  5. They do need to re-do their sign, after all, first impressions matter.

    Yes, that was the reason why I never bothered to drop by before this – the sign!

  6. That’s a cool name.

    These photos of food makes me hungry.

    I wish they would get a nicer more presentable sign.

  7. Wah that chap fan price is very reasonable indeed. With fish dish somemore.

    Very cheap! A plate of fried noodles will range around RM4.00 and some may go even higher, RM6…7…8! I guess this is true to its name – economical fast food.

  8. food looks good! 🙂 maybe they could add a few potted plants in the restaurant to give it a bit of a garden feel 😀

    …and do something with the sign. 😀

  9. My garden needs a lot of work too LOL! The food looks good. I especially like the kung pao chicken.

    It was ok. Generally, I think I am more into Malay delights, just so so with these and thankfully, not oily and not strong on the msg. Can be quite bad at some of these Chinese places.

  10. That is a generous serving of chicken but the egg, I dont agree on where it was fried looks like an old oil but the yolk was perfect.

    Dunno if it was old or new oil – we do know that they use their oil again and again at some places, some even buy the oil cheap from the fast food franchises to use, I hear. But this one, I think, he did not wash the wok after frying the kung pao chicken and he poured in the oil to fry the egg, hence all the soy sauce stains. Using old oil, provided it does not have the impurities, like burnt bits of stuff fried before, swimming in it, it will not look like that – in fact, you can’t even tell!

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