I’m coming home again…

My friends, Mary and Steven, in Aberdeen, Scotland are presently home for some family celebration and also to spend their holiday here. Each time they came back, we would get together for brunch – here, here and here and this time is no exception…and look at what the two lovely people brought all the way for me…

Buah tangan from Mary & Steven

I loved the fig rolls very much, and finished them all by myself, but the dark chocolate mint crisp were gluten-free so my girl was able to enjoy it too.

On their previous trips home, we did not have any place serving our local Sarawak ethnic Iban delights but now, we do…so I suggested meeting them here for lunch the other day and they happily agreed.

I spotted the photograph that the people there shared on Facebook…

Anak Borneo pansoh manok 1

…and from what I read, it took the photographer 4 hours to get the perfect shot…

Anak Borneo pansoh manok 2

It sure is nice…like the one of their dabai fried rice the other day…

Anak Borneo dabai fried rice
*Archive photo*

…speaking of which, we were a little early – we got there at around 11 something and the rice was not available yet. It did come out of the kitchen later and I asked Mary if she wanted to tapao some home to try but she was not all that keen.

Well, we had our usual favourites – the pansoh babi (pork cooked in bamboo)…

Anak Borneo pansoh babi
*Mary’s photo on Mary’s Kitchen – Malaysian Food Aberdeen*

…and I did ask for more of the lean meat, skipping those with a lot of fat, the daun bandong/ubi (tapioca leaves)…

Anak Borneo daun bandong
*Mary’s photo on Mary’s Kitchen – Malaysian Food Aberdeen*

…the kasam ensabi (preserved veg) with pork…

Anak Borneo kasam ensabi
*Mary’s photo on Mary’s Kitchen – Malaysian Food Aberdeen*

…the umai (raw fish)…

Anak Borneo umai
*Mary’s photo on Mary’s Kitchen – Malaysian Food Aberdeen*

…and we got quite a huge piece of the ikan patin in the terung Dayak masak kunyit (cooked with turmeric) soup…

Anak Borneo ikan patin masak kunyit terung Dayak

…and we also got this on the house – the kerabu ikan patin

Anak Borneo kerabu ikan patin

Of course, Mary and Steven enjoyed the lunch tremendously and they were delighted that they got to try some of our own local ethnic delights as even though they were from here, they never actually had the chance to sample them, or at least, not so many dishes at one go…and the best part was that all that amounted to only RM20.50!!! So so so cheap!!!

We sure had a great time enjoying the food, chatting and catching up with one another’s lives. Their daughters will be here over the weekend so they will be busy over the next few days and then they will go off to Singapore and Mary and Steven will be back in town for a day or two before heading back to Aberdeen. Hopefully we will get to go out again then – we’ll see.

ANAK BORNEO (2.293072, 111.836789) is located at the Fortune Commercial Centre (Lorong Chew Siik Hiong) at the CHAMPION CORNER coffee shop that faces the back of the Rejang Medical Centre along Jalan Pedada.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “I’m coming home again…”

  1. Just can’t believe my eyes, RM20.50 for all those lovely dishes. That is dirt cheap consider you have pork & that huge piece of fish. Yummy….

    I was shocked, in a pleasant way, of course. Gave them 100, said they could give me the change…or ask for more if that was not enough and what a surprise I got when they gave me back most of it and said it was only 20.50!

  2. Happy Holidays to both of them!! Hope they get to eat and enjoy all they can before they go back… LOL… The food looks good and very reasonably cheap too… Good choice!

    Looking at her Facebook posts, it sure looks like the two of them are having a great time doing what Sibu people do best – EAT! 😀

  3. If me, I will ask for more of the lean meat too…

    If you come and we drop by here, I will not order any meat – order all the vegetables for you. You are not eating meat these days, right? 😀

  4. 4 hours to get that shot? That is a very long time. Smoke oso gone dy by then but surprisingly there is smoke in the picture. Haha.

    Very reasonably priced food. I think cheap is the better term!

    My guess is the smoke is photoshopped but that’s just my guess, dunno much about these things. Yes, the price was unbelievable, so very cheap for such very nice food.

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