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A reader once commented a long time ago that I never gave the address of a place that I was blogging about but I replied saying that that was not entirely true. At times, when I have blogged about a place more than once, in the later posts, I would put the link to the older post or posts where I would have mentioned the location at least and at times, I may just put a photograph so you can see the name yourself, like this one, for instance…

Lok Ming Yuen Cafe, Sibu

…and if you click this link here, highlighted and underlined, you would get to a post where I did mention its location. Of course, there are times when I had a lot of posts so one might have to hop, step and jump to finally get to a post with the information desired.

Then, the other day, I shared the link to this post on Facebook and somebody asked me where it was, adding that her kids loved kampua noodles and kolo mee. Of course, I replied and told her but actually, she could have clicked on this link in that post and she would get to see all that she was looking for.

Coincidentally, that same evening, I met an old friend/fellow-teacher at church and she mentioned to me that her daughter complained about this same thing. She said that she would see all the nice photographs of the noodles in my blog but she would not know where to go to enjoy them as I never mentioned the locations in my posts. I did explain to her about the links but subsequently, I decided that I might as well add the name of the place and GPS and the address or location at the end…for easy reference – if you are observant enough, you probably would have noticed this in the last few posts. After all, as a matter of fact, it may not be all that easy for me to locate the old post(s) to link. This way, should I happen to blog about the same place again, I can easily copy and paste, no hassle at all.

Now, back to that place in the above photograph, I used to love their sio bee and their tua pao (giant steamed buns) and since it was in the vicinity right behind the medical centre where my mother was warded, I took the opportunity to drop by on one of those days during the time she was there.

I ordered their sio bee (90 sen each)…

Loke Ming Yuen Cafe sio bee

…and they did look much nicer than before. In the past, the skin would be badly blistered and you might get bits of it all over the place. However, maybe it was me but I did not enjoy them as I remember how I used to in the past. I could feel the coarseness of the minced meat and considering that they are of the same price as the ones here, those that I guessed were from the Open Air Market in Kuching…

Kuching Open Air Market sio bee
*Archive photo*

…I would much sooner go for those instead.

I got to talk to the old boss, a very nice and friendly chap, and he told me that they would get their supplies from three different sources now. In the past, there used to be only one and he said that a lot of people liked the ones made using “machine”. Of course I did not order those and I asked to try the steamed chicken bun (RM2.00)…

Lok Ming Yuen steamed chicken pao

…from another supplier, not the aforementioned or the old one from long ago. I did not think the filling was anything to shout about and I am no fan of this type of skin – the ones you would get at those dim sum places, soft like cotton but very dense. My missus would say eating paos with this type of skin, you will get it all stuck to your teeth! She does not like it either.

I also asked for the char siew pao (RM2.00) which I heard was very nice. Now, this is the type of pao skin that I like…

Lok Ming Yuen char siew pao 1

…the old school type, smooth on the outside, cushion soft and airy on the inside but that…

Lok Ming Yuen char siew pao 2

…sure did not look like char siew pao to me!

I called the boss again to tell him that he had made a mistake but he insisted that was char siew pao, adding a name for it in Mandarin which, of course, was Greek to me…and according to him, if I wanted the red meat ones, I would have to go for one of those “machine”-made.

I told the guy that this tasted like the giant tua pao that I used to love and I wished they would make those still…and he said, yes, those were available at RM3.00 each.  However, I was already too full so I did not order any – it would have to wait till another day, I’m afraid.

LOK MING YUEN CAFE (2.293215, 111.836281) is located along Lorong Chiew Siik Hiong 1 in the Fortune Commercial Centre, behind Rejang Medical Centre. It is at the corner opposite Mitsu Shabu Shabu Cafe and across the lane from its back entrance is Sushi Tie, the Japanese Restaurant.

Missed it!!! It was my blog’s anniversary yesterday, 9 years already and still crazy, mostly about food, after all these years!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

18 thoughts on “How you like it…”

  1. Seriously these days, ppl don’t click links. They want all information written huge and bold for them to see. For example, if you share a YouTube video on FB, ppl wont click to watch but if you upload the video directly on FB, the view count can go sky high. That is how ‘lazy’ ppl are these days. A single click can be such a burden.

    Indeed! A friend shares photographs of things he eats on Facebook…with the name of the place stated clearly and one would have to just click on the name to get to the map showing the location…and the first comment, some bimbo asks, “Where?” These people really get on my nerves. One would think they are not so tech-savvy, computer illiterate.

  2. I have never tried these.

    You will find things similar at those dim sum places over at your side…or do they call it “yam cha” like in New Zealand?

  3. The one you had is definitely not char siu pao but bak pao (minced meat with egg). I also prefer the old school type of pao skin. Open air market sio bee???…my favourite too. Now the location is clearly stated, thumbs up for your effort.

    That was why I asked the boss and he insisted it was…and he added that there was another type, the “red meat” kind. But this one was nice – I liked it better than char siew pao, actually.

  4. I think your readers would appreciate the address – especially when the food looks so tempting. Congrats on turning 9! Ooh, next year will be double digits. 🙂

    Yes, looking forward to the 10th anniversary next year, thanks. Hopefully I would not hear any more complaints from those dropping by my blog from now on.

  5. Happy blog-anniversary! I started mine in 2008 too but not until later of the year, should be August i reckon

    Thanks, but mine is still the same ol’ unexciting blog with a small following, yours is a celebrity blog, real big time!

  6. Happy 9th Blog Anniversary… I love sio bee, can eat many of it…

    At 90 sen each, 3 will be RM2.70, can go for a plate of kampua mee liao…so many would rather go for the noodles, I’m sure – more filling.

  7. Congrats on the anniversary of your blog.

    They get their supplies from Kuching! The latter would do well to set up shop in Sibu. I assume there is money ‘floating around’ in Sibu.’

    Thank you.

    I do not know why they decided to come this way – a lot more money to made in Kuching. Many (Sibu) Foochows have migrated there, nothing in Sibu that you can’t get there, not like before.

  8. Happy blog-nissary! Keep up the good work!!

    I dont really fancy those old school chicken buns but I do eat them. Thinking back it has been ages since I had one. Mum used to buy but since I married, I dont go to market and get them. Lol.

    LOL!!! There are nice ones but many that they sell at the coffee shops are all not nice. I guess like everything else, one must know where to go…and besides, one man’s meat is another man’s poison – like how so many in Kuching love those Fook Hai ones. Eyewwwwwww!!!! No, thank you.

    Thanks, will keep on going as long as there are people interested. Views dropping, comments are few – sometimes I wonder whether it is worthwhile carrying on or not.

  9. Happy Blog-versary.. Mine is also in 2008 but January…
    Talking about locations and where’s where, I do not put the details up in my post for I am not paid to promote them in the first place. I post about what I eat, period but normally I put up the name of the shop, so if one is interested, just click on Mr. Google and get all the information…. But of course, it would be great to put all the details, address, phone number, business days… but I am not one of them who does that….. hahahaa…

    You are lucky, no readers like mine. The worse would be those who have my handphone number. They would sms me to ask things they’ve seen in my blog and when I said they can go and search, they would just reply that it would be easier to ask me. Tsk! Tsk! I guess Ipoh is a city, bigger and places can be traced via Google. Not many places in Sibu are google-able.

    Ah yes!!! Yours is a money-spinning blog, no money no talk. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  10. hop, step and jump around your blog links.. i like that :D:D.. hippity hoppity hop

    Frog. If you’re into athletics, hop step and jump is another name for what is also called triple jump. Can’t remember what it is in Malay now, ah yes…lompat kijang. Mousedeer jump?

  11. Awesome RM2 char siew pao! The sio bee looks like mutated siew mai to me. Hahaha…. anyway, happy 9th year anniversary! This year is my 10th year of blogging! 😀

    This is the local version of the siew mai, not the same but indeed, they do need to work on the appearance. There are nicer looking ones, the local Sibu Foochow sio bee but they are a lot more expensive – last I had any, it was RM1.50 each and I hear the price has gone up. 😦

    Thanks. Wow!!! So you got into this blogging thing earlier than me. You must be very young then. 😉

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