A real good try…

Last Saturday, my girl wanted the smoked organic chicken, drumstick and rice (RM5.40)…

Warung BM smoked chicken rice

here for brunch so of course, I took her there. Yes, the chicken was great, as always and the rice too and so was the complimentary soup…

Warung BM complimentary soup

…like at most of those Malay eating places around here, not just the very diluted bone soup with lots of msg.

They have some new items on their menu…

Warung BM new items on menu

…but no, we could not try any of them as obviously, they are all not gluten-free.

The mum had to hold the fort, keeping my dad company at their house so she was not able to join us. However, I tapao-ed her favourite for her, the ayam penyet (RM9.80)…

Warung BM ayam penyet

…along with the rice which, for some reason, was packed separately…

Warung BM rice

I decided to try their Penang char kway teow (RM9.90)…

Warung BM Penang char kway teow

…but despite the presence of all the see ham (cockles)…


…and the prawns…


…I did not think it tasted like Penang char kway teow, more like mee mamak and that was probably due to the addition of sweet chili sauce, I wouldn’t know…plus I was not all that fond of those thin strips of carrot either…and where’s the taugeh (bean sprouts)? All in all, I would not think it was a real good try – I would much sooner go for the nice one here, with the three miserably tiny prawns minus all the cockles but at less than half the price. I sure would enjoy that a lot more.

There are a few more items in their menu that we have yet to try – so far, our favourites would be the smoked chicken rice and the ayam penyet…and we sure would not mind going back for those again…and again.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

13 thoughts on “A real good try…”

  1. I also don’t like the thin strips of carrot

    That makes two of us. Dunno why they do not use bean sprouts – that is the usual ingredient when it comes to fried kway teow.

  2. The smoked chicken looks nice & juicy. I prefer chicken drumstick than any other parts of it.

    You pay a bit more compared to other parts of the chicken but we will not settle for less.

  3. I am always go for ayam penyet. Hehe.

    I like cockles in my char kway teow but I try not to take too much of it. If to choose, I will go for prawns instead. Yes, a lot of taugeh please!

    We never buy cockles but will eat if they have it in dishes that we eat outside – best taken moderately and once in a long while. Gone are the days when we would feast on those, dip in boiling water and dip in sauce and eat.

    Both chicken dishes here are good – so far, none of the other items on their menu that we have tried impressed us much, just so so, not really great.

  4. The koay teow is not right either, looks like hor fun

    I wish it were hor fun. Anyway, I think I’ve said often enough that our kway teow here is not all that great (though some locals prefer our own, not me) but our yellow noodles are a cut above, none of that alkaline thing to make and keep it firm, no smell.

  5. Yah, ingredient’s all wrong for the CKT to be called a Penang version.

    I would agree with you on that – they should just call it fried/char kway teow and pass it off as their own original version instead. That way, people will just take it as it is, like it or not, and not make any comparisons.

  6. Your girl’s choice is definitely more worth it than your fried koay teow… RM9.90 is not cheap but then if the taste is super good, then it is worth paying the price.. 🙂

    Yes, not worth it at all despite all the cockles and prawns. At the end of the day, it is just fried kway teow, nothing to shout about. Even the ayam penyet, 10 sen cheaper, would be a more worthy choice.

  7. The CKT sure looks good loaded with ingredients though it did not taste like what it is supposed to be.

    Yes, I would say it was nice…just not what it claims to be.

  8. omg, ayam penyet. i always love this indonesian delicacy. the sambal they put with this is indeed very spicy.. nice though.

    It’s the sambal that is the main draw – for my missus, the spicier the better!

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