Very good…

I’ve blogged about this place so many times…

Chopsticks, Sibu

…and looking at the crowd here, it is very obvious that it is one of the most popular eating joints in town.

This stall…

Chopsticks new Malay stall

…did not seem to do so well though. Once, we used to enjoy the beef noodles but the people moved elsewhere and after that, there were at least one or two other people running that stall but eventually, they either moved elsewhere as well or called it a day.

I must say that I am glad there is another Malay/Muslim stall in this area of shops now as prior to this, I think there was only one at the coffee shop facing the back entrance of the mall and that roti canai stall here that has since moved in a bit, right behind this one and it does seem to be doing very well – it has been around for quite a while now. Other than those two stalls, one would have to go to the fried chicken franchise at the mall or the outlet of Sarawak’s own broasted chicken franchise in the vicinity…

Sugar Bun Delta
*Archive photo*

…if one wanted any halal food.

Well, that morning, I tried the nasi lemak special (RM5.00)…

Chopsticks nasi lemak special

…that came with the very nice fried chicken wing and one whole salted fish…

Salted fish

…and masak hitam beef…

Chopsticks masak hitam beef

…other than the usual condiments. I asked for the sambal egg in place of the usual plain one and no, they did not have a problem with that at all.

The rice was fine, quite lemak and had the light fragrance of pandan, and everything else tasted great right down to the little bowl of complimentary soup that came with my order and I thought RM5.00 was cheap for all that was in the platter. I sure would not mind going back again for this and I would want to see what they have for their nasi campur but the nice lady that I spoke to said that they do not have that at this point in time – they would probably start in March.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

14 thoughts on “Very good…”

  1. RM5 for that is really a good price. It will be my every day lunch if we can find that kind of quality food with such pricing here in the Klang Valley.

    It’s reasonable, by our Sibu standard…for the special. Dunno how much the biasa costs, did not ask.

  2. It is difficult to find good prices these days! Nice looking plates.

    Plastic. I am not fond of those…and melamine but at least, better than chipped porcelain. They use those at some places here. 😦

  3. March is just half a month away – so you can look forward to that nasi campur pretty soon! 😉

    That’s for sure. Loved the sambal egg and the masak hitam, can’t wait to try what else she will dish out.

  4. RM5 for the nasi lemak is very cheap with all that is in the platter especially masak hitam beef. Is the salted fish “hong boi”?…doesn’t look like.

    Dunno. They sell in supermarkets packed in plastic bags, very cheap, RM2-3 like that, get a lot already. I would usually soak in water so not so salty and fry till really crispy, eat it all, head included. So nice!

  5. The fish iz sadz

    Salted fish, probably from your side – lots in places like Langkawi, Pangkor, I’m sure…and very cheap there too! Very nice though – I would buy and fry my own to enjoy at home sometimes. Salted fish sure helps whet one’s appetite…but not something for the rich and famous, I guess.

  6. You should write a Top 10 List for visitors.

    If it’s nasi lemak, I have yet to come across one here that I would say is truly deserving of the No. 1 spot. Some aren’t too bad, others not really – on the whole, none that really impresses me immensely.

  7. Reasonable price with chicken and salted fish… well, surely can go back again and again… for RM5, how to cook at home? 🙂

    Even if for 2, RM10, what to cook if cooking our own at home? Much easier to have stuff like this outside and be done with it.

  8. Nasi lemak with masak hitam – that must be a good combination!

    Yes, it sure makes the special special. Some places, you just get one fried chicken wing and it may not be nice, just simple fried, no nice marinades used.

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