How would you like it…

Well, how would you like it – on a plate…

Anak Borneo On a plate

…or in a tray?

Anak Borneo In a tray

I did share a photo of the revised prices at this place that day but I thought I would just include them here again, two instead of one snapshot and ones that are a lot clearer than what I had previously, I guess.

Yes, I’ve been back there again and again and I’ve a perfectly valid reason for that. The not-so-great-news is that my mum is still at the medical centre…and I would have to juggle between her there and my dad at their house including staying the night there to keep him company or else he would be on his own. That would mean that there would hardly be any time to do our own cooking and it would be so convenient just to stop by there and eat – it is located right behind the medical centre plus we really enjoy all the stuff that they dish out.

Well, that day, we had everything on a plate. My missus had her favourite tapioca leaves…

Anak Borneo tapioca leaves

…and this cangkuk manis & pumpkin combo…

Anak Borneo cangkuk manis & pumpkin

…and the kacang ma with tuak chicken…

Anak Borneo kacang ma chicken

I also had the kacang ma chicken…

Anak Borneo My plate

…but it was buried somewhere underneath that serving of the very nice pork and pineapple…

Anak Borneo pork & pineapple

…and other than the cangkuk manis & pumpkin that my missus also had, I could not resist asking for the kasam ensabi (preserved vegetables) with pork belly…

Anak Borneo kasam ensabi & pork belly

…once again as I do enjoy that a lot. I asked the nice sweet girl for my rice to be banjiri (flooded) with the kacang ma gravy/sauce and that was exactly what she did…literally. Nice!

Here comes the best part! For our orders, my missus and I, I only had to fork out RM9.00 altogether, cheaper than those times when we had everything served in a tray and no, we did not feel like we were getting less – both the food and the pleasure. We would probably have it this way from now on…and incidentally, I loved the professionally-taken photograph of the dabai fried rice…

Anak Borneo dabai fried rice

…on the counter so much that I simply had to snap a copy and share it here. Isn’t that absolutely stunning? Well, if you want a plate of that, it would cost you RM3.50 only…and all the rest that you pick would be charged accordingly.

They say that they open at 10 but my advice is not to go too early – they may not be open and even if they are, all the dishes may not have come out of the kitchen yet. I think the best time would be around 11.30 or noon to avoid the lunchtime crowd…and they told me that they would stay open till 3.30 p.m. but of course, you will have to take the chance if you go so late – there may not be much of anything left.

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17 thoughts on “How would you like it…”

  1. This is the first time I encounter difference prices for servings on plates vs trays. Maybe because I rarely or maybe have never eaten rice served on trays before. Only roti canai on trays.

    I spotted yummy looking pork on your missus’ plate, next to the cangkuk manis. Looks so jellylicious!

    Yes, never seen trays used other than for roti canai. I know some people do not like everything dumped in a plate like that – my father is one, so no chap fan for him…ever. Not like me, anything goes…just eat!

    That’s my pork – we had the same vegetable and I am using the pic I took for illustration. Yum yummmmm!!!!

  2. The different pricing is a first for me.

    I would say that is good – gives customers a choice to have more or less, not everyone is a big eater and lunch is supposed to be light, not that heavy. Many over where you are would probably just have a sandwich or something, I think…or just a fruit perhaps.

  3. Is this the sign of the times or differential pricing to reflect their culinary expertise?

    By the way, which brand of premix paste eg laksa do you favour from Singapore?

    No. I guess people generally do not eat so much, not for lunch, that’s for sure so they would prefer smaller portions in a plate. I do think this is a good idea!

    Paste? Singapore? Prima Taste. Not cheap here though, with the dwindling value of our miserable ringgit. 😦

  4. the pricing is just so reasonable! RM1.50 only for meat? here it would cost at least RM3 or more for meat..

    that professional shot, wow!

    Yes, the original photo is much better, very impressive, very nicely done.

    Cheap, eh?

  5. I wonder why the price difference served on plate and tray?? Tray portion bigger??

    But what you and your missus had were good. And so cheap! They gave so much dishes.

    Hope your mum is getting better and discharged soon.

    Thanks. I certainly look forward to that – I am very tired too, not young anymore…and running here and there every day and not sleeping well at night at my parents’ house… I miss my own bed. Sighhhh!!!!

    I guess if you have everything in a tray you will get more of what you pick, probably double.

  6. You changed your banner photo! Nice.

    Yes, Chines New Year festivities are over. That’s Sungai Merah, Red River…reputed to be where the earliest Foochow settlers here landed…

  7. If served in plates, I prefer to have a bigger plates so that I can put the veg/meat & around the side. I like the pork pineapple & cangkuk manis with pumpkin. Rm9 for both is a good deal considered your serving alone is quite a lot.

    As long as it’s not plastic or melamine, never mind the size – I think those are health hazards especially when used to serve hot foods. I like the stainless steel ones they use here – will not get chipped like those places using porcelain, those kind of plates and bowls…and they keep using them! Can harbour bacteria! Terrible!!!

    Yes, I thought RM9.00 was good…and of course, the best part was we enjoyed the food a lot!

  8. Why is it more expensive to eat using tray? aren’t they (the plates and trays) the same?

    The servings are smaller…and you do not get everything dumped on your rice, if you ask for a tray. My dad will never like that, everything in a plate so he will never go and eat chap fan or nasi campur or nasi kandar. Good that they give customers an option here.

  9. The food looks marvelous! I suppose besides Payung, this is another must visit 🙂

    Yes, when in Sarawak/Sibu, must drop by for the authentic ethnic Borneon taste. Just took a visitor from Kedah there yesterday, post on that coming soon.

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