I didn’t plan it…

This is a really old restaurant dating back to the 90’s…

Siong Lok Yong

…when I was staying at a housing area not far away from here. I did blog about it a few times here and here and here, for instance but that evening, I did not plan on dropping by here, just that I took the wrong turn and as we were driving past, my missus said we could just stop here for our dinner and be done with it.

Well, I do know it has its following – some people do like eating here quite a lot and my father, for one, loves the sea cucumber soup so my sister would come and tapao that home time and again for him to enjoy. Personally, I do not think I am a fan, nothing more than a place where I could go for something to eat sometimes.

That evening, my missus saw somebody at the next table eating this (RM4.00)…

Siong Lok Yong bihun soup

…which turned out to be just bihun soup. She was somewhat disappointed as she was expecting some of the sourish chao chai (preserved vegetables) taste but there was none.

I had the Foochow fried noodles (RM4.00)…

Siong Lok Yong Foochow fried noodles

…and I could not help noticing that they were using chicken instead of pork – chicken is a lot cheaper. It was all right but I do prefer the one here…or here.

I did order a few dishes to go with our noodles – the fried midin (RM7.00)…

Siong Lok Yong fried midin

…was not what we wanted. I had asked for ching chao, fried plain but what we were served had the traditional Foochow red wine in it.

The sweet and sour pork ribs (RM12.00)…

Siong Lok Yong sweet and sour pork ribs

…was mostly bone even though it tasted quite good.

Inclusive of drinks, the bill came up to RM30.00 which was all right, just that I did not quite fancy the lingering after-taste of msg in the mouth long after we had left the place. I guess a lot of people are fine with it, hence the popularity of this place but ever since we hardly add any salt to our cooking and no msg most of the time, I think we have become somewhat sensitive to the stuff and would prefer going to places where they do not have these additives or less of those, at least.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

16 thoughts on “I didn’t plan it…”

  1. Yes, I am highly sensitive towards msg after taste too these days. I guess as we aged, we tend to eat cleaner hence though I love steamboat a lot, I seldom indulge in it anymore as it is hard to find one that doesn’t make us thirsty hours after leaving the place.

    I love steamboat but we never go for it outside anymore these days – we have our own at home – just bone stock soup and throw in the prawns, the own-made fish balls, the sotong, the meatballs, vegetables and everything, you will get a soup that is bursting with flavours, so very nice, so sweet – no need for all that salt and msg.

  2. I’m smiling at your statement “this is a really old restaurant dating back to the 90s.” I feel the same coming from Australia – where things are just not very old. But, I am smiling recalling our trips to Europe where some restaurants are not in the decades of years old, but centuries of years old!

    The oldest we have here goes back to the 50’s, still at its original premises, serving stuff more or less that same as way back then. Another old school one is still around, also from the 50’s…or maybe 60’s, but not at its original place anymore, food served also not quite the same – nicer. We only have these two!

  3. I dont use MSG at home so whenever we dine out and the food loaded with those stuff, I could not stop drinking water afterward. Kind of sensitive to MSG now. Lol.

    We’re all in the same boat but I read an article the other day that says msg is good. I think it is the cheap brands they use outside, don’t really know what it is, packed in big plastic bags and they add so so so much – I’ve seen them doing that using the soup ladle they were using. Shocking!!! A pinch of msg, Ajinomoto, should be fine, according to the article, either British or American.

  4. The noodles & midin looks good. Most would use a lot of MSG to make their food taste nicer.

    There are people who actually would insist on those “taste enhancers” or they will find the food too bland, tasteless.

  5. It was our favorite place to have suppers in the 80’s when it was located at Rejang Park. I still remember vividly that my younger brother fell into the open drain, and my mum had to send him to Lau King Hoe Hospital for stitches and we still continue having our supper there while waiting for her to come back to pick us up. The sea cucumber soup, crispy chicken, Foochow noodles, and sweet and sour pork were our family favorite dishes. As you get older, you will miss the childhood food. Have a good day.

    Used to have all our celebrations here, birthdays, family in town on visits and what have you…and we also got them to cater buffet dinners at home when we have prayers or worship services. I particularly loved their stewed pork belly with steamed mantao – I dunno if they still cook that…and I used to buy their crabs, tapao home for dinner. Last I heard, they do not have crabs on their menu anymore…and of course, I would tapao their fried noodles very often way back then, especially when I was teaching at a tuition centre in the area. Their sio bee is pretty good too. Did not use to feel the msg so much – maybe it was a different cook that day or I am getting a lot more sensitive to it these days. Must remember to tell them to reduce the amount the next time we drop by here to eat.

    I did not know they were in Rejang Park. I know there was a steamboat place round the corner but that one has moved to Rejang Park, further in…after the shops. Thanks for dropping by and sharing the very interesting information. Yes, sometimes, old school is best – the good ol’ days.

  6. The MSG factor is pretty disappointing as their dishes do look promising.

    Looked good, tasted good – old school delights – must remember to tell them next time – no msg or cut down on the amount used.

  7. I haven’t had sweet and sour pork for a long time; had sweet and sour fish, though, last time I was in Singapore.

    I am ok with sweet and sour, pork or fish. Will order sweet and sour fish fillet at one of our favourite places in town – they do it really well – but now my girl can’t eat it – tomato sauce is not gluten-free so we do not go for it anymore.

  8. The sweet and sour pork looks good. Bones rather than meat!

    I think if I had ordered pai kut ong (king ribs), I would not get any bones. If not for this, actually I quite liked how they did this sweet and sour fish – would not find fresh pineapples added in a lot of places.

  9. MSG wasn’t a big issue to me and theHub when we eat a lot outside cos we do not cook at home when we were staying with in laws. Now that we have our own space, we are not used to lots of MSG when we eat outside. hahaha.

    After sometime, one will realise that one can taste all the nice subtle flavours in the fresh ingredients one cooks – all that would normally be drowned out by the msg…but of course, one gets very sensitive to the white stuff, not fond of anything cooked with a lot of it anymore.

  10. For sea cucumber soup, you give Ah Ping’s @Dragon a try. From Sunday he’s taking a short break n resume business on Friday

    I can’t remember if I had that there. Have had some good ones here and there but personally, I like Ruby’s the best.

  11. Have not had Sweet and Sour Pork for quite sometimes although saw it at the mixed rice stall, as trying to cut down on pork…

    Oh? Not eating pork? So you must be very slim now then?

  12. I am also very sensitive towards msg. It can be torture after eating out if the food contained a lot of it and it makes me feel unwell 😦

    I dunno why they still add it – the stuff does not come cheap, dunno about the brand they use. I guess there are many, unlike us, who just cannot go without msg.

  13. For RM30, it is certainly worth having the meal with the side dishes and all. I like the way your noodles are cooked whereas this time your missus bowl of noodles do not look appetizing. But the greens and pork ribs are yummy looking.. Outside food sure got msg, depending on how much they sprinkled on the dishes only.. not much we can do about that…

    Yes, not expensive. My missus liked what she saw…but no, it did not taste as good as it looked. My noodles were all right, not the best in town but it was good enough. We can!!! I will always tell them when I place my orders – to reduce or to exclude completely. This place used to be all right so I did not say anything – was taken by surprise.

  14. only rm30? that’s a steal here.. nowadays, too much msg used everywhere.. ><" got to drink more water to wash it away.

    Yes. I wonder why they do that, maybe to make up for the lack of nice ingredients used in the cooking.

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