Once before…

We were here once before when it first opened its doors…

Hakka Yong Tau Foo Sibu

…in September last year and we quite enjoyed what we had then. However, somehow or other, we never did go back again until last Sunday, when we dropped by for lunch.

Hmmm…it looks like they have their fair share of impatient customers…


…but we did not have to wait very long that day. Well, for one thing, there were not that many people around.

We wanted the eggplant slices (RM1.70 each)…

Eggplant & bitter gourd

…that my girl liked a lot the first time around but when it was served, the mum was grumbling away that they were no longer as nice. I tried a bit and thought it was all right, not as strong with the salted fish taste as before but like how my girl puts it, as long as it is eggplant, it is nice! I did not get to eat the bitter gourd (RM1.70 a slice) – the two ladies shared that piece between the two of them.

I thought of ordering the black vinegar pork trotter again but I changed my mind when I saw this pork dish (RM8.00)…


– I don’t think they had this on the menu before. However, we did not think it was all that nice, rather hard and dry and it worked out to about RM1.00 for each of those stamp-sized bits. I would enjoy the black vinegar pork trotter a lot more, I’m sure.

We also had this stuffed tofu puff and the meatball (RM1.70 each)…

Tofu pok & meatball

…in the very nice soup and this tofu with fried shrimps dish (RM8.00)…

Fried shrimp tofu

…as well.

Rice was RM1.20 a plate and with our drinks, the total came up to RM33.90. I guess that was all right but the thing was we did not think we had anything that would get us rushing back for more – at best, I would say it was something that we may consider having sometimes for a change.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “Once before…”

  1. That tofu at RM8 is a bit costly, no? The rest are reasonably priced. I would enjoy the pork trotter more too as it is my favourite food during my confinement. I still enjoy it till today πŸ™‚

    If it’s a vegetable dish, that is the regular price at the Chinese restaurants here though some may charge up to RM10 or more. Meat dishes are RM12 upwards, so that tofu with the fried dried shrimps topping is all right, not too expensive…and not all that nice. I would prefer the usual minced pork with salted fish topping.

    I enjoy black vinegar pork leg but it has soy sauce – my girl and the mum cannot eat now that they are on a gluten-free diet. 😦

  2. I too would go for the vinegar pork trotter instead of the pork dish. I guess the pork is cooked with ang chao (red wine residue), rite?

    Either that or the tau joo, seems to be the in-thing now, marinate with that and deep fry. Too bad the one here is hard and dry – maybe they cut the meat too thin, I would not want to order that again.

  3. Wow! A Hakka eatery in a Foochow-dominated town. Interesting. Just like how Foochow food introduced to Kuching many years ago and now everywhere is Kampua and dian ping hu.

    I would love to taste the vinegar pork trotter. Goes well with rice.

    Kuching has been invaded by the Foochows already – you can hardly hear people speaking Hakka already, all speaking Foochow…or Mandarin. I had the black vinegar pork on our previous visit and it was nice…but I do think I’ve had nicer ones elsewhere, a little on the diluted side.

  4. The pork dish, if rather hard and dry, I would not have enjoy it…

    You wouldn’t. Go for something else!

  5. I like the look of the tofu dish.

    It’s factory-made very very soft tofu, sold at all supermarts here. Very smooth but it lacks the tofu smell and taste of the locally-made ones. I like that smell. This one, add syrup and it will be like eating tofu fa.

  6. Hakka food. ❀ The half hakka in me, i would really enjoy these food.. So the food prices are counted based on pieces. That’s interesting. Something like lok-lok which I am afraid to eat because i will always end up paying so much for so little food.

    Yes, happened to us all the time in Penang last time – just take and take and take…and then when told the total we had to pay, almost got heart attack.

  7. Wow..the prices here are rather high, I would say.. Each piece is RM1.70? More expensive than Johor… Ipoh is still selling one piece for 80 sen and the locals are still complaining why so expensive already. LOL…

    Yes, VERY expensive but I did hear they are just as costly in KL?

    This is the only one in town, people from West Malaysia – we have another one, local – selling fish ball soup with tang hoon and they have a few selections to add on, going for RM1.00 each, but very few…and anyway, they do not have that many here either. I think that one is very much nicer and very much cheaper. Would choose to go there next time when we feel like having yong tofu”, not here.

  8. The paternal side of my family is Hakka, so this place could be for me! πŸ˜‰

    Don’t bother. Just ok, not that great – probably somebody from your side who did not do all that well, coming over here to cash in on the fact that we do not have a yong tofu place.

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