Business as usual…

Oh no!!! It looks like my favourite Penang har mee (prawn noodles) place is no longer there…

New stall

I don’t know if it has been relocated elsewhere or the people have decided to call it a day. I did hear sometime ago also that the lady at my favourite kampua mee place here had decided to close shop too as she was unable to cope with all that work on her own owing to health reasons.

Well, this used to be my favourite…

Rasa Sayang

– the aforementioned lady used to work for them before venturing out on her own and thankfully, it is business as usual here. It sure looked like it is as popular as ever. I was there around 7.00 something in the morning on Sunday and it was already packed with people!

There is a little bit of difference now – in the past, somebody would come and take your orders but these days, they will give you the menu and some slips of paper…

Self-written order

…and you will have to write what you want yourself and pass it back to them.

That wasn’t really a problem as my orders came pretty fast despite the crowd. The kopi-o-peng kao (iced black coffee, strong) was all right…

Rasa Sayang kopi-o-peng kao

– as good as I could remember it to be and the mee pok (flat noodles), white and dry (RM2.80)…

Rasa Sayang mee pok

…was to my liking as well. I particularly loved the stewed pork slices, a whole lot nicer than the somewhat bland boiled char siew wannnabe that one would get at most other places around here.

Having said that, I thought the mee pok was a little too firm – I think the next time around, I would just stick to the kampua mee. I remember I never used to enjoy the pian sip here all that much as the skin used to be rather thick but this time around (RM2.80)…

Rasa Sayang pian sip

I thought it was pretty good. I sure would not mind ordering that again.

I’ve brought a lot of people here before – bloggers and ex-bloggers and friends from the peninsula and looking at how they have been able to maintain that kind of standard more or less, I sure would not mind bringing people here again…

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17 thoughts on “Business as usual…”

  1. This is the first time I have seen it where you write out your own order. I know that McDonald’s Restaurants have a new computerized system, though, where you can place your order this way. 🙂

    There are some with a form and you just tick, no writing involved and some have everything in their programme, they just touch on their tablets to key in your orders. This place is not all that advanced obviously…but as long as it works, and everything gets served real fast, it boils down to the same.

  2. I dont like thick pian sip skin with nothing inside. Haha.

    Interesting for old coffee shops to implement such ordering system. Here, only those chic cafes. But they have standardised sheets where everything written down and you just need to write down your table number, quantity of dish and drinks.

    Yes, last time, they used to jot down your orders. Maybe this way they will not get your orders wrong…or if they do, they will blame it on you – you wrote it yourself. Can get very crowded here, I know. I was so early so it was not too bad at the time. Ah well…anytime better than having to wait for an hour or more at that Noddle Descendant place in Kuching – a little bit of writing will not kill anybody, just that I don’t read Mandarin and I could only guess that B.S. is pian sip..

  3. I prefer those standard forms with no writing involved. Much easier. Love my pian sip skin thin & transparent too.

    I dunno why they implement this system here – I see a lot of young guys waiting at the tables, more than enough to handle the crowd…or maybe it was a Sunday, I wouldn’t know. Yes, the pian sip skin is thin enough now, not like the ones they had here before – I would not bother ordering last time, did not think it was nice.

  4. The Pian Sip looks greasy?

    No, it was not drained well and that would be one minus point I would give to it. Maybe they added a bit of the bone stock soup so the dumplings would not stick together. They do that at some places and no, I do not like it. Dry means dry and I do not mind if they add a bit more oil to prevent the sticking together bit.

  5. Think if they have a form, with what they have, will be easier, customer just have to tick what they want, pass back to them…

    I don’t think they would want to fork our the money to print those…despite the fact that they all millionaires in their own right, all so very rich!

  6. Some restaurants here have a printed form where you tick off what you want. Would certainly cause less confusion that what bad handwriting may cause.

    I guess so. Then there is the problem of people who cannot read nor write, the illiterates. I guess that is where the waiting staff will come in, no choice.

  7. I don’t mind writing my own orders as I find it easier that way.

    If they are clear in their menu – I had to guess that B.S. is pain sip…and then there are preferences as to whether you want id dry or soup, black or white. I wouldn’t know how to write all that in Mandarin.

  8. IN Johor, most of the eateries, we have to write… maybe due to the language problem? Or perhaps it is faster this way, shortage of staff, instead of waiting for our orders, they can do other tasks…

    In Johor too? Only this place here. One other place, they have the form and you pick the items and write the number you want to order – Noodle House, you’ve been there. Can’t recall any other place.

  9. What about those illiterate folks? How are they going to write their own order?

    I appreciate eateries who maintain the standard of their food. I am so afraid to bring people over to places I thought is nice only to be served below par food on that particular day.

    I guess the young boys waiting at the tables will have to write then, no choice.

    This one here, once they left the cooking to their Indon maids – that was why I went elsewhere, not nice, but I did get a lot of feedback saying that they are doing it themselves now so it is good again.

  10. I need to always remind myself not to come to your blog when I am hungry.

    Now I need to look for my lunch. I will be back in a while.

    Bon appetit! Enjoy your lunch! What are you having? 😉

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