One down, two to go…

Well, actually, it’s two down…and there’s only one more to go and if you’re all wondering what I am talking about, I bet this will ring a bell…

Bacon delights from Phong Hong
*Archive photo*

– the box of goodies that I received sometime ago from my blogger-friend, Phong Hong.

I tried their bacon jam spread on some baguette slices that I toasted lightly in the oven and it literally swept me off my feet. It was so so so good!!!

In the meantime, I did tune in to the interview conducted by my ol’ friend, Mag, from the TraxxFm days on AFORADIO, the online radio station when she spoke to the people behind this whole thing, John and Georgina…

The story

…and it seems that the name they picked – Five & Two Foods…

Five & Two Foods

…has some biblical implication. It is actually a reference to the 5 loaves and 2 fishes at the Sermon on the Mount and those of you who are familiar with it would know that they were distributed to feed a multitude of five thousand.

From the interview, I gathered that these products are not available on the shelves at the shops and supermarkets and anyone interested would have to order online at their website or Facebook page and they will send it to you, provided you live within the country, only in Malaysia, that is.

Well, I decided to try another one…

The original Bacon Sambal

…the other day and as we had a lot of leftover rice in the fridge, I reckoned I could use the sambal to fry it with.

No, I did not add a lot of ingredients – just a bit of finely-chopped garlic that I fried in a bit of oil till golden brown and then, I added around half a bottle of the sambal and then the rice. After sometime, I tried a bit and found that it was not salty. No!!!! I most certainly would not want to add the rest of what was in the bottle, the precious commodity – who knows when the next one will come my way again! In the end, I just added a few dashes of Thai fish sauce, two eggs and some chopped spring onions and dished it all out…

Bacon sambal fried rice 1

…and garnished it with some sliced chili and what was left of the chopped spring onions…

Bacon sambal fried rice 2

…and served.

It was all right, just that the taste of the sambal was lost in all that rice so much so that one could hardly detect it. I did have what was left with plain rice – just add a bit to the rice and eat and yes, it was a lot nicer this way and I enjoyed it with these crackers…

Bacon sambal with crackers

…too! Just dip one in, scoop out a bit of the sambal

Dip scoop eat

…and eat! Yummmm!!!!

Well, I would say that I liked the taste of the bacon jam a lot, very much more than this sambal which was, at best, all right, not really anything to get me real excited like the last time…and that leaves just one more to go – the Angry Bacon!

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14 thoughts on “One down, two to go…”

  1. Maybe if you used up the entire bottle for the fried rice will be nice but then too sayang la right? I’ll just eat it with plain rice because I am too lazy to fry. Hehe.

    Would be just nice, I think, if I had used the whole bottle but I wanted to save the rest, try eating in other ways.

  2. The rice looks delicious!

    It was all right. Would have been just right if I had used the whole bottle – the taste would be more outstanding, I think.

  3. I wonder any good if fried with kangkong & ladies fingers, like how we fried with belacan. Fried rice looks good though.

    I don’t think so. We are used to the very much stronger taste of smabal belacan or sambal hay bee with those vegetables – this would be a bit too mild for us.

  4. I’m not such a huge fan of sambal, I think the jam would be more to my liking.

    Yes, different ingredients and I found the taste of their jam stronger and much nicer.

  5. The bacon jam here /in the West usually has coffee in it. Belachan, lemon grass and candlenuts sound so exotic. Sounds like a flavour bomb!

    I would have loved it a lot more if it had been stronger on those ingredients but I guess they have to consider their mainstream customers. I know people who would not touch belacan with a 10-foot pole!

  6. At one time, everyone was going crazy over the bacon jam… not heard much of it anymore these days.

    I hear it’s very expensive…and the hassle of having to buy it online. A lot easier if people can just pick it off the shelves. It seems they have moved on to other things though – in keeping with the festive seasons like Christmas and Chinese New Year.

  7. Wow bacon jam! Wonder how it tastes like…

    Savoury sweet, a hint of sourish taste…something along the same line as nasi lemak sambal though not the same. Great with bread!

  8. I am with you on this, the Bacon Sambal pales in comparison to the Bacon Jam. I hope you like the Angry Bacon because I find it better than the sambal.

    Ahhhhhh!!! Then it’s not just me then. Yes, the jam’s nicer – hope the Angry Bacon will be as nice.

  9. Never seen nor tried these before… but then I am not the cooking kind of person so these are new to me. 🙂 But will definitely look out for them since I know them now… 🙂

    You can’t look out for them – not available at the shops and supermarket. You will have to buy online. No need to cook actually, just heat up and eat…with bread, rice…

  10. Since you’re a bacon fiend, I’m expecting you to lurrrrve these products! 😉

    Really very minute bits of it, hard to detect, could hardly taste. If it’s just bacon you want, can give this a miss.

  11. Now this sounds like a really good sambal! bacon + sambal never tried but I think I want to make one at home

    Only very tiny bits of bacon. Would probably be much nicer if you can add more of it – I guess they are more easily available over where you are and not as expensive as here.

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