At the junction…

When my girl’s coursemate and his wife visited us during Chinese New Year, they were telling us that the nasi lemak here

SEDC Hawker Centre Stall No. 9 laksa Sarawak

…was very nice.

I had the Sarawak laksa here before but no, I did not like it at all. The only attraction was the prawns that came with it…

SEDC Stall 9 laksa Sarawak special
*Archive photo*

…and when we were working on the book on food in Sibu, I actually insisted that we went here just to take a photograph of it as it looked pretty impressive.

Well, the following day, Sunday, was the 2nd Day of Chinese New Year so all the shops in town were closed, the Chinese ones in particular, but some Malay ones were open including a number of stalls at this SEDC Hawker Centre at Simpang Tiga here in Sibu. That was why we chose to go there for breakfast after the morning service at the church up the road.

My girl wanted the Penang laksa but it was not available so she went for the Sarawak laksa (RM4.00)…

SEDC Hawker Centre Stall No. 9 laksa Sarawak

…instead – without the prawns. That probably would be the special, I wouldn’t know. I tried a little and I thought it was all right – no, I did not say it was good, just all right which was more than what I would say about what I had from this stall on those previous occasions. My guess is perhaps they are using a different brand of the sambal laksa, one that is a bit nicer than the one before.

My missus and I both had their nasi lemak special (RM5.00 each)…

SEDC Hawker Centre Stall No 9 nasi lemak special 1

…but no, we did not think it was anything to shout about.

The rice was not really lemak, for want of a lot more santan and the sambal did not quite taste like the usual sambal that we would get with nasi lemak

SEDC Hawker Centre Stall No. 9 nasi lemak special 2

…and the only saving grace was that the egg was fried the traditional way – in a wok, the way I like it.

As a matter of fact, I do not recall any nasi lemak at any Malay stall or shop in town that I would pinpoint and say, “Yes! This is the one!!!” So far, my favourite in town would be the one here but I do not think it will go down well with certain quarters even though it is a pork-free place and they do have a couple of Malay/Muslim employees working there as well, taking the orders, doing the serving and what not…and the Sarawak laksa here is a whole lot nicer than many elsewhere as well.

We were in the vicinity again the following day, Monday – the day before the last day of the Chinese New Year holidays when I would have to send my girl back to her school in the jungle and she wanted to go for the peri-peri grilled chicken rice at the stall…

Pili pili grilled chicken stall


I ordered the banana smoothie (RM4.50)…

SEDC Hawker Centre banana smoothie

…which was like blended bananas – so thick and so much of the fruit in it!

My girl and the mum had the peri-peri grilled chicken rice (RM9.00)…

SEDC Hawker Centre peri-peri grilled chicken rice

Somehow or other, both of them prefer it to the Moroccan (RM9.00)…

SEDC Hawker Centre Moroccan grilled chicken rice

…which I personally like a lot more. Whichever one’s choice of rice may be, one would get the own-made peri-peri sauce and the salsa and a chicken thigh grilled to perfection…

SEDC Hawker Centre grilled chciken thigh

What matters most, of course, would be the fact that we do enjoy what the African guy dishes out at his stall here and rest assured we would be coming back for more again…and again.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “At the junction…”

  1. I was going to ask the same question as zmun2. Or could it be saffron?

    Saffron? That will be the day, so expensive and I don’t even know whether it is available.

  2. The peri peri grilled chicken rice looks much better than the nasi lemak. My kind of egg in the nasi lemak.

    A whole lot more expensive but a whole lot nicer – I, for one, would not mind forking out more for something that I would enjoy a lot more.

  3. The African guy is still doing well. It seems that his food is consistent.

    Yes, quality control is important. I will think twice about going back to places where the food is so very nice one day and may not be to one’s satisfaction the next.

  4. Sufficiently lemak nasi lemak is always hard to find. But that sambal looks good.

    The sambal did not have the regular or standard nasi lemak sambal taste. Usually, it would taste quite similar, give or take a little but this one here was very different and I can’t say it was to my liking. As for the rice, I can get some a lot more lemak, sold at the Malay kueh stalls, wrapped in brown waxed paper for RM1.50 – used to be RM1.00 before and the sambal is very nice.

  5. The banana smoothie sounds like very filling. I think I’ll just have that and not have anymore space for anything else.

    Good job to the African guy for the consistency in food quality.

    That’s why you are so small. Hehehehehe!!!! Yes, we certainly would keep going back for more as long as he can maintain this kind of standard.

  6. Hmmm you’re right, the nasi lemak doesn’t quite look like it lives up to the ‘special’ in its name – I’d choose the Moroccan! 😉

    Great minds think alike. 😉

  7. Now I see meat also feel a bit scared, been having too much meat this CNY, time to go for light meals perhaps? Hehe!

    I’m fine this year. With my mum in the medical centre, there wasn’t much feasting so I did not get to eat a lot. Normally by Chinese New Year 3rd Day, I would be craving for plain porridge already.

  8. Ohhhh those prawns look heavenly

    We can get them very easily here. I bought some yesterday, RM60 a kg, very HUGE ones a whole lot bigger than these…one kilo, I only got 9. Very very nice but of course, we do not eat all that often – rather expensive.

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