Come join us…

I did mention in an earlier post that my godson/ex-student, Andrew, and his family were back in Sibu for the Chinese New Year celebration but I was sick and so were the kids and his wife and then, my mum was admitted into the medical centre so I did not really have time for much of anything else. That was why I did not get to see them at all till last Tuesday night – it was the wife, Michelle’s birthday, and they wanted to come here…

Payung Cafe candle and flowers

…for dinner. They were here before

Payung Cafe bunga kantan

…and they loved the food and the place and that was why they picked it specially for their little celebration and they also asked an ex-student of mine, Andrew’s classmate, now based in Doha to join us…

With Andrew & family and Teo

They wanted the Payung rojak

Payung Rojak

…that they enjoyed before but according to Peter, the boss, business had been pretty good over the last few nights and they had run out of the buah kedundong leaves…and also the lamb masala that my girl had just a few days ago. Michelle did not want anything spicy so we had the green curry…

Payung Cafe green curry

…which looked somewhat diluted that night unlike those times when I had it before but it tasted great and we did not mind the extra gravy with which we could drown the rice and enjoy.

I suggested ordering their garlic bread…

Payung Cafe garlic bread

…with their chicken sauce dip…

Payung Cafe chicken sauce dip for garlic bread

…as I thought the kids would enjoy it. My girl loved it a lot but of course, owing to the gluten content, this would be one thing on their menu that we cannot order anymore…and yes, the children enjoyed it very much.

I also insisted that they tried the pomelo salad…

Payung Cafe pomelo salad

…and yes, they liked it a lot too.

They also wanted the mushroom roll…

Payung Cafe mushroom roll

…and the kacang ma chicken…

Payung Cafe kacang ma chicken

…that they had had before and yes, this time around, they did not forget the lovely fried ginger garnishing that they inadvertently left out the last time we had this and I would say it was very very nice that night.

Poor Peter! There I went grumbling away that there were four of us and they only had three prawns in each serving of their belimbing prawns so of course, he went and cooked this bowl of the delightful dish…

Payung Cafe belimbing prawns

…with lots of the crustaceans in it. All three of them had not had it before and there they went, praising it to the skies. They loved it so much!!!

We wanted to order dessert but Peter said that for every customer celebrating his or her birthday at the cafe, if they know about it, they would come out with something special for the birthday celebrant and Michelle got this…

Payung's birthday special for Michelle

…assortment of peppermint ice cream, (local) mango ice cream, Maldives ice cream (chocolate with crushed egg roll) and durian ice cream to share with the rest of us. Their little girl loved the mango so much that she literally finished that all by herself. Kids! Don’t they all love ice cream?

I don’t know the breakdown as I was not the one picking up the tab that night but I did ask Andrew the following day and he said it was over RM80.00 for the four of us and the two kids. I guess that was all right for a lovely evening of great food, great company and wonderful service with a special treat thrown in for good measure. Who could ask for more?

Author: suituapui

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15 thoughts on “Come join us…”

  1. The food at Payung never failed to make me drool. Great food & great company.

    That’s Payung for you, never fails to please.

  2. I think this place has become the de-facto restaurant to visit for Sibu, made famous by our uncle Arthur!

    In a small way perhaps. I did gather from the boss that he had customers telling him that they read about the place in my blog but I think most dropped by because they saw it on Trip Advisor.

  3. Lovely food, great place and wonderful company.

    Pamelo salad! Hmm. Maybe can make one with the 2 pamelos I have here. ^^

    Happy Friday!

    I have two too – one that my missus bought sometime ago and the big one, my young friend gave me that day – yet to cut. Hopefully, my missus will make the pomelo salad with them – she can do it just as well too.

  4. One look at the first photo and I already know it is Payung 🙂 That was a wonderful dinner and I really like what the birthday girl got – four scoops of ice cream.

    The one and only. I did not expect the ice cream – I thought we would be getting their Mulu ice cream…or a slice of two of their very nice banana cake.

  5. The rojak and the mushroom roll look good.

    Most everything is good here, that’s for sure. Not really cheap, serving is not all that substantial, not quite the place for big eaters but most of what they dish out here would not fail to please.

  6. A must visit eatery to visit when in Sibu ya, hehe…

    Definitely!!! And you will never guess who’s coming this way very very soon. Stick around, you’ll find out soon enough – I will surely be blogging about it. Hehehehehe!!!!

  7. Ooo, Payung didn’t close at all during CNY? They’re hardworking! But I guess their customers have been really happy that they stayed open for everyone’s convenience!

    They did this year, just the first day. The guests at the hotel right behind would be delighted, of course – it was either here or the hotel’s coffee house unless they venture a little further from the area.

  8. I am sure your godson Andrew and family will come back to Payung again and again… the food there never go wrong… so yummy!!

    They sure will…and they liked another place that I often blog about – Cafe Ind, the one with the choice of either the Indonesian or Indian cuisine. Not to be missed, the next time you come to town.

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