I feel bad…

No matter what the circumstances might be, I felt bad that I had to cancel my orders at the very last minute and I was afraid that they would be stuck with all that food even though the boss, Peter, said that there would be people who would want to buy so he should be able to sell it to them.

That was why on Chinese New Year’s Eve, we stopped by the place…

Payung new decor

…to find out and also for a quick lunch.

My girl had her favourites, the lamb Masala with rice…

Payung lamb Masala

…and their mashed potatoes.

I had their Payung chicken with rice…

Payung chicken 1

…that has been on their menu for a long long time now and I guess it has its following. I can’t say it is on my favoured list – rich and creamy with yogurt and the taste and smell of green peppers…

Payung chicken 2

…but I just felt like it that day so that was what I had.

My missus wanted the tom yam prawns…

Payung tom yam prawns

…and it so happened that Peter and a couple of the guys had gone marketing and one of the newer guys had to do the cooking even though he does not do it usually. Peter was worried that it might not be good but my missus enjoyed it very much so that was perfectly o.k. then.

Well, he said there was only a bit of the Bangladeshi lamb curry left so they would not have any problem serving that to any customers who would want to have that. However, they still had quite a bit of the green curry that I also ordered, my missus’ favourite, so I asked for the 2 kg, my original order and Peter gave me a generous discount for it, RM48 a kg instead of the usual RM58 or something and as we were leaving, he sent one of the boys running after us to pass me two tubs of the kueh bangkit that were made upon special order by someone in Mukah and they are selling it here…

Payung kueh bangkit

Thank you so very much, Peter and may the year ahead be a wonderful and successful one for all of you lovely people at Payung and may your days be blessed with blue skies, lots of smiles and everything nice. Qong Xi Fa Cai, cheers!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “I feel bad…”

  1. Peter sounds like a wonderful person! And the food and ambiance are lovely. 🙂 I, too, wish Peter all the best.

    Yes, he is very nice. Many would make a scene and be very unpleasant about it – you want it or not, you pay for it, end of story.

  2. Oh, my childhood biscuit, kuih bangkit. Love it….and there is another of my favoruite, lek tao ko. The tom yam prawns looks great & appetising.

    Yes, one of the very few biscuits my girl can eat – no wheat flour, just sago flour and santan and sugar. This year’s is nicer, kurang manis. My missus did buy some let tao ko too but my girl does not enjoy those. Otherwise, those would be gluten free too. 😦

  3. The prawn is quite big ya…

    Yes, very big…for seawater prawns. At least around RM50 a kg, this size, dunno how much Chinese New Year, all prices would shoot up.

  4. Happy CNY to you and your family again! Hope all of you have a good CNY! A modest and quiet celebration is also great for bonding with family and relatives. Hope your mother is drinking and eating now.

    The Payung chicken that you had above looks too rich and creamy for me. I think I will go for the lamb masala. So nice of you to buy the 2kg order that you have cancelled earlier and nice of the boss to give you a good discount and also give you not one but two tubs of the kueh bangkit on the house. A good start to the year of Hen/Rooster/Chicken! 🙂

    Yes, they’re very nice people at Payung – one reason why I like to go and eat there other than the fact that the food is good. Yes, creamy but not exactly rich – it is the strong smell of green peppers than I am not fond of. I would go for the curry or the masala anytime.

    My mum is not eating nor drinking, so hard to get her to do that so everything is administered intravenously. I guess as long as she is not drinking and eating on her own, going home is out of the question.

    1. So sorry to hear about that. It must be very difficult for your mother if she wants to eat and drink but is physically unable to do so. All your presence at her bedside must bring her a lot of comfort, being able to see and talk to all of you. May she be strong.

      Nothing much else that we can do, just leave it in the hands of the doctors and nurses and pray for the best.

  5. Peter is such a nice person. May his business flourish in abundance this year. I love kuih bangkit. Actually I love almost all tidbits. I just love muching on stuffs.

    Yes, he is very nice and his staff is very friendly and polite too – these things plus the lovely ambiance make one feel good, dining there.

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