For a while I thought it was that Filipino international fast food franchise

Lolibee Star Megamall Sibu

…but upon a closer look, I noticed that the name started with an L and not a J and yes, I did confirm that with the girl at the counter.

My missus was telling me about this new place at one of the mega malls in town and she said she could smell curry and stuff so she guessed it could be a place serving Malay cuisine…and of course, I wanted to go and check it out and we did!

It was not a very big place – I thought these tables and stools looked kind of unique…

Lolibee Eiffel Tower table & stools

…but I do think that people with children would probably have to be more careful when letting them play around those, all that metal with sharp edges and everything.

My missus ordered the three sours…

Lolibee Three Sours

– she and our girl would have that everytime they see it on the menu anywhere and I decided to give it a try. Goodness gracious me!!! That was so so so very sour!!! How could anybody possible drink that! It tasted quite nice actually, refreshing but it was way too sour for me and I could barely manage half of it. My missus had no problem whatsoever with her glass though and she gulped it all down, right to the very last drop.

The nasi lemak and the nasi ayam penyet were both not available yet so I settled for the nasi bryani with black beef (RM8.00)…

Lolibee nasi bryani black beef

Thankfully, the papadum was crispy, not limp like the one I had here but the masak hitam beef was not quite there. Yes, there was a hint of the regular masak hitam taste but no, there was too little of it to make much of a difference. I thought it was something a little better than plain soy sauce beef.

The rice was not quite there either…

Lolibee nasi bryani rice

…but on the whole, it was all right and it probably would have been nicer if they had pickled those nice fine strips of cucumber by the side. At that price, I sure would not mind stopping by for this again and enjoy it in the nice surroundings, air-conditioned and all, should I happen to be around there…especially when I would have to sit and wait for the ladies while they go on their shopping spree.

My missus had the nasi bryani chicken curry (RM7.00)…

Lolibee nasi bryani chicken curry

…and of course, her main bone to pick would be the fact that it was not at all spicy, not quite to her liking. She said it did not taste quite like the regular curry one would find here, there and everywhere but it was quite nice and they sure were very generous with the meat, that huge chunk of chicken thigh. I was wishing they would take a kitchen towel or a piece of tissue paper and wipe away those spills by the side though – these little things can leave a lasting impression, I must say.

I sure would not mind dropping by here again should I happen to be at the mall anytime soon…to give the other dishes that they have on their menu a try. Do let me know if you’ve been there and there is anything that you like…or otherwise.


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “Lolly…”

  1. The curry looks good & worth the price. I love the 3 sours.

    Definitely worth the price, big chunk of chicken and taste was all right. Hmmmm….that probably was the first and the last time I would order that, so sour! πŸ˜€

  2. Quite affordable though the presentation does not look impressive at all

    Probably the girl could have done a better job if she had spent less time so engrossed in her smartphone. 😦

  3. Eiffel tower chairs? now that’s a new one to me.. πŸ™‚ unique indeed.

    the curry chicken drumstick looks good. Any drumstick would look good to me for that matter πŸ˜› Om nom nom nom..

    …and such a huge one at that! Not bad, the taste and the price for a nice place like this.

  4. I don’t think we have Lolibee here. I find the price is ok, not expensive but not budget price either. The food looks ok too. Not spicy is good for me. What are the 3 sours drink? – lemon, lime and ? mixed together?

    I think there was asamboi too, not sure. Prices are the same as at the shops and stalls, most of them so I would not say it was expensive. I had expected to fork out more at nice(r) places such as this.

  5. At first, after seeing the furniture, I thought that the restaurant was serving French food!

    Here? That will be the day! We do not have a French restaurant here, not at all.

  6. Love the table and stools! The Eifel Tower. I think they custom made them; dont think could buy any place.

    Probably if custom made, they could have asked for the Petronas Twin Towers instead. πŸ˜€

  7. Oh my gosh i really thought Jollibee is in Malaysia already. Geeshh.. have to settle going to brunei for that only

    I thought they had an outlet in Kuching, Saberkas? Never been though.

  8. Wow..big portion of nasi briyani there!
    “…but I do think that people with children would probably have to be more careful when letting them play around those, all that metal with sharp edges and everything.” <— That's very thoughtful of you, Arthur. Guess after being a parent we r all automatically tune to be more observant too.

    Yes, paternal instincts. That will be the first thing to hit our minds when we saw those metal corners. Don’t look safe to me.

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