I’ll wait…

We have known all this while since our first visit here that they only have nasi bryani on Fridays so that was why we dropped by there last week – I wanted to give it a try…

Hari Jumaat sahaja

It was already 11 something but the girl told us that it was not ready so my missus decided to have their nasi campur (RM5.00)…

Hari Hari Daun Pisang nasi campur

…instead. They had a lot of dishes ready in the display cabinet by then and to give credit where credit is due, everything looked very good and based on what I had on a previous visit, everything tasted good too and this time around, it was no exception. My missus loved her picks – the shrimps and the pineapples and the sambal buah kedundung – a distant cousin of the buah emplam. I guess the latter is not in season right now and I never liked this as an alternative but surprisingly, they did it so well that both my missus and I were so very impressed.

As for me, I was not about to give up so easily so I asked how long I would need to wait and they said around 10-15 minutes so I said I would wait.

In the meantime, I decided to try this new stall…

Sajian d'Rahmat

…at the place.

They have rojak tambi Sibo (Sibu Indian rojak)…

Rojak Tambi Sibo

…on their menu and for the uninitiated, nang nyaman is Sarawak Malay for memang sedap, delicious.

I would say it was not bad (RM4.00)…

Rojak Tambi Sibo

…and what I liked best was that there were potatoes and half an egg in it like the original Rojak Kassim that we used to enjoy so much here a long long time ago. These days, we have a lot of Rojak Kassim wannabes all over town and if I am not wrong, they go for around RM3.00 only, no egg, no potatoes.

Finally, the elusive nasi bryani kambing – the mutton bryani rice (RM10.00)…

Hari Hari Daun Pisang nasi bryani 1

…was served.

I was very disappointed that the papadum had gone limp, masuk angin, as we say in Malay, and the rice was like what it is usually like when we scoop it out immediately and serve once the auto switch goes click. Anyway, I was still under the weather so my taste buds were not in perfect form and besides, I had just finished that big plate of rojak so on the whole, I did not think it swept me off my feet…

Hari Hari Daun Pisang nasi bryani 2

…and I only managed to finish half of it.

I loved the mutton curry…

Hari Hari Daun Pisang mutton curry

…a lot though – it wasn’t actually authentically Indian curry but it was very nice and they were so very generous with the meat – all lean! Most of the time elsewhere, you would get slices of lamb with a whole lot of bone and fat and once you’ve got rid of those, you find that you do not have much meat left. If this is their usual standard, the next time, I drop by here again, I sure would not mind having it along with their other nice delights in their nasi campur selection…and yes, we would want to come again, that’s for sure.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

17 thoughts on “I’ll wait…”

  1. Between the two, nasi campur & nasi byrani kambing, my prefer choice is still nasi campur. I like your missus picks especially the shrimps & pineapples.

    Somebody has to go and try, otherwise how do we know what is good and what isn’t – now that I’ve tried and I know, you would not find me purposely making my way there on a Friday for the bryani – but I sure would drop by time and time again for the nasi campur since everything they dish out is very nice.

  2. Sometimes i do like those masuk angin crackers… chewier texture 😛

    Oh? You do? I’ll make sure I do not throw away any that I come across – save them all for you.

  3. THe shrimp and nasi briyani all looks so nice. Will they be open during cny? might drop by on my way back to kch

    Not sure. Maybe they do – that is what happens during Chinese New Year every year – all the people coming home will end up eating at all these Malay eateries, not that they’re complaining – some are really very nice. Lots around these days. No worries, you’ll be spoilt for choice…and there’s always Payung!

    1. ya… by looking at your entries. I think there are more choice now than when I’m living there. The choice is pretty limited. hahahaha i know right. well, it still depends tho. If i’m too lazy i might just direct to kch. if i stay in sibu added expenses some more. Anyway, do you know any inn that might be cheap and not charging double or triple during cny?

      The Medan Hotel chain are cheap and nice – the one at the bus terminal is the cheapest. Book early, always full.

  4. did my comment get thru or the browser crash it again huhu

    It got through all right, just that it was held back for moderation. Maybe it was because you had not been around for a while.

  5. I am always for briyani with mutton curry.

    Briyani supposed to be dry and grain by grain. I would not like those wet rice that just come out from rice cooker. Too wet and soft. Hahaha.

    Yes, like uncooked and so moist. My girl would insist on having mutton too, nothing else.

  6. Oh no, I hate it when I am served limp papadum or keropok. I wish that the seller would check if their stock is fresh.

    Me too! So pissed off!!! It wouldn’t have happened if they took the trouble to make sure the tin was air tight and they closed the lid tightly everytime…unless it was already very old stock. I wonder how Ken actually claims he enjoys such masuk angin stuff… Eyewwwww!!!!

  7. Ooooh. I’ll go for their Nasi Bryani Kambing too since they are generous with the meat but I prefer the rice to be a little more grainy lah.

    Maybe the rice will get better after a while, I wouldn’t know.

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