I’ve read of eateries here and there that do not have a name or a sign so they call themselves Boh Zhao Pai, literally translated as no sign. Well, I was in this part of town that day…


…and I decided to check this place out – Wu Ziao Pai and not only do they have a sign, I thought theirs is very nicely done…

Wu Zhao Pai

The ladies who were here before enjoyed really brisk business and the customers were literally spilling onto the road and when they moved to their present location, they took all the business along with them.

I did not hear much of what they dish out here but I noticed that most of the time, business was somewhat slow – there were people, but few and far between, Well, it so happened that somebody told me that their Moonlight fried kway teow was nice so I wanted to give it a try. Unfortunately, it was past 11 that day and the cook was busy getting all the dishes for the chap fan (mixed rice) ready for the lunchtime crowd so it was not available.

In the end, we had no choice but to go for what was available and thankfully, what they had all looked very nice. My missus had this tofu…

Wu Zhao Pai tofu

….and this Szechuan preserved vegetable with minced pork…

Wu Zhao Pai Szechuan preserved vegetable with minced pork

…that she loved a lot and enjoyed to the max. She also had cangkuk manis and for the three items, the total came up to RM4.00.

These were my picks that day and I only had to fork out RM5.00 for what I had…

Wu Zhao Pai chap fan

…and I just could not resist the dabai, our local black olives…

Wu Zhao Pai dabai

They’re much cheaper now than when the season started but these were  kinda wrinkled and not that great, just all right.

This asam fish…

Wu Zhao Pai asam fish

…came out after we had finished eating and it sure looked good. I would love to give it a try but I was already full so I guess this would have to wait till another time perhaps when we happen to drop by that part of town again.


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “Signs…”

  1. Very impressed with the local eats. Photos are stunning – have they being edited?

    The beauty of taking snapshots with an auto digicam in broad natural daylight…and as you can see from the first pic, it sure was a very hot day. The colours always come out stunning! These classy cafes and restaurants don’t know how much injustice they are doing to their food – no amount of editing will make their food look all that nice.

  2. These days, I came across a lot of shops witht funny names. Some sounds interesting & meaningful. The assam fish does look appetising.

    I thought so too. Too bad I did not get to try that.

  3. The asam fish looks good…

    Yes, but I think they use those frozen fish fillet. I would prefer fresh fish.

  4. Got “Ziao Pai” already so cannot call themselves “Wu Ziao Pai”. The chap fan looks fine but the price is good, much better than the price here.

    Does “Wu” there mean “Boh” in Hokkien or “No” in English? In Hokkien, “wu” means “got” e.g, “wu lui” means got money. Price and food here ok, I would put it among the better ones we have around town. Some that I’ve checked out do not even look all that enticing.

  5. Another good selection of dishes from the chap fan shop and so cheap. Over here near my office, it’s rather pricey and the food is not that great 😦

    I’ve seen some here too that do not look nice at all, not anything I would want to go and eat but I’ve seen lots of people at some of these. Maybe they’re cheap…or they give huge servings…or maybe the looks are deceiving, I wouldn’t know.

  6. All looks good and fresh especially just out from the kitchen.. I wonder how the olives taste like.. I tasted those in buffets but I guess they are not the same like the ones you have there…

    No, not those western ones. These, the really rich and creamy good ones are like avocado on the inside just that you eat it with the skin, no need to peel. Of course, have to get the best for maximum satisfaction…but those do not come cheap.

  7. When they read this post, they’re going to be really pleased and grateful that you’ve made their chap fan dishes look so vividly appetizing! 😉

    That’s what they actually look like, no photoshop. The cheap fully-automatic digicam tells it as it is. 😉

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