Weekend special…

Now that school has reopened, it is back to the usual routine and for lunch on Saturdays, we would go for something that is, at least, a little special from our usual as I do think my girl would deserve a little treat that would be a welcome break from what she would have for her meals at her school in the jungle.

We would be around the vicinity of this restaurant…

Nice House Restaurant

…which we quite like but parking around there can be such a pain. However, we were in luck that day and I was able to grab a space to leave the car. Having done all that we had to do at places around there, we headed to the restaurant for a bite to eat.

A nice and handsome young boy, rather thin though, looking like he was one of the kitchen staff there, came and took our orders – on our previous visits, it would either be the lady boss or one of the ladies there. He could only speak Mandarin but we did manage quite well and he dutifully wrote down everything we could/would not eat on the order chit to inform the staff in the kitchen – no soy sauce and the like, no wheat flour and so on.

They had lajong so we wanted that, steamed (RM29.00)…

Nice House Restaurant steamed lajong 1

…and it looked like they followed our wishes to the letter – no light soy sauce, nothing so it looked rather plain other than the strips of ginger and the garnishing on top…

Nice House Restaurant steamed lajong 2

That is not to say it was not nice though – the fish was fresh and tasty and yes, we enjoyed it very much. It’s a little cheaper than here and though the fish was obviously smaller, on the whole, it sure looked like a bigger piece. Anyway, the difference is minimal, just a few ringgit and since it is very nicely done at both places, we would not mind having that again should we drop by any of the two in future.

We wanted something different for a change and asked for the butter kai lan (RM12.00)…

Nice House Restaurant butter kai lan

I thought that was quite expensive for a vegetable dish but then again, butter does not come cheap and most importantly, it was very nice.

We had had their honey prawn balls (RM12.00)…

Nice House Restaurant honey prawn balls

…quite often before and having been assured by the young boy that they would not coat it in wheat flour and deep fry before cooking and adding the sauce, we decided we would want to have that again and yes, we loved that!

So there you have it – our lunch last Saturday, RM53.00 for the dishes and with the rice and drinks for three, the total came up to a  little over RM60.00 but that was mainly because of the fish that we had. One thing’s for sure, we certainly would be back…if we can find a place to park the car, that is.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “Weekend special…”

  1. I wonder if anyone got confused with the shop name or not. Where to eat bro? Nice house….
    I said where to eat la… i’m not asking if the house is nice or not! Hahaha…

    Anyway, good inexpensive food there! That fish could easily cost rm40 here in KL!

    KL city mah! Can’t charge such prices here.

    Too bad the food at one place here is not nice or I would have gone and blogged about it. The name is “Chin chai” and people always asked where to go and eat and the answer would be “Chin chai” (anywhere) and imagine being taken there. 😀

  2. Food looks good & butter kailan, first time for me. Usually,stir fry with garlic only.

    We seldom order kai lan or baby kai lan, just this once for a change – all the horror stories about the pesticides and chemical fertilisers used at Cameron or Kundasang and all. We do not even buy to cook our own at home.

  3. A very special treat in the weekend. The kailan looked tempting, would like to try that.

    Prawn balls for me anytime!!

    Friday tomorrow and my girl will be home again, one more weekend and it will be the long Chinese New Year holiday weekend. Yaaaaaa!!!!! I wonder where we will go for lunch this Saturday.

  4. There’ll be a nice break from the routine next week once CNY starts 😉 the fish reminds me of the mackerel we can get at Japanese restaurants 😉

    I dunno what fish that is. Never heard of it before, just had it not too long ago when friends ordered it at a restaurant and I love it! Smooth, no fishy smell…much nicer than the very popular tapah which I am not all that fond of.

  5. The honey prawn balls is very tempting…

    One of our favourite dishes here, a great change from the salted egg prawns that we would have elsewhere.

  6. the honey prawn balls look delectable.. anything savoury, when dipped in honey, it almost always comes out yummy!

    Can’t go wrong with prawns…if they are fresh, that is – so sweet, so firm, so succulent!

  7. Handsome? Quick, arrange a speed date for Melissa!

    Wait a minute? What about you? Aren’t you available too? Young, famous, successful blogger, overseas grad, rich…come, let’s fix a date, double quick!!!

  8. Hee hee – a ‘nice’ house for a ‘nice’ meal. I wonder if your girl recognises how lucky she is to have a dad like you.

    I’m sure she does and we’re so lucky to have her too, she’s such a sweet girl really.

  9. Haha I get annoyed when a restaurant is located at an area with limited parking. I’ve never had butter kai lan before too.

    I would just go elsewhere and drop by when there is a place to park the car. Many options available so it really is not a problem, no need to go to one specific one.

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