Love more or less…

The other day, we dropped by this coffee shop here…

Grace Cafe
*archive photo*

…that is noted for its dianpianngu which some say is nicer than the original in town, the brother’s or somebody, I can’t quite remember now. However, when my Kuching cousins were here not too long ago, they were rather disappointed as the fish balls used were not freshly-made ones but those frozen stuff from the supermarket. Ah well! I am never a fan of that Sibu Foochow delight so it does not matter much to me.

I have bought the fried noodles from the Muslim food stall in front…

Grace Cafe muslim food stall

…for my girl once and she said she enjoyed it but that was a long time ago and I am not sure if it is still the same people running the business but since I was in the vicinity that day, I decided to give the nasi campur (mixed rice) a try and these were what I picked…

Grace Cafe nasi campur

– the chicken curry…

Grace Cafe chicken curry

…and of course, I could not resist the chicken liver…

Grace Cafe chicken liver & kangkong

…and I also had the fried kangkong as well as this…

Grace Cafe kelapa sawit

…that the lady, for reasons unknown, served to me separately. I asked if that was cempedak or nangka muda (young jackfruit) but the lady said it was kelapa sawit (oil palm). Huh? You eat that? Well, whatever it was, I enjoyed it and everything else that I had in my plate. I would say that it was not exactly like the usual Malay style of cooking and more inclined towards our local kampung (village) style and yes, it was nice.

My missus had the same minus the chicken liver and for what we had, the total came up to only RM8.00. Not bad, eh?

The very next day, we were in another part of town and after walking around some of the shops there, we ended up here again for the chap fan (mixed rice)…

Eco Delite chap fan

…that we had once and thought was good.

We loved the curry the last time so both my missus and I picked that again…

Eco Delite chicken curry

…and I helped myself to a whole lot of potatoes and only one piece of the meat.

Both of us chose the fried egg with whatever there was in it…

Eco Delite fried egg and stuff & paku

…but while I had the paku (wild jungle fern), my missus had the kai lan.

I also had the sweet and sour chicken…

Eco Delight sweet and sour chicken

…and the total for both of us that day was RM9.00, just a ringgit more than what we had at the Muslim food stall the day before.

I would say that I loved the food at both places, more or less…and both were relatively inexpensive so I would not mind dropping by one of them again for lunch should I happen to be around those parts of town.


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

16 thoughts on “Love more or less…”

  1. Both places are so cheap. In your plate itself there’s a variety of dishes. I like how you arrange them so nicely. The kelapa sawit being served separately because there is gravy in it & your plate is quite shallow, just my wild guess.

    Maybe the plate is small so no space – mu missus had hers served with her rice.

  2. The nasi campur looked good and delicious to me. Kelapa sawit huh?? Never knew of people serving that.

    I didn’t either, same thing with people eating rubber seeds and those are nice too!

  3. I have not eaten umbut kelapa sawit (palm pith) nor umbut pisang before but I know that they are used for masak lemak. I also read that the palm seeds can be fried with brown sugar and eaten.

    I am ok with the umbut, the masak lemak was not really lemak but I loved the seeds. Like chestnuts, something like that.

  4. You had a good deal; good eats and value for money.

    We keep it simple on weekdays, simple and nice and cheap. Weekends, when my girl comes home, we go for something more special.

  5. It has been a long time since I took rice campur from Malay stalls, those days when I was working, I used to buy from the canteen whenever I stayed back for lunch… I think I would love that dish.. nangka muda or kelapa sawit whatever..

    I don’t quite like cempedak or nangka muda because of the strong smell of the fruits. This one is nice – no smell and I love the nuts!

  6. I am amazed that kelapa sawit can be eaten! And wow, so so cheap the food. I see your plate filled to the brim 🙂

    Yes, nice too so it was really value for money, wouldn’t mind going back to these places time and time again.

  7. I’ve been trying to locate your email to contact you but sadly, I think my google-fu seems to have failed 😦

    I’m writing in on behalf of Borneo Insider’s Guide. I am doing a piece for the April issue, on 3 Sarawakian bloggers and their restaurant recommendations. I was hoping to feature you as one of the bloggers, would you be interested? If yes, could I have your email so I can send you a proper mail for that?

    Thank you for your time!

    Tuan Resident told me about the English version of the book – the Chinese version is out and available on sale. It is not going to be a translation of the same book? I’ll send you my email address via PM in your Facebook page.

  8. The chicken curry looks mouth watering, I always love curry, especially with nasi kunyit!

    No nasi kunyit here, but we do cook our own quite often. Outside, there is bryani though.

  9. Food is so cheap yet the quality is good. My favourite is the Jackfruit.

    It’s not nangka, the lady said it’s kelapa sawit. Nangka, I would not order as I do not like the smell of the fruit.

  10. I know some people who don’t enjoy chicken liver … but I’m certainly not one of them!!! 😀

    I prefer pork or beef but chicken is ok – not something I would order at the chicken rice stalls though, not crazy about it plain like that. You had goose? Is it nicer?

  11. Those are really reasonable priced. The first chicken curry looks so good, thick and nice. I would have banjir my rice with it. I like liver but don’t get to eat it often as the boys are not fond of that.

    Go nasi campur or chap fan places, you can pick what you like…no need to just eat what everyone else likes.

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