7 years…

It has been 7 years.

It first bloomed in January, 2009 and again in May that same year and June as well but after the last time a year later in June, 2010, it never did bloom again.

It was my missus who planted it…in the ground and it grew well at the time. There was only a little bit of what was left of the dwindling, struggling-to-survive old plant when she transplanted it in a big pot and since I took up gardening, I have been able to take good care of it – all the weeding, replenishing the  soil, adding the fertilisers and of course, the daily watering and eventually, it started looking a whole lot better again…

Desert Rose 2017 1

In one moment of carelessness as I was watering the plants in my garden one morning, I caused some damage to this leaf…

Desert Rose 2017 2

…when it got caught in the hose I was using. It did not wither away and die though – obviously, this plant is a very sturdy one that can survive even in adverse conditions.

For one thing, that leaf did not look so nice and I was thinking of trimming it and throwing it away and thankfully, I never did that for out of that one leaf, I spotted these…

Desert Rose 2017 3

…and they grew and grew…

Desert Rose 2017 4

…and last Saturday, it sure looked like it was going to bloom…

Desert Rose 2017 5

…that night and it did…

Desert Rose 2017 6

…two blooms only on the 14th of January, 2017…

Desert Rose 2017 7

I have no idea whether there will be any more after this and one thing’s for sure, I most certainly hope so. Let’s just wait and see…


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “7 years…”

  1. How interesting! I have never seen flowers growing out of a leaf.

    …and the leaves grow out of the main leaf too! Brings to mind those leaves that students kept in between the pages of their thick dictionaries a long long time ago way back in my school days…until roots grew out of the sides in this same way.

    1. I know those leaves because I used to keep them in between the pages of my book when I was in primary school. I call those leaves daun setawar.

      Yes, yes! That’s it!!! I googled to have a look at some photos and yes, that is it all right.

  2. I think this is beautiful, and quite unique!

    Yes, the blooms are big too, very nice but they bloom for just one night only, will start to droop at sunrise and gradually wither away. 😦

  3. My mum had it but I remember it bloomed once. It is a good luck plant so if it blooms, it brings good luck to your household.

    Yes, so I’ve heard. We are already blessed in so many ways, for that, we are indeed most thankful…and hopefully, the coming year will be just as good if not better.

  4. Amazingly, the flowers sprout out from the side of the leaf. Is this what people called bunga raja. Heard that it has a fragrance smell when it blooms fully. Yes, I remember the leaves that we used to keep in between our books to let the roots grows out from the side. I did that last time. Good luck to you.

    That’s what my missus says people call it. I dunno, never seen it before we had a plant of our own. Very fragrant when it blooms and in the middle of the night, with a gentle light breeze – feels kinda eerie. 😛 Thank you.

  5. Beautiful flowers. I do remember children keeping leaves in books, as you’ve mentioned; am not sure whether it was a particular kind of leaf.

    Yes, only one type, thick and succulent. Don’t see that anymore these days, of course…or maybe I have not been looking.

  6. They sure took a long time to bloom again. Interesting that the flower stalks developed from the leaf. I have seen this flower once while passing by a neighbor’s house.

    In broad daylight? Normally, they would close when morning comes and wither and die, a one night stand. 😦

  7. I have not seen this plant since I was a kid. It flowered regularly at my mother’s friend’s house. Does it have a sweet scent?

    Yes, very fragrant. Regularly? Wowwww!!!! If what they say is true, your mother’s friend must be real lucky.

  8. Did you burst into tears?

    No. In fact, I was quite annoyed that it did not wait till midnight, Chinese New Year’s Eve. Bloomed way too soon.

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