I wanna go back there…

We were here

Ameer MZ Corner
*archive photo*

…in September last year and we caught a glimpse of what they had for their nasi campur (mixed rice) and everything looked good. We had something else that day and all this while, I had wanted to go back there but somehow or other, we never did.

Well, finally we did go back again that day and yes, we had their nasi campur. Here, you help yourself to the rice – there is no one there to scoop for you and I do like it this way as you can take the amount that you want, be it more or less. Then, you go and pick the items of your choice from the spread available for the day, displayed in this cabinet…

Ameer MZ Cafe nasi campur cabinet

…with the mosquito-netting covered sliding doors.

These were my selections for the day…

Ameer MZ Cafe nasi campur selections

The fish…

Ameer MZ Cafe fish & salted egg

…was all right. I was not particularly thrilled by it – maybe it was the type of fish they used and perhaps, it would be nicer deep fried…and how could I resist the salted egg when they kept calling out to me, “Take me! Take me!”? I love salted eggs!

The cangkuk manis with baby corn was very nice but it was the daging masak hitam (beef, cooked black)…

Ameer MZ Cafe daging masak hitam

…that stole the show. It was bursting with flavours, so very very much nicer than all that I had had before anywhere in town. I think a lot of those fragrant spices went into it as I did spot quite a few bits here and there.

I did not take the ulam

Ameer MZ Cafe ulam

…and this…

Ameer MZ Cafe chicken salad

…came out a little later and I thought it looked rather nice – the chicken salad.

It was not all that cheap though or at least, it wasn’t as cheap as a number of places that I’ve been to. There was a girl standing in the distance taking note of what you take and that will go into your bill. Mine was RM9.50 altogether but I thought that was quite reasonable as I had helped myself to 3 meat and 1 vegetable. My missus just had the fish and the cangkuk manis that I had and the mixed vegetables but hers came up to RM8.00. Maybe she took little scoops of each so it appeared like she had more than one serving, I wouldn’t know.

It was only 11 something and there were a lot of people there already and looking at the amount of food that was ready, I would think that there would be a lot more during the lunch break around noon unlike this place across the river even though what we had there was very much cheaper. Incidentally, I heard that actually, the people at that coffee shop are the same people running this satay stall at the car park area among the shops at Bandong here…

Noor satay stall, Bandong
*archive photo*

I had their satay

Noor satay, Bandong
*archive photo*

…a number of times and yes, I would say theirs were pretty good and if that is the case, if one is looking for some nice satay in town, that would be a good place to head to for that.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “I wanna go back there…”

  1. With just a different of RM1.50, I think yours is more worth considering you have beef & beef aren’t cheap. Salted egg is also my favourite. The fish, I prefer it fried. All in all, everything looks good.

    Still, considering that I can have nasi campur or chap fan at RM8.00 or RM9.00 for two at other places in town, I would much rather go elsewhere than here.

  2. The satay looks excellent. I also love salted eggs, but seldom eat it as the boss doesn’t like it.

    One of my favourites in town, the satay here. I seldom buy salted eggs – they sell in packs of 4 or 6 and usually, I would be the one eating all of them, the ladies in the house do not seem as keen. That is why when I see any at these mixed rice/nasi campur places, I would surely take one…or half, at least.

  3. wah!! new layout! :’D (or maybe it isn’t so new already. i’m just late! as usual, ahem.) happy new year, arthur!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ here’s to discovering and devouring more food in 2017, eh!

    Thanks and the same to you. Just the header is new, one or two days old…in keeping with the festive season – Chinese New Year is round the corner.

  4. We both hear voices in our head! Salted egg always mentally summons me too with its call of ‘choose me! eat me! I’ll make your day!’ πŸ˜€

    Eat me! Eat me! Makes me think of…Alice in Wonderland. LOL!!!

  5. Nice header photo STP, very CNY feel liao πŸ˜‰

    I don’t take ulam though I love all kinda greens, would definitely prefer salad…

    I enjoy salad too though the rich and creamy dressing may be quite fattening…unless one opts for the vinegar and olive oil dressing instead.

  6. Yours will be much more worth it compared to your missus’. I love your selection too. If I can scoop my own rice, there won’t be any rice at all on my plate. Hehe.

    You’re like my girl, she would rather not have rice but will usually take just a bit.

  7. I like what you had, a very hearty selection! Ah, masak hitam! It is wonderful, isn’t it πŸ™‚

    This one was so so so good. I would want to go back for more.

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