Don’t forget…

Well, we try to remember that we should stay away from stuff that is not gluten free but sometimes we forget.

Last Saturday, for instance, my girl said she would like to have rice for lunch and it had been quite a while since the last time we dropped by here…

Y2K Cafe

…especially now that we can no longer enjoy the Foochow fried noodles here that we do like a lot.

However, that day, we decided to just go ahead and ask for anything without wheat flour and soy sauce and to our delight, the lady boss said that they used tapioca flour to coat the meat and whatever to fry before whipping out the dish proper. That was why we ordered this sweet and sour fish fillet…

Y2K sweet & sour fish fillet

…that my girl loved a lot only to realise in the end that there was tomato sauce in it and there was wheat in the ingredients. We did not have a choice – I just told my girl to eat those few pieces by the side that were not really drenched with the sauce. I guess just a bit would be all right.

The kiam sor (salty & crusty) pork…

Y2K Cafe kiam sor pork

…was fine and yes, we enjoyed the one here. No wonder theirs is a little more crusty than some elsewhere where the batter seems softer – probably they use wheat flour.

The sweet potato leaves…

Y2K Cafe sweet potato leaves

…were all right too. We asked for it to be fried plain, with just garlic and nothing else. At least, the sauce was clear unlike at some places where we asked for the vegetables ching-chao (fried plain) and the sauce came out dark which made us wonder what actually went into the cooking.

My girl loved the salted vegetable and tofu soup…

Y2K Cafe salted vegetables and tofu soup

…and I would agree too that it was very nice, very clear and refreshing and not over-salty or sourish. We certainly would want to order this again the next time we come here and one thing’s for sure, it is definitely gluten-free.

I was quite surprised that it was quite cheap that day – the food was only around RM39.00, I think but with the rice and drinks for 3, the total came up to RM53.10 and the sweet daughter-in-law just asked for RM53.00. Yes, it was just 10 sen but such little gestures sure go a long way to keep customers happy and make sure that they will come back…unlike some places where they would just wait for you to dig out the coin or pay a ringgit when you do not have small change and they will give you 90 sen in return or worse, RM10.00 and they will give you back RM9.90. Tsk! Tsk!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

14 thoughts on “Don’t forget…”

  1. Catering for someone with a dietary needs must be quite challenging at times.

    Yes, we need to remember all the time.

  2. A little bit should be alright. Melissa did not have any allergy reaction after that??

    Ooo. I love the kiam sor pork. Love love love!! Somehow the one I had in Sibu is sooooo good. Not over here.

    Sssoooo cheap. One good point about Sibu food. Wahahaha.

    She did have a bit of rashes, not really serious but that could be from the fried rice she had in Selangau earlier in the week – they usually add a bit of soy or oyster sauce to fried rice at those Chinese chu char places.

    No good kiam sor pork there? This one’s a little different from the rest but it is very nice, we loved it. I was quite surprised as this place is not known for being cheap – maybe that is why there are a lot of people now, not like before…usually very quiet in the past, more expensive than elsewhere but we kept going back as we liked the food here. No point paying a little less for stuff not as nice.

  3. Kiam Sor Pork looks dry to go with rice… or you like your dish dry dry?

    Isn’t your deep fried chicken at those franchise places dry too? I know at one of them, they do serve their “broasted” chicken with rice. Here, at least, we had the gravy from the sweet potato leaves and the salted vegetable soup…and I could have all the sweet and sour sauce that I wanted – I am not gluten-sensitive.

  4. If i strike Toto tomorrow, i retire early, i go Sibu and retire there, we can be makan kaki…

    Bring 300-400K SGD and you will be an instant millionaire the moment you land here…and if you put that in the bank, time deposits, even with our miserable 3-4% per annum (with that amount, at times, at some banks, it is negotiable), you can get over RM2K interest every month – quite enough to live comfortably here in Sibu. If I’m not mistaken, the interest rates are even worse in Singapore, not even come to 1%!!!

  5. It’s the hidden ingredients right!? So many processed foods contain much more than you’d expect.

    When I started studying the ingredients in all labels, I came across may strange words, some chemical, some I dunno what. Kind of worrying that there are all these things that we eat happily and we do not even know we are doing that. Fresh and natural is best – gotta avoid all those as far as possible. 😦

  6. Food looks good. Luckily Melissa has got kiam sor pork, sweet potatoes leaves & tofu soup which she can enjoy having.

    Yes, she did enjoy the lunch even though she had to skip the fish.

  7. All the dishes look good. So, it is OK if the meat is coated with tapioca flour. I have been using it to thicken gravies instead of cornflour as it works better. Perhaps the next time I make fried chicken, I will coat with tapioca flour and see how it turns out.

    Yes, all flours are ok except wheat flour and unfortunately, that rules out quite a lot of things that she needs to avoid.

    I remember long ago, they used corn flour to thicken the sauces and gravies and also to coat the meat, fish and prawns. Dunno when they all switched to wheat – maybe corn is more expensive these days? We also use corn flour at home. Wheat flour is only used for batter e.g. in frying prawn fritters. So far, I do not think we ever used tapioca.

  8. Nice gesture. 10sen discount people will be happy

    Little things mean a lot. It’s ok if one has 10 sen, can pay, not a problem…but when they have to give RM9.90 change for RM10.00, that is pushing it a little too far. 😦

  9. Things have been hectic and I’ve missed some of your posts. I like the look of the sweet and sour fish.

    Yes, glad you’re back! I was wondering where you’ve been. Hope all’s good at your end.

  10. was just talking to a friend over lunch.. she has been meat free for a while.

    i wonder if i can do it.. meat free, not vegetarian, but seafood and no meat.

    You can try. I went without pork for months once, around a year as I was hanging out with Malay friends – took a while to get used to eating it again after that space in time. You may lose weight for a month or so…but you will put it back on once your body gets used to it – unless you exercise to maintain it.

  11. The dishes indeed look nice especially the sweet sour pork.. so did your girl has any side effects after taking a few pieces? My girl is also very sensitive to certain food and chemicals on her hands and hair..

    The world is changing. In my younger days, we ate anything and everything and people lived a lot longer then. The old folks would say, “La sap ciak, la sap pui!” (Dirty eat, dirt fat! in Hokkien) Maybe that helped build the immunity, made the bodies stronger?

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