Missed it…

It had been quite sometime since we last dropped by here despite the fact that we liked what we had on those few occasions when we had lunch there. The guy was asking me to try his giant freshwater prawn (udang galah) noodles for only RM15.00 at the time as he was having a promotion then and though I said I would come back for that, I never did.

Well, finally, I did go back that day but I had missed it, the promotion and it was selling at its regular price of RM20.00 a bowl. He said he had run out of the slightly smaller prawns but he would give me one huge one for RM18.00 and that was what I had…

Chopsticks prawn noodles

One this size with those long legs/claws would be selling for RM60 and above at the wet market and you would probably get around 6 or so only.

The prawn was very good – fresh, firm and succulent…

Chopsticks prawn

…and it had that much coveted rich and creamy orange stuff in the head but I did not think the noodles as a whole was all that great. It was all right, of course – with that prawn in it, it could not possibly be otherwise but I had had nicer Foochow noodles, soup elsewhere…even without the crustacean in it.

My missus wanted to try the Foochow pork with some fried cangkuk manis  by the side (RM8.00)…

Chopsticks Foochow pork with fried cangkuk manis

We were thinking that the meat that looked something like char siew (barbecued pork)…

Chopsticks Foochow pork

…was marinated with ang chao (the lees or the residue of the fermented red yeast rice from the making of Foochow red wine) but no, the guy said he used tau joo (fermented tofu) to do that. Yes, it was very nice, something like what we liked very much here, served with their cincaluk (fermented shrimps) dip, except that I am not going back there anymore, not after that very expensive dinner when we were served that not-nice-at-all steamed lajong.

The one my missus had here was very nice and the guy said that he would be selling that at RM50.00 a kilo for Chinese New Year but at this point in time, we are still contemplating as to whether to order that or not. As a matter of fact, he has a set menu of a number of dishes priced at RM288.00 available for the Chinese New Year Eve reunion dinner, to be collected by 3.00 p.m. that afternoon…but it was all in Mandarin so I would not know exactly what were in the list…and anyway, I do not think we would be having that as chances are most of the dishes would not be gluten-free.

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11 thoughts on “Missed it…”

  1. That is really a lot of meat on ur Missus’ plate. Very nice.

    I guess this year’s Chinese New Year feast will be different for your family as Melissa is on a gluten-free diet. Nevertheless, it is the company that matters and knowing you, I am sure you’ll make it a blast.

    Yes, that’s a lot and the cangkuk manis was freshly fried, not like at one of those chap fan places. And it was nice, value for money unlike the prawn noodles – did not think it was worth it, but at least, I’ve tried.

    Dunno what we will have for Chinese New Year – mee sua is out, cakes and cookies too…none of those, no keropok either. The traditional mung bean cookies, lek tao kor, are fine but my girl does not like them. At least, she enjoys kuih bangkit, sago flour. I guess we will just have to serve drinks and nuts, that is all.

  2. Wow. Look at that flesh.

    This is the perfect size, just the right texture. Too big and it may be rather hard plus it is all head – that is why the Chinese call this big-head prawn – so it does not mean you will get more meat actually.

  3. I like what your missus had. My kind of dishes.

    Chinese delights. The guy does it well, not oily and not too much msg unlike some places.

  4. So affordable! I was at Burger & Lobster Genting few days back and that beast costs me Rm 138 😦

    That was lobster, this was…prawn and even if it may be as big as a lobster, it is still a prawn. The prestige is not there but personally, I prefer the meat of these prawns to lobsters, anytime much nicer.

  5. Same with you all, i thought it looks something like char siew too…

    Sure looked like it but no, it wasn’t it.

  6. All looks good, even your missus meal has a generous share of the meat… Come to think of it, I wonder what I would be cooking for this CNY… ordering outside food is so much convenient for me… hahaha…

    As we get older, it gets a lot more tiring. I would want to order from here and there, the best in town but I am very sure my missus will want to cook her own. We’ll see.

  7. Wah, with that super-sized crustacean, that bowl would have cost beyond rm30 in kl, I think. Hmmm I’m wondering where to take my family too for CNY eve – rm288 wouldn’t be enough for six people at a lot of the restaurants here!

    I think that is a Chinese New Year special, 6 to 7 courses for 10 but I would not want to order that as there are only 3 of us in the house and when we cannot finish, we will be staring at those same dishes over the next few days, plus to me, I do not think they are all that nice, nothing special. Best to order from here and there, things that we like and know are really very nice.

  8. Prawn and the char siew looks good, both also my favorite…

    That’s not char siew – it just looks a bit like it.

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