Good to see you again…

My ex-student, Raphael, contacted me to tell me he was home for a few days before going back to the States and asked if I was free to go out for lunch. Of course I was…and I saw on Facebook that he went on a holiday to Hong Kong/Macao and Vietnam/Cambodia too so I did not expect him to bring me anything like what he used to do but he did!!! Imagine him having to cart the stuff all over before coming home.

From Raphael

He read in my previous posts about my girl having to go on a gluten-free diet so he went out of his way to get these for me…


…such a thoughtful and considerate boy. This looks interesting – chocolate/cocoa sauce for meat…

Mexican cocoa sauce

I would want to save them for some very special occasion so I guess I would reserve them for Chinese New Year which is just round the corner, anyway.

His mum asked him to pass me these tomatillos from her garden…


You break open the pod and take it out…


…to eat. They are very sweet, nicer than cherry tomatoes or for that matter, than tomatoes as well but they are very very very small.

(INFO UPDATE: I have neither seen nor tasted these before so I am just as ignorant about them as some of you but I have just received a comment on Facebook from my friend/ex-classmate, Robert’s sister that these are not tomatillos but are actually cape gooseberries or Physalis peruviana. Well, they certainly look the same as the ones in the photograph, if you click the link to go and see, except that those look more colourful, like tomatoes.)

In my mind, I reckoned Raphael would want to go for our local ethnic Dayak cuisine here especially when it would not be anything he could get there or at most places anywhere and yes, he was keen.

I picked the pansoh babi (pork cooked in bamboo)…

Anak Borneo pansoh babi

…and he loved it very much and we also had the fish with the sourish terung Dayak (Dayak brinjal)…

Anak Borneo terung Dayak fish
*Archive photo*

Somehow or other, it turned out that I did not take a photograph of that so I am using a recycled pic here.

Of course we had our favourite daun Bandong aka daun ubi (tapioca leaves)…

Anak Borneo daun Bandong

…and we tried the kasam ensabi (fermented/preserved vegetable) with pork…

Anak Borneo kasam ensabi

It was very nice, something like salted vegetables and I sure would want to have that again should I happen to drop by anytime in the near future.

We had their dabai (our local black olives) fried rice…

Anak Borneo dabai fried rice

…instead of the usual plain, white rice and Raphael liked that too.

It was not all that cheap though, everything altogether – the total came up to RM12.50 each! I did not see the price list where it used to be originally – perhaps they have moved it elsewhere – but 2 meat and 2 vegetables with rice would be RM9.50 so my guess was that they deducted RM1.00 for the rice and the dabai fried rice was RM4.00 per serving, hence the total but I do think it was value for money especially when we can’t get this easily around here plus we enjoyed what we had very much, and it was not oily and msg-free.

It sure was good to see you again, Raphael, and thanks so much for the goodies and thank you to your mum too for the tomatillos. I sure am looking forward to seeing you again on your next trip home next year. All the best, take care always, cheers!!!


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “Good to see you again…”

  1. I am not a fan of olives, but I absolutely love fried rice and your photos are wonderful!

    Never had fresh olives, just those in bottles and no, I do not like those, not at all. A friend gave me, had one and threw the rest away.

    Our black olives are probably the same by name only – it is more like avocado, the rich and creamy inside…but unlike avocado, we eat the thin skin, no peeling required or with the not-so-good ones where the skin is too thick, we just spit it out.

  2. Never tasted fresh tomatillos. Must be good and sweet.

    Lovely meal, like the dabai fried rice. The pansoh also looked good but I much prefer chicken than pork. Maybe the fat that scared me away. Wahahaha.

    Yes, my girl came home Friday and finished all of them in one sitting – they’re very small, maybe a little smaller than a pearl. She loved them!

    I am not a fan of pansoh ayam as they follow the traditional practice, using old mother hen. Tough and has a smell, same reason why I do not like kampung chicken as well.

  3. Hands off to Pansoh babi & kasam ensabi with pork. Too fatty. Only dish I like is assam terung dayak. One dish enough for me.

    To each his/her own. You are free to choose what you like.

  4. First time seeing tomatillos. Looks like something what we eat when small kids called “pick pock”. Just eat like that?

    Yes, look like tomatoes, unripe…but very very small. Taste a whole lot nicer.

  5. Looking forward to see your dishes with those sauces…

    …and you can drool all over your computer screen then?

  6. Tomatillos! I have only seen them on TV or the internet. I had no idea they could be planted here. Have not seen them in supermarkets either.

    My first time too. I’m worse! Did not even know of their existence, had to google to read about it. Raphael’s mum says they are easy to grow, just throw them anywhere. I wonder if that will work for me, knowing my poor past record when it comes to planting anything. I did dig a hole in the ground to put them in. In the meantime, we shall wait.

  7. Lots of goodies again, Arthur! So nice of your student… and the food you ordered, all looks new to me… Certainly must go again to this shop, prices are reasonable…

    I sure will. My missus loves dropping by here too, she loves those ethnic dishes. You wouldn’t find it there…or not that easily, I’m sure.

  8. I think that it was value for money too seeing that you had a variety of dishes. I like the fish with the sourish brinjal dish best. So thoughtful of your ex-student to bring you goodies that are gluten free.

    Yes, looks like he’s a regular follower and takes note of what I write. I guess some are not regulars…or they just skim through quickly or look at the photos mostly or they do not remember.

  9. Raphael is actually one of my favourite names … I love everything about it – how it’s spelled, how it’s pronounced – very melodious name 😉

    I like how the Italians pronounce it – locals would just say something like “raffle”.

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