Back in those days of the Form 5/SPM English Oral Examination, teachers who went out to the schools as examiners were somewhat tickled by how the students pronounced certain words like cucumber (chu-chum-ber) or tired (tee-red) and when they asked you to repeat, they would say, “Please rewind.” Since they were quite familiar with the words used on a cassette tape recorder/player, I guess they would not have any problem with the name of this place…


…in town and would not pronounce it as pau-os as in ikan paus (Malay name for whale).

This place is fairly new but I have not been here before as we seldom venture to that side of town at night and usually, we would be rather early in the morning, around 10 something, so it would still be closed…

opening times

…not open for business yet. I did hear from a friend though that the food was quite nice so when we happened to be around there at around 11 something the other morning, we decided to stop by to check it out.

I liked how they made their own Christmas decorations, all very nice, and even the sliding door…

Santa Claus door

…was camouflaged as Santa Claus and they had nice cushions…

LIKE cushion

…all over the place.

I had the salted egg chicken chop (RM13.90)…

PAUSE salted egg chicken chop

…but the sauce…

PAUSE salted egg sauce

…was like what one would find in those lau sar pao (salted egg custard bun) at the dim sum places and I did not think it was all that compatible with the grilled chicken, definitely not something I would want to order again.

My missus had their grilled honey chicken chop (RM9.90)…

PAUSE grilled honey chicken chop

…which she said was nice but they were so generous with the meat and it was quite a struggle for her to finish. For some reason, they saw it fitting to give two chicken nuggets by the side, breadcrumb coated, and she, like my daughter, is currently sticking to a gluten-free diet so she passed those to me, nothing really special – just one of those that are readily available at all the supermarkets in town.

My girl had their grilled chicken chop with mushroom gravy (RM9.90)…

PAUSE grilled chciken chop with mushroom gravy

…and she too said that her order was all right but she did not want the sausage and of course, she passed that to me as well.

The food was not bad except that I was not all that fond of the salted egg sauce and it was comparatively more expensive. Otherwise, I would say that it was rather cheap for all that meat in each plate. We may drop by again especially since the time they open is more convenient. Most places serving western meals here do not open till 12 noon, some even later…or they only open at night.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “Pause…”

  1. Everything i like, the Santa Claus, the cushion, the chicken…

    Pretty good, in general – not anything to get excited about but good enough should we happen to be around there again and feel like dropping by. Cheap western fare.

  2. Love their very creative Christmas deco. The grilled chicken chop with mushroom gravy suits my taste.

    That one was quite nice, my girl liked it.

  3. Cute place! Your intro reminded me of a classmate who had severe troubles pronouncing tapioca, and could only pronounce it as tapiaco 🙂

    Could it be he’s dyslexic?

  4. Salted egg yolk seems to be the in-thing. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t. I have tried lao sar pao but I did not like it. Other things like bittergourd or prawns fried with salted egg yolks, those I enjoy very much.

    I love it in lau sar pao…but not with grilled chicken. What we get with fried bitter gourd and salted egg prawns is very different from this custard mix, this one’s more suitable for pastries, I think.

  5. Indeed they are very generous with the chicken meat.. this morning I went to market to buy a “kampung” chicken thigh, it cost RM7! So 9.90 for a big meal like this is definitely worth the money…

    Even ordinary chicken thighs, around RM8 at the shop round the corner from my house, depending on the size. That was why we thought it was cheap.

  6. Their chicken chop looks yummy! Kinda worth the price also to me~

    I would say it was very cheap. See Reana Claire’s comment and my reply above…plus they tasted pretty good too.

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