Do as you please…

Yes, we went back to the food fair again and this time, we went a little later, around 7.00 p.m. There were a lot of cars lined on BOTH sides of the road, leaving just enough space for cars to go through one by one…slowly. I just cannot understand why all those selfish and inconsiderate people would choose to do that when there were a lot of spaces left in the designated parking area right beside the fair grounds, not that they would have to walk really far.

There was a Filipino stall that was not open the previous time we were there so I was keen on checking it out. Unfortunately, I did not see anything that tickled my fancy – everything on skewers including pig’s blood, cooked on a barbecue grill, that was all.

I saw these steamed mushroom buns…

Steamed mushroom buns

…at one of the stalls – a lot of people had shared photographs of those on Facebook or in their blogs and I had the impression that they were so very very nice, something not to be missed so I bought a set of 3 (RM12.00) to try.

Inside, they had mushrooms…

Steamed mushroom bun, inside

…something like the creamy filling in chicken pie, minus the chicken and I would say it tasted all right but for RM4.00 each, I would much sooner go for this kampua daging

Sri Pelita kampua daging

here for that same price and derive a lot more enjoyment and satisfaction from it. But of course, it all depends on the individual – some may prefer these buns to noodles so at the end of the day, it is up to them to do as they please, to each his own.

Yes, we went back to the German sausage stall at the food fair and yes, he had a wide range of sausages priced at RM10.00 each, the cheapest…and RM15.00. We picked four but I cannot remember their names. I can recall there was a white sausage, most probably a Bavarian weisswurst and there was one called the Hungarian. No, we did not pick the chorizo – I am not particularly fond of that and as it turned out, they all tasted like that plus they were extremely salty and a dip in the German mustard provided made it even worse…all of them except one. I could not remember which one it was, fat and short but I thought that one was very nice…and we liked the one-foot-long one we bought the last time too, nicer and not so salty.

However, the total for the four sausages that we had came up to RM50.00 and that Sunday morning when I had the kampua daging, I also ordered the fried kway teow special (RM7.00)…

Sri Pelita fried kway teow special

…which was quite nice…

Sri Pelita kway teow

…and it came with a heart-shaped fried egg and a whole lot of the fried chicken…

Sri Pelita fried chicken

My girl had her tosai while my missus had their nasi lemak and inclusive of drinks, the total came up to over RM23.00 but the nice boss, Guna, rounded it up and asked for RM20.00 only.

At the food fair, I went and bought some drinks from some Thai tea stall and while we found them to be really very nice, they cost RM6.00 each, RM18.00 altogether but to give credit where it is due, the cups were HUGE, enough to be shared by two or maybe even three.

Still, the total with what I paid for the sausages came up to RM68.00, and a whooping RM80.00, if we include the mushroom buns, eaten in the dark under some canopy with tables and chairs put out for everyone to sit and consume their purchases, no fan, no air-conditioning, nothing. On my part, I do think it would make more sense to choose what is cheaper and also to me, a whole lot nicer…and not subject ourselves to such discomfort. But of course, as they say in Malay, jangan sik cuba – at least, we tried and now, we know better…and of course, as I’ve said earlier, it is up to the individual to do as he or she pleases. My girl, for one, would not mind having sausages sometimes…or ham or bacon and I am of the opinion we should pamper and  treat ourselves to things we like and enjoy once in a while sometimes, no need to calculate the costs all the time and deprive ourselves too much…but we must make sure that it is within our means, of course. What do you all think?