Across the miles…

He was my student in my English Language tuition class for two years when he was in Form 4 and the following year, in Form 5. I thought he was a very nice and simple boy, very  humble and pleasant but at that point in time, I did not know much about him nor his family. After he completed secondary school here, he left for the UK and he invited me to his farewell dinner here. Of course, I felt really flattered and made it a point to attend.

He did his A-Levels at the Concord College in the UK and that was where he met Hilda from Hong Kong…

Kho Peng & Hilda

They completed their studies there and went on to university together and both have graduated by now. Imagine one from here and another from the Orient, meeting across the miles in England and eventually, tying the nuptial knot. That’s quite a love story, don’t you think?

Well, he did get in touch with me when he came back to Sibu over the years and we did go out for dinner or for tea a few times and not too long ago, he sent me this gorgeous-looking invitation…

Kho Peng & Hilda wedding invitation

…to his wedding. Needless to say, I was delighted and was looking forward to it. Unfortunately, in the meantime, I received another invitation to a wedding reception that very same day, meaning that I would have to miss the service in church so I had to extend to him my apologies but thankfully, that one was at noon so I was able to show up for the dinner here…

Wedding reception venue

…that evening.

I don’t know which wedding planner they hired but the decor was very nice, very tastefully done…

Kho Peng & Hilda wedding cake & backdrop

…and there was even a live band in attendance…

Live band and VIP table decor

…singing romantic love  songs that were appropriate for the occasion like this one when the bride and the groom made their grand entrance…and this favourite of mine. Honestly, I would cringe with discomfort everytime I hear people singing songs like Unchained Melody or I will always love you at weddings – don’t they ever pay attention to the lyrics?

As for the decor, more often than not, you see the same floral display and everything being recycled over and over again…and from what I heard, they do not come cheap, not at all. I would much sooner not have those and channel all that money into the food instead…but then again, that’s just me – others may think otherwise. I loved what they had that night though, different from any that I had seen before and neither too much and overdone nor overly showy, and the lovely pastel colours somehow set a soothingly-pleasant mood, just perfect for the evening.

Everyone in attendance received this very special personalised door gift…

Kho Peng & Hilda personalised door gift

…of a set of chopsticks and spoon…

Kho Peng & Hilda door gift, fork & spoon

I understand there were only 65 tables that night – there was another reception two days later in Kuching and another one after that in Hong Kong so there was no need to get everybody together at one place. I guess for that reason, there was ample space in between the tables, not so jam-packed like the dinner I attended at this same hotel recently in the grand ballroom, one floor above with over 200 tables at one go! I do not know if it was because there were fewer people or the dinner was a whole lot more expensive but the service that night was heaps better too – though I did think the stone cold waiting staff could be a bit more friendly and at least, smile a bit when people say thank you to them upon being served. These little things sure go a long way in separating the men from the boys, the classier places and those no-class-at-all ones.

Food was superb that night, starting with this very impressive dish…

Kho Peng & Hilda wedding banquet dish 1

…of lobster salad and everything around it. I loved the stuffed crabs…

Stuffed crab

…and had at least three, if I remember correctly, but they were very small and that got me wondering as to where they could get such tiny crab shells for this.

The usual broccoli and mushroom dish came buried with these very sweet and soft whole abalone…


…and yes, I did have more than one. Hehehehehe!!!!

The steamed fish was very nice too, probably one of those upriver worth-its-weight-in-gold ones but I did not snap a photograph of it as I did not know the family of 6 at the same table even though the lady did take a few shots herself using her smartphone. I just took another one, one of this exquisite dish…

Seafood stuffed pumpkin

…at the banquet with all the scallops on top and fish maw and huge chunks of sea cucumber inside a pumpkin, very nice!

Thank you so so so much for the invitation, Kho Peng and Hilda…

Kho Peng & Hilda
*Photo from their pre-wedding shoot collection on Facebook*

It was indeed my pleasure to be able to share the joy on this, your very special and happy day. Congratulations once again and may God bless the two of you abundantly with lots of happiness and all that is good in the years ahead. Cheers!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

16 thoughts on “Across the miles…”

  1. Only 65 tables? Only? My wedding there were only 25 tables. That is already a headache for me. I can’t imagine having anything more than that, I’ll go bonkers with the guests lists 😀

    Very good looking couple, Kho Peng and Hilda. You must be one very good teacher for him to invite you to his wedding. I did not invite any of my teachers to my wedding. I am not so good in their books. LoL.

    Yes, they sure look like a perfect match, eh? No lah, he’s a very nice boy, remembered to invite me. I did not see anybody from his regular school though. Hehehehehehe!!!!

    Only 65 in Sibu, dunno how many in Kuching – at the Hilton no less…and more in Hong Kong. Real grand celebration. I particularly liked how everyone was smiling so happily – I could feel the happiness all around, very nice.

  2. Two wedding reception in one day?… Food looks very impressive & unique especially the pumpkin dish. Very nice door gift too.

    Yes, luckily not at the same venue. It was indeed lavish, very grand reception and very nice.

  3. Ooo … based on the gifts, the planning, the decor, the entertainment and the food, this could be a nominee for wedding dinner of the year! 😀

    I don’t know of any other but I must say this one would surely rank among the top, at least…on all counts.

  4. Thank you so much Mr Arthur !
    We are so glad that you have come and enjoyed the dinner. 🙂

    Kho Peng has spoken very highly of you and he has introduced you to me very early on (via Facebook). I guess it is always a student’s great pleasure that the teacher remember him !!! 🙂

    For the wedding, it was actually quite a cultural shock to me as HK banquet is normally of size of 5-20. Anything above 20 is consider large! So when I realize we are having 3 banquets and having soooooo many tables.. I was speechlessly surprised lol Kingwood was actually having 72 tables that evening.

    FYI there was no wedding planner… we planned and handpicked everything ourselves. The decor was done by Idees ( formed by a creative and sweet couple). The idea was brainstormed together early so it can show uniqueness of our relationship. They are in fact not that expensive in comparison to other decor in Sibu. I would say they worth what they pay for. ( just a figure, the decor including my flowers and decor in church is around RM8k). For songs, we did actually try to look into the song list, and the respective lyrics one by one … so to make there’s no unappreciated songs! As for cake, I did the design on by and executed perfectly by Joy pastry. As for the dishes, it’s customized dish and it’s a self bring bungalan ( cousin of empura ). Lastly for invitation card and door gift it’s ordered online from HK. They are actually half the price of those from SIBU! Sticker is ordered online and add on by ourselves one by one :).

    Lastly, as we will be based in Sibu, let’s have more gathering sometime soon Mr Arthur! Perhaps at our SugarBun!!
    And have you got the photo print outside reception that evening? If not we can send another copy to you after our “wedding tour”.

    Most welcome, Hilda. The pleasure was all mine.

    Oh? No wonder when we spoke for the first time, I felt like we had known each other for years. Lucky Kho Peng, you’re very nice, so easy to get along with. Would look forward to any opportunity to get together sometime, at Sugar Bun or anywhere else. Unfortunately, I was very early – the early bird does not always catch the worm and the photo shooting outside started after I had entered the ballroom. I did see a lot of photos ready for collection when I went out halfway for “a bit of fresh air”. 😀 Too bad I missed that.

    And no wonder everything was so very nice, all self-planned. Saw your brother or somebody’s comment on Facebook, 65 tables. Hmmm…had to stretch a bit, too many guests, eh? 😉 I never liked those done by the wedding planners here, everything seems to stick out like sore thumbs and the worse thing is that if it is the same wedding planner, you would see the same things over and over again. They do not even bother to rearrange the flowers or something to make it a bit different. I did see one very nice one at the Hilton in Kuching, not sure if the mother of the groom took charge of it all or not. I saw a photo of the main table you all had in Kuching, also at the Hilton – the blue theme. Nice but I still prefer the one in Sibu, I liked the very soothing pastel and white colours. 😉

    Yes, one should check the song playlist and pick suitable ones for such occasions. Some of those songs are so tragic they might as well sing, “Please…release me…let me go!” LOL!!! Wowwww!!!! The stuff from Hong Kong are cheaper than in Sibu – hmmmm….trust the Sibu folks, their knives are very sharp. 😀 😀 😀 Yes, I’ve heard of the bungalan and I definitely know the empurau, just that I am not so good with fish and their names, just eat.

    Thanks for commenting, and thanks again for the lovely evening and dinner.

    1. Let me check with my photographer ! If they have caught a photo of us together will send you a copy 🙂

      Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

      Thanks, and wishing you two the same as well. Cheers!!!

  5. Congrats to the newly weds….

    I love the invitation card, very nice…

    Thank you. See the replies in the above comments.

  6. How many wedding receptions do you attend in a year? at least 180?

    Not even come to 10. When is yours? Invite me, ok? Then I can add another one to the number.

  7. Oh, another wedding! I do love that very classy looking invitation card and door gift. What you said about song choices is so true. And the two songs that you mentioned, they also make me cringe 😀

    They are such sad songs, lovers separated, breaking up…so inappropriate for weddings. Make me wanna go, “Choi! Choi!”

  8. such a lovely love story these two.. congratulations to them!

    lobster and crab salads at a wedding dinner? Oh WOW

    Thank you. You can say that again – oh WOWWWWW!!!

  9. Everything looks so high class there!
    Congratulations to the newly wed!

    Here wishing you and family a merry christmas!

    Yes, truly a classy evening, all in very good taste. Thank you.

    A Blessed Christmas to you and your loved ones too.

  10. You must be well connected and well liked; the gifts of edibles from afar and wedding invitations.
    The last wedding invitation I received was a long time ago.

    A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family.

    Thanks and the same to you and yours.

    I guess I am at that age when my friends’ children are getting married and so are my ex-students who have graduated and are all quite settled in their jobs. Glad that some care enough to invite me to share the happiness. Many don’t…unfortunately. 😦

  11. Eyeing the food… Yummy!! Lovely couple too!! Their lives have just begun… so nice… bring back old and sweet memories!

    Yes, very nice. Oh? Memories, old and sweet? Perhaps you would like to share in your blog?

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